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Hornady Auto charge powder measure

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by tightgroup tiger, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. tightgroup tiger

    tightgroup tiger Well-Known Member

  2. willymike

    willymike Well-Known Member

    Yes, they are worth the money. I've had one since they first came out and it has performed very well. No problems encountered so far. It has been very precise and is simple to operate.

    I frequently cross check the charges thrown with an RCBS 5-0-5 balance and accuracy has always been within a tenth of a grain.

    It's not got all the programmable bells and whistles of the RCBS Chargemaster, but I find those not needed for my particular use anyway.
  3. jeffreybehr

    jeffreybehr Well-Known Member

    I've had one for several years. It's easily calibratible, reliable, and easy to use. It's also lots more accurate than the RCBS equivalent I had and sold.
  4. OldRook77

    OldRook77 Well-Known Member

    Love mine. Has made a huge difference in my single stage reloading.

    Way better than my old balance beam
  5. tightgroup tiger

    tightgroup tiger Well-Known Member

    I've been agonizing over one of these for a long time and the price just keeps getting better.

    There are some types of powder that I have given up on because of they won't run accurately through my manual measures.

    I don't have to run all my loads through my two progressive presses, I do still single stage pistol calibers I don't shoot that often and all my rifles. And this won't break the bank by any means.

  6. Kurastduuks

    Kurastduuks Well-Known Member

    One of the better investments on my bench
  7. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Well-Known Member

    I have the Pact version and it is handy to have around. I generally only use it when working up loads as I find it too slow for general reloading. I know Pact has sped up their measure since I bought mine and I do not have any experience with the Hornady.

    My drum style powder measures do a good repeatable job on other dispensing tasks.

    I recently got a Harrell Precision Culver style powder measure and it is replacing the load work up times as well as being great for measuring general rifle loads loaded on the single stage press.
  8. jwrowland77

    jwrowland77 Well-Known Member

    Thank you TG Tiger. Since you posted this, I was finally able to find a Hornady Auto Charge at a good price for my wife to get me for Christmas.

    I've been wanting one for about a year now since I load on the Hornady SS classic and I'm hoping this will help speed up my process a bit, since now I won't be hand weighing every single one of my charges. I just didn't trust my abilities in my manual powder measure as I'm only about 2 years into the reloading game.
  9. tightgroup tiger

    tightgroup tiger Well-Known Member

    Your welcome JW.

    I have big plans for this thing. I find my self doing more and more small batches instead of the standard 1k-2k at a time. I've been playing with my loads and trying different powder charges and OALs.

    It takes me about 20-25 throws in any of my bench mounted powder measures just to get them to throw consistently. That's a pain.
  10. noylj

    noylj Well-Known Member

    How about the Lyman gen 6 with touch screen?

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  11. ole farmerbuck

    ole farmerbuck Well-Known Member

    I tried the Lyman, took it right back! I bought the Hornady a few months back to see if it was better than my chargemaster but the Hornady just sits on the bench.Dont get me wrong, it works but not like the chargemaster. Almost everything I have is Hornady but I'll stick with the green powder dispenser.
  12. tightgroup tiger

    tightgroup tiger Well-Known Member

    I finally got the thing but my wife confiscated it as a Christmas present.

    Dang it, now I have to wait even longer. I did beat her to the new .357mag dies I that came with it, she didn't get her present hooking little fingers on them.

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