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Holster for the CZ 82

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by Girodin, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Girodin

    Girodin Well-Known Member

    I am in the market for a holster for a CZ82. I doubt this will really be a gun I carry that much but I prefer to have a nice holster to go with any gun I own. I would like something that is suitable as a conceal carry holster should I have a need or desire to carry the gun. The company I prefer for holsters doesn't offer anything for the CZ82 so I am curious what else is out there. I would appreciate any recommendations.
  2. BlindJustice

    BlindJustice Well-Known Member

  3. CajunBass

    CajunBass Well-Known Member

  4. Girodin

    Girodin Well-Known Member

    Perhaps I am just being slow, but I do not see a listing for the CZ 82/83 on their website.

    I've seen that Fist makes one and they make a good product IMHO. I would just like to know all the good options to look at.
  5. bigfatdave

    bigfatdave Well-Known Member

    CrossBreed claims that their CZ83 holster fits, and there's no reason it shouldn't.
    I'll order a SuperTuck for my CZ82 next time I order anything from CB, I'm pondering another .45acp brass unloader/CC so I know I'll be ordering a holster in the next few months anyway, or else I would have ordered already.
  6. il_10

    il_10 Well-Known Member

  7. CajunBass

    CajunBass Well-Known Member

    That's because as I said, you have to order the one for the Kahr 40 (No 40-K9).

  8. Girodin

    Girodin Well-Known Member

    Oh I see. Sorry, I was interpreting what you said as, the one for your kahr 40 fit that gun perfectly, instead of reading it to say the K40 holster fit the CZ82 perfectly.

    Yes, its my understanding that any CZ 83 holster will work, which makes perfect sense.
  9. dovedescending

    dovedescending Well-Known Member

    I use a High Noon Split Decision IWB tuckable. Great holster. Slight threadjack, has anybody tried using a Yaqui Slide with the 82?
  10. Fastcast

    Fastcast Well-Known Member

  11. CajunBass

    CajunBass Well-Known Member

    Just as snug as any other holster I've got.

    No problem. After I reread what I wrote, it's easy to see how you interperted it that way.

    I really like the J.I.T. I've got three of them for various guns. Well made, and inexpensive, but best of all it has two belt slots. There is ALWAYS a belt loop right where I want my gun. In front of that loop is too far forward. Behind it is too far back. With two belt slots I can position that belt loop between them. Just right. :D
  12. Bangzoom

    Bangzoom Member

    I have the CZ 82 and CZ 83. I love my OWB/IWB CUDA holster from Simply Rugged for CC....excellent quality for the money...you will not be disappointed.

    Last edited: Jan 28, 2011
  13. Mizar

    Mizar Well-Known Member

    CZ 82 will fit in most of the holsters made for Makarov or Sig Sauer P232. Holsters made for CZ 83 may sometimes be a poor fit for the CZ82 because of the round trigger guard.

  14. Bangzoom

    Bangzoom Member

    CZ 82 Holsters

    Front back pics of Simply Rugged "Cuda" and mag pouch for my CZ 82 (also fits the CZ 83).

    click on each pic to enlarge...

    cz82 003.jpg

    cz82 004.jpg

    Last edited: Feb 2, 2011
  15. dovedescending

    dovedescending Well-Known Member

    ^^^ I like it.

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