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Hornady Price Increase

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Otto, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Otto

    Otto Well-Known Member

    Last week you could of had the LNL AP for $326 shipped @ Midsouth.
    It now cost $345 plus $20 shipping.
    Don't know if the price increase is across the board like Dillons.
  2. bigbird1

    bigbird1 Well-Known Member

    that stinks , they were the cheapest , not sure who was next in line.
  3. George757

    George757 Well-Known Member

    Natchez is $329 + shipping. They may be the lowest now.
  4. KeithB

    KeithB Well-Known Member

    don't forget to buy a shell plate
  5. bobotech

    bobotech Well-Known Member

    I bought my L n L new (the classic press) for 89 dollars at my local store about a week ago.

    I'm sending off my rebate for the free 500 bullets tomorrow. :) Great deal in my book.

    I hope the rest of the stuff doesn't go up much more.
  6. 1911NM

    1911NM Well-Known Member

    Bought my LNL-AP locally, so paid more, but no shipping. I understand Hornady is going to continue the "get loaded" bullet rebate through 2008, so still a good deal no matter how you cut it.
  7. pinkymingeo

    pinkymingeo Well-Known Member

    Midsouth just shipped my backordered AP. They honored the $319 price, but charged $18 shipping. Oh, well.
  8. hapi

    hapi Well-Known Member

    if they are continuing the "get loaded" program then the $20 bump in price isn't bad. You're getting 1000 free bullets you could re-sell to recoup your $20.
  9. bigbird1

    bigbird1 Well-Known Member

    They are till end of 2008, just price to get free bullets shipped went up

    Some place had a sale on shell plates for the LNL, I think it was cabelas, for 23.99, cheapest I have seen, even on ebay, and you know they are the new style!!!!
  10. pinkymingeo

    pinkymingeo Well-Known Member

    I just ordered six of those shellplates from Cabelas. Midway has bushings on sale $30 a ten-pack.
  11. 345 DeSoto

    345 DeSoto Well-Known Member

    I ordered, among other things, an RCBS LoadMaster Combo scale/dispenser from Midsouth on the 31st of Dec...it was $265. Due to one of the items being on back-order, to take advantage of the "SPECIAL" $5.99 flat rate Shipping, I told them to hold the order till it came in, then Ship. I since got a Whopper of a deal on a used LoadMaster, and called on the 2nd of Jan to cancel the Scale. The price of the LoadMaster had jumped to $305! We must all keep in mind that not only are we paying MUCH higher gas prices but, due to the fact that "stuff" flows down hill and we can not pass this cost on, we are paying for EVERYBODY ELSES gas price increases...

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