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Hit This Poll

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by hoji, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. hoji

    hoji Well-Known Member


    Austin news channel poll on whether or not you should be allowed to carry in your car without a permit.
  2. Dorryn

    Dorryn Well-Known Member

    I dont live in Texas, but i voted anyway.

    Should drivers be allowed to carry a concealed handgun in their vehicle without a license?

    Yes - 39%
    No - 56%
    I Dont Know - 5%
  3. TexKettering

    TexKettering Well-Known Member

    Well it doesn't matter what the poll says, Texans are allowed to carry in their cars regardless of having a CHL or not.
  4. mbt2001

    mbt2001 Well-Known Member

    Yes, you are right, but we sill need to win the poll in any event.
  5. Superlite27

    Superlite27 Well-Known Member

    Thre is also an article on this KXAN page about deputies "minimizing a gun threat".

    I have never had a gun threaten me phisically or verbally. All the guns I have ever talked to have just kind of layed there inanimately without answering, much less making any threats.

    I wonder if they meant a student who posessed a gun making a threat?
  6. BobbyQuickdraw

    BobbyQuickdraw Well-Known Member

    Still losing by a handful of points, lets do it!
  7. RKBABob

    RKBABob Well-Known Member

    Current tally:

    YES: 41%
    NO: 54%
    Huh, what?: 5%
  8. average_shooter

    average_shooter Well-Known Member

    Just Texas residents, or does that apply to anyone traveling through or in Texas?
  9. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Well-Known Member

    I voted, but we're still losing.
  10. Winchester 73

    Winchester 73 member

    Anyone traveling through(of age,not felon,etc.)

    Austin is probably the most liberal city in Texas(UT).Still the results are somewhat surprising so far.
  11. MightyP

    MightyP Member

    I live in Austin, what are the exact rules of being able to carry in a car? I use to carry a shotgun in my truck but the way things are so weird in this city now days I don't carry anything. What are the laws about carrying in a car without a CCL and what can you carry?
  12. Winchester 73

    Winchester 73 member

    Concealed loaded handguns may be carried anywhere in a vehicle.
    Loaded long guns may also be carried anywhere.Long guns can be in plain view or secured in commercial gun cases or window racks.
  13. KenRocks

    KenRocks Well-Known Member

    Voted...losing 43-52.
  14. rc109a

    rc109a Well-Known Member

    it is now 42-53
  15. Umber

    Umber New Member


    Voted. We're still down 43% to 53%. Need more votes.

  16. jad0110

    jad0110 Well-Known Member

    Yes - 43%
    No - 53%
    I Dont Know - 4%
  17. MudPuppy

    MudPuppy Well-Known Member

    Unless you're doing anything illegal, then they can charge you with a weapons violation on top of the other crime. (Like if you're robbing a bank...)
  18. gmhamilton3

    gmhamilton3 Active Member

    Still 43 - 53, you can have a loaded handgun in your truck but you cannot have a liquor bottle with the seal broken.
  19. doc540

    doc540 Well-Known Member

    Poll from the liberal, cedar tree huggin' capital of Texas.
  20. Werewolf

    Werewolf Well-Known Member

    43 yes 53 no


    4% too stupid to have an opinion...

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