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Hollon Gun Safes?

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Renngineer, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Renngineer

    Renngineer Member

    Does anybody have first hand experience with them? The few reviews I've found are positive, but most are blogs or dealer reviewers... not end users/owners.

    Their Reserve line is pretty generic, unimpressive, and seems to sell for the same price as their Republic line. The Republics look like a great value (as all the reviews say).

    7ga body
    3ga door
    I like the simple black exterior

    fire protection not impressive (3x 1/2" drywall in the door, 2 in the body)
    made who knows where overseas (look familiar a1abdj?)
    warranty doesn't mention burglary
    Tan is not my first choice for interior.

    I've quoted out a Sturdy Safe that fits in my space/needs and it's about twice as much $. Obviously a better safe, but I'm not in a high crime area and my collection isn't of extraordinarily high value.
  2. Renngineer

    Renngineer Member

    I guess the silence says a lot...

    That helps me narrow down my choices. I'm considering a Mesa on the cheap end (Sam's club special) and on the high end an Amsec BF6032 or a fire rated Sturdy.
  3. heeler

    heeler Well-Known Member

    I think the silence is mostly due to the fact that many have never even heard of the Hollon Safe.
    As an Amsec BF owner I am biased towards it and I most certainly have a high regard for the Sturdy.
    You simply can't go wrong picking one of these two.
  4. a1abdj

    a1abdj Well-Known Member

    I had never heard of them before, but went and took a look.

    Hollon appears to be another importer that is rebranding and selling a foreign manufacturer's product. This isn't a bad thing. Many companies do it. The name on the door isn't important. Whoever built the safe isn't really important. It pretty much comes down to how the safe is built.

    I have never seen one in person, so I can't say one way or another. I do thank you for pointing them out though. We have been looking to add some lighter lines to what we offer, and these may be a good fit. I always order a sample to inspect prior to making a decision like that. If it's not up to my standards, I won't sell it. If I do end up getting my hands on one, I'll be glad to give you my opinion then.
  5. 788Ham

    788Ham Well-Known Member

  6. Renngineer

    Renngineer Member

    heeler, that is what I figured. They do seem new (2010 release?) and a bit obscure. With a $1000+ purchase, especially for something that is supposed to protect myself and my other investments, I'd rather not be the crash test dummy for quality and warranty.

    a1abdj, the room this is going in will not be done for a while. If you end up picking one up, I would certainly be interested in your opinion of the safe (and possibly purchasing from you if you decide to carry them).
  7. I have the republic series 39 gun safe

    I actually bought it some time ago..I like yourself did my homework..I have to say im impressed with it..I was actually in the market for an Amsec and went to a dealer in person to check them out ..I was looking at the tf series ..the store owner who is an amsec dealer didn't have one of the ones I wanted in stock but showed me the Hollon republic..and as I said I was impressed compared to even some of the amsec sf and tf series..on mine its the 9ga steel with reinforced steel plate..relockers ..its definitely door heavy..Im sure you have seen the specs..the lock on mine is an s&g titan digital...I would have liked to had the dial but oh well ..I love the quality its super heavy and it does have a 60 min fire rating ..whatever that counts for as Ive seen on this forum..its 9 ga all the way around btw too ..I've already called customer just for some new owner questions ..they are super nice..warranty says free replacement through fire and bg .all in all its super nice..I was actually looking for someone who had experience with these ..but found this thread hoped I helped ..I am a new member and this thread convinced me to sign up
  8. mc1057

    mc1057 New Member

    I just got my Hollon Republic RG-22 and I'm very happy with it. As stated before seamless 9 gauge steel and 1/4 solid steel plate on the door. The door is very heavy and the construction looks good.

    The only thing that is a little worrysome is the door is flush with the safe when closed. I've heard it's harder to pry open if the door is recessed but for $1000 I'm not going to complain.

    I was going to go with either a Hollon or Sturdy. With Hollon coming in at $700 less I couldn't justify the extra steel/features you get with Sturdy.
  9. Renngineer

    Renngineer Member

    Thanks for the feedback. I am still evaluating the cost vs benefit of the Sturdy and the Hollon. For the price, the custom options of the Sturdy make it the better option for me compared to the Amsec. I contacted Sturdy for quotes on a few of the sizes options that fit my room. One really interesting thing is that they offer a left hinge option for $30. Getting a long personalized reply to a simple website email also wins Sturdy bonus points for me.

    chargercharlie, like you the safe discussions are what convinced me to sign up. I had a TFL membership, but never felt the need to sign up for THR until recently.
  10. a1abdj

    a1abdj Well-Known Member

    Have you seen any of the B rates I've talked about in some of these threads? They have heavier bodies than the AMSEC & Sturdy, the doors are heavier than the Sturdy, they are cement filled, and cost less than the AMSECs.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2011
  11. Renngineer

    Renngineer Member

    Do you mean the ones on your site? I looked at them. Your smallest is at the limit of what will fit. In fact I would have to move a few studs and go without drywall around the safe (same with Sturdy 3224). The Sturdy 2723 is my most likely choice.
  12. Renngineer, did you ever get a Hollon safe?a1abdj..I was curious if you ever ordered a sample ..I was curious to get your opinion on it as well...I did have one concern w/ it..The door when closed and locked is a little loose as i can work it a little back and forth..I've handled a few safes and even a few of the amsec safes did this as well...I did inquire about it..and was told some play is needed for expansion of the seal ..but....Any thoughts..?
  13. a1abdj

    a1abdj Well-Known Member

    I never ordered a sample because they appear to have non UL rated lock on the safes. Everything we sell must have UL rated locks.

    All safes will have some play in the door, although sometimes it is excessive. Many safes can be adjusted for a tighter fit. You do not want the boltwork to drag anywhere when opening and closing.

    Believe it or not, even those big antique bank vaults have some play. The pressure system keeps them in tight, but if you release the pressure system while the door is still locked, the door will move out a bit.
  14. Renngineer

    Renngineer Member

    For some reason I thought they had a Legard lock. Are some lower end Legards not UL rated or was I mistaken?
  15. a1abdj

    a1abdj Well-Known Member

    I believe the mechanial locks are LaGard. Their electronic locks were not.

    I have the ability to change locks on anything that I keep in inventory here, but do not usually have the luxury on anything that would be drop shipped.
  16. jbelen

    jbelen New Member

    Hollon Safe Company

    The following concerns a Hollon media data safe. It is posted because I would not trust Hollon for any reason.

    I purchased a Hollon media data safe (through GunSafes.com). The number of the safe was HDS-1000E. This safe is manufactured by Booil Safes in Korea. The Booil safe identifier is BDS-1000T. It is one in a series of safes such as the BDS-750T and BDS-1200T (or BDS-T750 and BDS-T1200).

    While researching safes I discovered the rating systems and certifications that may be used to describe a safe. Various entities such as Underwriter Labs certify safes for specific temperatures ranges and times. A media data safe must keep the interior of the safe at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for a specified period of time (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.) when the outside temperature reaches 1700 or 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The interior humidity must also be at a specified level.

    I noted that the “rating” on the Hollon safe was 125 degrees F at an outside temperature of 183 degrees F. This is posted on the Hollon website and is utilized by people selling Hollon safes. They also have a page on their website that displays various certifications. I called Hollon and asked them which certification the HDS-750E (and by way of the same product line the HDS-1000E) had. I was told that it was UL certified. I received an email stipulating the same from Hollon.

    When the safe arrived I looked for the certification plates that verify the safe was as represented. Instead of the expected UL certification plate I found a KSG-4500 plate (Korean rating) that said the safe was good for ~350 degrees F at some stated outside temperature. The plate temperature graph was in Centigrade and I had to convert to Fahrenheit.

    I called Hollon and was told that:

    1) It was probably a misprint since the Koreans often are not clear with the English language. They probably meant Fahrenheit.

    2) The plate with the KSG-4500 standard was only for the outside safe. The inside safe was what gave the safe the media data rating of 125 degrees F. When I asked where the plate was they said that maybe the Koreans had placed it on the back of the inside safe and it was not readable.

    I asked for certification documentation. I was sent a fire test that had been performed in 2005 on a BDS-C1200 safe. This test had been purportedly done (and thus certified or rated) by SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut of Sweden. I asked the Hollon technician why there was not a certification plate on the safe from SP. He pointed me to the trademark emblem for SP which contains a crown. He told me that the crown emblem was stamped on the cardboard box which the safe arrived in and this verified that SP had certified the safe. I happened to still have the box and all packing material. There was a crown emblem on the box but it was not the SP emblem and was there for a different reason entirely – not certification – and was not even related to SP.

    I contacted SP and they said that they did not certify any Booil safes. They said that Booil had run a fire test in 2005 on the BDS-C1200 safe.

    As it turns out, the safe has never been certified by anyone. I was informed by the sales people that that is how Hollon keeps it safe prices lower than other companies.

    - I was told the safe was UL certified. FALSE.
    - I was told the KSG-4500 plate was a misprint. FALSE.
    - I was told that the safe might have certification plate on the back side of the inside safe. FALSE.
    - I was told the safe was SP certified. FALSE.
    - I was told the box marking was the SP certification. FALSE.
    - I was told the safe was certified. FALSE.

    They told me not to worry. If the safe was destroyed in a fire they would replace it. Replacing the safe was not my worry. Keeping my data in pristine condition was.

    I decided to return the safe. I was told that I would have to pay shipping and restocking fees which would be about $300. I declined to take that offer and we had several days of discussions during which Hollon refused to budge.

    I then produced the original email from Hollon showing that they had misrepresented their product that they capitulated. I assume that was because I had proof of legal misrepresentation which is a civil tort.

    While the original claim that the safe was UL certified might have been an honest mistake the other statements and claims were blatantly false. The people making those claims assuredly knew that they were not correct.

    I would not purchase any Hollon safe based on my experience with this purchase.

    NOTE: Although the Hollon safe was a disaster the people at GunSafes.com were helpful.
  17. a1abdj

    a1abdj Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the information.

    As a general rule, I would prefer people buy their safes from a local safe professional that actually knows what they are dealing with. Buying from the internet is also OK, if the company selling the safes is a real safe company that actually knows what they're dealing with.

    The bad part is that there are a lot of companies selling on the web that don't know a thing about what they are selling, other than it makes them money. I suspect the company you mentioned is one of these companies. After all, they never checked into what they were selling did they?
  18. I've had my safe from hollon for a while not one problem in fact its better than 99% most safes I've seen including canon,browning,liberty and most low to mid level amsec stuff. I can assure u of that..however if your trying to thwart the determined theif with a 4 1/2 grinder or a chop off saw I suggest in a safe deposit box in a bank because it all boils down to one thing they are all worthless towards a determinedperson, korean or not
  19. heeler

    heeler Well-Known Member

    Good grief Jbelen,what a mess!!
    So,were you able to return it without paying for the shipping and did you get your money back??
    If so good for you and your persistence.
  20. jbelen

    jbelen New Member

    Heeler: Yes, I was able to return the safe, did not pay shipping, and did receive my refund. However, if I had not had the email from Hollon proving that the product had been misrepresented (possibly by accident) I would not have been able to avoid paying shipping. It did not matter that their technician told me absolute lies. The sad thing is - I actually liked the safe. I just had no proof that it would actually protect my stuff in a fire at the claimed temperatures. If I buy a safe in the future it will be from a local dealer. a1abdj mentions that the reseller never checked the claims for the safe. This seems true. I just checked and they are still advertising the safe just like they did prior to dealing with me. Thus, it seems they are not too interested in advertising integrity.

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