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hollywood gun shop Senior Press

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Julian537, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Julian537

    Julian537 Well-Known Member

    I have been looking for a Hollywood Gun shop Senior press. I have seen two in the last two weeks, sell on ebay. They sold for $350 plus. Is this the going rate for one because they are antique and highly sought after, or because of the current craze.

    I know, that anything costs, as much as anyone is willing to pay.

    Thank you,

  2. ReloaderFred

    ReloaderFred Well-Known Member

    They've regularly been selling for around $200.00 on the auction sites, if in good condition. It seems there has been a renewed interest in the Hollywood presses recently. I have two of them, both Hollywood Seniors. The first one is the press I started reloading on in 1963, when I bought it used. It's the smaller of the Seniors. My second one is a recent addition, and is the taller Senior press with the tie bar for bullet swaging.

    Hope this helps.


    PS: They're not for sale.............Sorry.
  3. Joatmon

    Joatmon Well-Known Member

    Seems like the prices for the Seniors has about doubled since the panic really got started. I have the Hollywook universal turret and the senior turret, they are good presses. When you see one make sure to find out if the press is iron or aluminum. They made both configurations and this can affect the value. Also they were made in a short and taller version, another thing to check on. Be patient, you will find one (hopefully for a price you are willing to pay).
  4. Julian537

    Julian537 Well-Known Member

    I was set to pay $250, I did not realize they would go for as high as they did. I like the design. If I cannot get one for a reasonable price, before the RCBS Summit comes out, I think I will go with it. I like the design behind both of them. They are open in the front, unlike an "O" shaped press. They also are above the bench. They do not have to hang over the edge. I already have a dillon 650xl, I am just looking for a good single stage press, to do some small batches of rifle rounds. 30-06, 7mm mag. I really like the nostalgia of the Hollywood and it's robust qualities.
  5. LeonCarr

    LeonCarr Well-Known Member


    Have you looked at the Redding T-7?

    Just my .02,
  6. Julian537

    Julian537 Well-Known Member

    Redding T7

    I had not looked into the Redding T7 until you mentioned it. It is interesting, but I am not looking for a turent press. I also want a press, that does not hang over the edge of the bench. This is the reason I am looking at the Hollywood senior and the new RCBS Summit.

    I got a lead today, on two Hollywood presses that are local to my area. The guys is supposed to send me pics later this week.
  7. Julian537

    Julian537 Well-Known Member

    One more thing, he said that one of them took larger dies. 1-3/8" i think is what he said? Are there bushings to reduce this to the regular 7/8" dies
  8. ReloaderFred

    ReloaderFred Well-Known Member

    Yes, they made bushings for those presses. The larger diameter was for loading shotgun shells and .50 BMG.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Otto

    Otto Well-Known Member

    As I understand it, some Sr's were made from cast aluminum but most were made from steel. My Sr. is steel. Maybe someone else can chime in.

    Last edited: Mar 26, 2013
  10. fiftybmg

    fiftybmg member

    If you just want a great single stage press, and are prepared to pay that much, look at an RCBS Ammomaster. That's worth making changes to the bench.
  11. LeonCarr

    LeonCarr Well-Known Member

    Sorry Julian, I thought for some reason the Hollywood Senior was a turret press.

    Looks tough as nails.

    Just my .02,
  12. Julian537

    Julian537 Well-Known Member

    Otto, That is what I want!

    LeonCarr, I am under the impression, that they also called the tall hollywood with a turret on top a Senior, also. Or Universal.
  13. John3921

    John3921 Well-Known Member

    Wow, what a nice, hell for stout looking press. I've never seen one before.

  14. John3921

    John3921 Well-Known Member

    No idea of their quality or pros-cons - but Ponsness Warren makes a 'metallic II' press that is above the bench. It looks to be about the same framework as their shotshell progressive presses - buts its an in-line semi-progressive single stage press.


    And a metalmatic press that looks to be a similar design as the PW375C shotshell single stage loader.

  15. Kevin Rohrer

    Kevin Rohrer Well-Known Member

    You aren't going to find one on EBay for <$300. The Juniors go for less, but they are awkward to use.

    That press in the left is a CH 444. It might be more in your ballpark.

  16. Julian537

    Julian537 Well-Known Member

    What is that press on the far right side of your bench? It is only partially visible in the picture.
  17. ReloaderFred

    ReloaderFred Well-Known Member

    This is what the taller Hollywood Senior press looks like with the tie bar for swaging: [​IMG]

    My press was being used for swaging .44 caliber bullets when the picture was taken.

    Hope this helps.

  18. Kevin Rohrer

    Kevin Rohrer Well-Known Member

    One of two Dunbars, both restored by me.
  19. Edarnold

    Edarnold Well-Known Member

    Also a strong top of workbench press is the CH 'magnum' H-style
    Was made from around 1955 onward, may be back in production(?)
  20. Kevin Rohrer

    Kevin Rohrer Well-Known Member

    That would be the '444' in message #15. It is all-steel and really nice. My only complaint is that the lever isn't that long and doesn't exert bunches of leverage when trying to FL resize MG cases.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2013

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