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Hornady 75 gr BTHP Match .223/AR15 Load info needed

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Kentucky Jelly, May 22, 2010.

  1. Kentucky Jelly

    Kentucky Jelly Well-Known Member

    If some one with a Hornady book could please post the min/max load for this I would appreciate it.

    Loading for an AR-15. Reloader-15 or H4895 with mag length OAL would be great. Min,max and FPS please if listed. I do have manuals, but none with this bullet and AR data. I will be working these up over a chronograph. Thanks!

    16" barrel 1-7 twist.
  2. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Well-Known Member

    Seeing no one has posted any data, I'll toss in my opinion.
    I don't have a new Hornady manual, but I've been doing the reloading thing for a few years.
    I'm giving you a common sense approach to your question.
    I believe that Rel-15 is a great powder with heavier bullets and H4895 is a tiny bit faster burning, and one of my favorite powders in many applications.

    Fact: Most AR's require an COAL of 2.25-2.26 to work through the magazine, so your locked in to those dimensions if you use the magazine. Single loading is a different deal.

    Fact: Alliant distributes the Rel-15 and they list 24.1gr of Rel-15 as Maximum, using a Sierra 77gr bullet ignited by a Federal 205M primer in Winchester cases, at 2783 fps.

    Your 75gr bullet should be able to use that load, as bullet weight trumps bullet brand.

    A 10% reduction should be used as a starting load, so your start load should be safe at 22gr of Rel-15, with commercial brass. You should drop another grain if you are using milspec brass.
    There is no barrel length listed with this Alliant load, so you may not achieve the listed velocity.

    The links.



  3. Canuck-IL

    Canuck-IL Well-Known Member

  4. Hangingrock

    Hangingrock Well-Known Member

    .223 Remington Service Rifle Data: #2279 BTHP - .224 Dia -75gr C.O.L. - 2.250” Powder RL-15 (20.0gr Start/2200FPS - 24.1gr Max/2700FPS) - 7th Ed Hornady Handbook
  5. rhubarb

    rhubarb Well-Known Member

    I've heard it said there are no secrets among High Power shooters. Read the thread Canuck linked.

    In a 1:7 AR, load any 75-77 HPBT to 2.260" over 24.0 grains of RL-15 and a primer.

    You now have a match load good for 600 yards.
  6. Kentucky Jelly

    Kentucky Jelly Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the replys. I really need to order the latest Hornady manual.

    Sounds like my biggest problem will be finding a part of Kentucky flat enough for 600 yd shots:what:.
  7. ants

    ants Well-Known Member

    Just a little note:

    Our friend Smitty suggested one grain less for milspec brass, assuming that it has less case volume. We have had threads on this Forum discovering that milspec 5.56 brass does not have less case volume than commercial brass (7.62 and other cartridges may be different). You'll have to do a bit of searching to find those threads here on Handloading and Reloading subforum. I believe Ammo Oracle also had the same info.
  8. Rokman

    Rokman Well-Known Member

    In 1-8" AR, I load Hornady 75 BTHP to 2.260 with Rem 7 1/2 primer, Win or Rem brass and up to 23.7 grains of RL15. My most accurate was 22.9-23.1 grains.
  9. Canuck-IL

    Canuck-IL Well-Known Member

    I think that's true ... similar to Bullseye shooters, there are a 'set' of pretty standard loads that, if none of them shoot in your gun, you should suspect a gun problem, not a load issue...and folks freely share their experiences.
  10. Wahoo95

    Wahoo95 Well-Known Member

    Yep, 24gr of Varget or R-15 and 75gr BTHP or 77gr SMK work well for me.....very accurate!

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