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HK or G3 Bayonet

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by FuzzyBunny, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. FuzzyBunny

    FuzzyBunny Well-Known Member

    A few questions.

    I bought 2 bayonets for my 1970 series HKs and I'm wondering how to tell if they are for the G3 or the HK. They both have a crest on each side with a vertical knife or cross in the center and are numbered each crest is a little different on each side. On only one side it says at the tip if the crest blade I.N.I and right above it TOL (blade tip of crest) EDO. These are of course used bayos but good shape and lock up well on the HKs.

    Are they worth sharpening and any idea of the steel quality?

    Should I get them sharpened very sharp or just pig sticker sharp. Blade length is jusr a hair under 9".

    I might try a cam pic if it does macros. I'm thinking it is for the G3s, if they are good steel I'll kick myself for not buying a dozen at $1 each.
  2. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

    Uh...a G3 is a HK.
  3. FuzzyBunny

    FuzzyBunny Well-Known Member

    These are semi only.
  4. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

    Okay, so you have HK91s. Most parts interchange between the two, especially external pieces like furniture.

  5. kBob

    kBob Well-Known Member

    So you have the part that fits the rifle recoil spring tube to allow a bayonet to be fitted?

    G3s in West German service and HK 51/91 rifles did not have a means of mounting the bayonet as a standard feature, but as an accessory.

    Many ex-spurts will tell you that bayonets should not be sharpened. Every one I had got sharpened and when I was responsible for my rifle platoon's weapons every one in the platoon was sharp, even on the so called "false edge."

    I always thought the HK top mounted bayonet was.....odd.

    Oh and kick your self.

  6. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

    Link to the bayonets? I might know someone who could use 10 or so.
  7. FuzzyBunny

    FuzzyBunny Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure who I bought it from in the net about a year ago. Saw his link on one of the HK forums and figured what the heck. His site was not that well put together but he sold a ton of obscure stuff in bulk quanties and in singles.

    Yeah I'm kicking myself now.

    I'll hunt for that site again
  8. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    At only $1 each, you should flail yourself if you don't have 20
  9. FuzzyBunny

    FuzzyBunny Well-Known Member

    Well I was unsure of the steel quality and still am. I have no input on that yet.

    If it is good steel I'll use it for many tasks if its not good I;ll just use it as a poker on a rifle.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2013

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