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Hornady 158g lead SWC - need lube?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Harpo, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Harpo

    Harpo New Member

    I picked up some Hornady 158g lead SWC in the 300 pack - do these need to be lubed before loading?

    I can't find a thing on their web site!

  2. Galil5.56

    Galil5.56 New Member

    Unless they have changed from many years back, they will be a type of "tumble lube" in the knurling, and a layer of mica. They work pretty well when moderately driven, are soft, but IMO and experience work far better than their Speer counterpart with regard to leading.
  3. Rollis R. Karvellis

    Rollis R. Karvellis New Member

    If they don’t have the blue or red lube line, they should be coated with a lube of some sort.
  4. DMZ

    DMZ Member

    I purchases a 200 pack Hornady 240 gr SWC for my .44 and they are coated with a white substance. I think it is a 'moly compound.
  5. cdrt

    cdrt New Member

    Hornadys are pre-lubed bullet with a mica type compound. I just loaded a bunch of Hornady 158 SWCs for my K-38. They use the same bullet lube for their 148 HBWCs.

    No other lube is required and would be a waste of time.
  6. 45ACPUSER

    45ACPUSER New Member

    These are swaged bullets and they are not in need of any lube, and I would keep the fps low to avoid leadiing!
  7. pinkymingeo

    pinkymingeo New Member

    They're lubed, but if you shake them around in some Alox they'll lead a whole lot less.
  8. CBS220

    CBS220 New Member

    Even swaged bullets need lube of some sort!

    However, these are already lubed, and the knurling is there to keep the lube from flowing off.

    Myself, I prefer cast to swaged, if for no other reason than cast bullets are prettier.

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