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Homemade Gun Rack Plans. Look Here!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by 35 Whelen, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. 35 Whelen

    35 Whelen Well-Known Member

    From time to time, members here inquire about plans for rifle racks. I've been needing a rack for the firearms I keep sitting around the house. We live in the country and as such I keep firearms close at hand for rattlesnakes, deer, hogs, coyotes, Liberals:D, etc. I wanted a gun rack in our laundry/mud room, but there's not enough wall space for the typical horizontal gun rack. So I decided to build a vertical rack similar to those seen in the Sheriff's office in the western movies. I've seen the plans at 7.62x54.net, but none of them suited me.
    Before some well meaning touchy-feely person scolds me let me say:
    1) Yes, I keep some of my long guns in the open in the house, yes I have kids, and no, I won't lock all my firearms up. Most of my guns are in my safe, but I keep some in the house because to me a locked up firearm is even less useful than an unloaded firearm. 'Sides, like me, my kids have grown up in a home where guns are the norm and they occasionally use them, but never play with them. They're nothing new to the kids.
    2) I know, they could be stolen, but again I refuse to live in a home without a readily accessible firearm or two. Fortunately, my home is situated such that it would be extremely stupid and exponentially risky to burglarize it.

    Now the rack:
    The rack is something of a prototype. It is less than 2' wide, but will hold 4 long guns. As you'll see in the pictures, I designed the rack to lessen the possibility of knocking a gun off the rack or dragging one off as when the bolt of one rifle snags the sling of a second. Also, I designed it so the the rifles sit in at an angle. This was done in order to accomodate scoped rifles. Otherwise, the rack would have to be deep so the scopes wouldn't hit the wall on which the rack is hung. The optional opening under the butts of the long guns is a storage area for ammunition, binoculars, etc.
    I wanted a rustic look, so I built the rack out of old slats from a privacy fence. As such, you'll see on the upper support some metal straps intended to strengthen this piece because some of this wood was a little weak. I'm going to double the thickness of this board and eliminate the straps. Of course if a person were to built the rack out of new pine 1"x6" boards this would not be a problem.
    It was really simple to build and I did it in one evening with no more plans than a picture in my head. Now that I have a "pattern" to follow, I think I can turn them out in under two hours each.
    Anywho, here are some pictures:

  2. Auburn1992

    Auburn1992 Well-Known Member

    Pretty nice looking.

    And that's a pretty rough looking 94.
  3. tpaw

    tpaw Well-Known Member

    A labor of love.
  4. 35 Whelen

    35 Whelen Well-Known Member

    LOL Thanks! Dad picked that rifle up at a mule sale somewhere in central Texas several years ago. I don't remember the exact price, but he didn't give much. You think it looks rough in the picture, you ought to see it up close!! It was made in 1911 and is chambered for the 25-35 cartridge. Of course, I had to buy some dies and bullets, but it actually shoots pretty fair. Plenty, plenty accurate for deer out to 100 yds. or so.
  5. Appsy

    Appsy Active Member

    well done i like the offset idea
  6. Starship1st

    Starship1st Well-Known Member

    Now I know that I can do it. Thanks for pictures. :cool:
  7. Aaron12

    Aaron12 Well-Known Member

    Maybe instead of having just the wood, maybe line the inside of the top with some rubber so it doesn't damage anything.

    Just my 2c
  8. 74shovel

    74shovel Member

    Sweet I like the rustic look.
  9. camxrr

    camxrr Active Member

    gun rack

    Dog gonnit' Whelen, why cant people learn to post these great ideas when I need them not when they wish?!??!?!!?! Just kiddin'.

    Last night I had just finished making the "rack" part of my file cabinet/gun safe conversion project. I'm not much of a carpenter and i did burn a few brain cells trying to come up with a set up that would work. Boy I really like your idea better and i see how it would have been better in my safe. I could have had that nice extra space under the rack. I love the diagonal stance you get on the rifles and the barrel space that provides some protection from the rifle falling back. In my project, all i could come up with was to make a little leather strappy thingy that would loop around the and hold the barrel against the rack.





    Anyway, great idea and i will be using it in the future. I could have used your idea last night not to mention your handyman help, lol.

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    Last edited: Nov 15, 2008
  10. zoom6zoom

    zoom6zoom Well-Known Member

    OK, somebody has to say it...

    "Nice Rack!"

    Just an idea, but if you put the metal straps on the bottom of the upper piece they wouldn't show. And if anyone is worried about security, I've seen similar racks that used a steel cable like that used for bike locks or car covers run through the trigger guards - or just a swing out steel bar across the middle with a single padlock.
  11. Wedge

    Wedge Well-Known Member

    I like the rack. We used a horizontal one for hunting season so we weren't bringing the guns in from the cold and then worrying about condensation. A vertical rack certainly takes up a lot less space!
  12. 35 Whelen

    35 Whelen Well-Known Member

    Glad you guys like it! Maybe someone will get some use out of the pics.

    You're right, but I put the straps on top because the rack will be mounted up on the wall 4' or so off the floor. As such, the straps will be hidden.
  13. Starship1st

    Starship1st Well-Known Member

    I usually do not reply a second time but I like your file safe conversion. Looks good! :cool:
  14. Shung

    Shung Well-Known Member

    Hi guys !

    I've made a few racks in the past, most of them horizontals for my lever guns.. They have a "oldish" style, and I like it

    I now want to do the same for my AR-15's and my M4 .. but I would like some more modern design.. Anyone has some plans for something like that ? I will build them with wood, this is not a problem.

    I know that a vertical rack is better, but I like the horizontals because you see the guns better. For me, racks must be good looking rather than practical. ;)
  15. BADUNAME37

    BADUNAME37 Well-Known Member

    Good job! I also like the "rustic" look!
  16. Steve N

    Steve N Well-Known Member

    Shung, how about an EBR (evil black rack) for your EBR's (evil black rifles)? Use two strips of wood (real wood, MFD or particle board), 3/4 x 3 x whatever length. Drill holes in one 3/4" wide edge, to fit 1" deep, 1/2" dia x 4" dowels. Space dowels on length at distances to give a pleasing appearance when a couple of guns are hung one above the other. Route in keyhole hangers, or mount purchased hangers to the upper back side. Space horizontally on the wall to hang the rifles securely. Prime and paint with automotive enamel in a semi-gloss or flat black. An alternate would be to cover with black Formica (counter top material). Should give a pretty cool "modern minimalist" look. You should be able to bang those out in about 1/2 hour.
  17. Shung

    Shung Well-Known Member

    that's a good start !

    I was thinking of something dark.. and of course, modern and epurated lines.. as simple as possible.

    I am looking for some picture to get an idea of the shape. I have 4xAR-15, 1xM4, 1xAk-47 and 1xSIG550 to put on it. quite big, so I need to get it right at the 1st try !
  18. dustyplans

    dustyplans New Member

    Say This is nice. Do you happen to have a measurement or two on the relationship with the top rack and the rack where the butt plates sit? what is the offset?

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