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Hornady SST

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Rem700CDLSF3006, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Rem700CDLSF3006

    Rem700CDLSF3006 New Member

    I traded guns a few weeks ago I bought 4 boxes of ammo to line it up
    federal fusion 165's Hornady BTSP 165's Hornady SST 165's and a box of Winchester 150 gr power point The SST shoot the best how are they for deer they seem more explosive on the ground than the other rounds
  2. Hunterdad

    Hunterdad New Member

    I have no idea what you're getting at. A "." or "," wouldn't hurt either.

    I'm pretty sure that you tested a bullets effectiveness by shooting it into the ground. That really isn't an acceptable way to measure a bullets effectiveness.
  3. Kachok

    Kachok New Member

    What caliber? If you are shooting 308 speeds I would say the SST is easily tough enough, if you are shooting hot 300 Ultra Mag speeds most certainly not. Anything under 3,000 fps I use poly tipped bullets without a hint of hesitation, anything much over that and I start looking for bonded or partitioned bullets.
  4. jmr40

    jmr40 Active Member

    The SST's are known to expand fast and penetrate less than other rounds. For deer I think they are a good choice. You just need to realise this is not the type of bullet to use if you shoot running deer in the butt and hope for enough penetration to get to the vitals. If you shoot them there they won't get the job done. The 165 gr BTSP's would work better for that, or for larger game. Put one of the 150 SST's in the lungs and you will likely drop the deer in it's tracks.
  5. Rem700CDLSF3006

    Rem700CDLSF3006 New Member

    it is a 3006
  6. sdhunter

    sdhunter New Member

    I have used 95 gr sst's out of a .243 with great success on whitetails and antelope. muzzle velocity was right around 2900fps. They did expand faster than the sp reloads i was shooting before but they seem to "shock" the critters more. Most of the deer i shot with them dropped on the spot. I just got some 139 grain sst's loaded up for my 7mm rem mag with a velocity of 3100 fps. The load is an absolute nail driver at 100 yards. Going to try them out in about a week during the late doe season.
  7. tickfarm

    tickfarm Member

    I have used the SST on deer with great success. I hunt with a 270 and have yet to have an SST bullet not fully penetrate the deer, leaving a large exit hole. I load to a velocity of 2900fps and love the flat trajectory I can get with the SST.
  8. Pacsd

    Pacsd New Member

    Would you mind explaining what, "more explosive on the ground means"? Or is this method of measurement of bullet effectiveness that I'm not aware of.
  9. tahunua001

    tahunua001 New Member

    SSTs are great for deer but I wouldn't use them for anything larger. my brother has the same dilemma with his 7mm rem mag. SSTs give him the best accuracy but nosler Accubonds offer much greater BC for larger game so he loads SSTs for deer and accubonds for elk. I kindof like 180gr Speer deep curls in my 300 weatherby, I just down load them to 300 win mag velocities and they destroy anything in their path without throwing my shoulder out and cold bore shots come down to a half inch group at 100 yards. I would wager a 30-06 with 180gr SDCs would do very nicely for deer, elk and anythign else you could possibly want.
  10. a-sheepdog

    a-sheepdog New Member

    In 30-06, the SST's will devastate a deer or hog. I shoot them out of a 308 Win and they work great, 30-06 should not be a whole lot different.
  11. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Active Member

    I agree with the others. SSTs are a good choice for whitetails.
  12. ATCDoktor

    ATCDoktor Member

    Just finished a pre Xmas Hog hunt in Texas and saw first hand what the SST's in 30/06 will do to a hundred pound hog.

    Factory loaded 150 grain SST's on a 75 yard Shot angled through the neck on a semi facing shot and the neck vertebrae were pulverized and off side shoulder was completely destroyed.
  13. WYcoyote

    WYcoyote New Member

    I wouldn't lose much sleep on which bullet in an '06 is best on deer, use what shoots best. There is plenty of power there to handle any deer sized critter, no matter what cup and core bullet hits them.
  14. Kachok

    Kachok New Member

    My general rule is use Nosler Ballistic Tips, SSTs or Serria Game Kings which ever shoots the best in that rifle. I have used Game Kings more then the others since they tend to shoot so darn well.
  15. sdhunter

    sdhunter New Member

    Shot my doe with the 139 gr sst out of my 7mm yesterday, cant post pics cause the camera took a crap but the bullet went through both lungs and made complete mush out of them and left a 1/2" hole on the way out. This will be my permanent load out of my 7mm rem mag. unless i get another elk tag.
  16. lhead71

    lhead71 New Member

    Shot a 125 lb doe at 175 yards. Used a 150gr SST out of a .308 Win running 2950fps. Hit just in front of the onside shoulder, doe was quartering towards me, exit just aft of the offside shoulder, hole was big enough to put my fist through, DRT. I would say they are adequate.
  17. Kachok

    Kachok New Member

    My 06 shoots really good with the 150gr SST, but I have yet to use them on deer since my 06 also likes those fantastic 165gr SGKs which to me are as proven a bullet as there has ever been, every time I use them on deer they impress me more and more, the last one bang flopped a doe leaving the largest exit wound I have ever seen 6"!!! Needless to say the deer was dead on impact and no tracking was involved.
  18. Ifishsum

    Ifishsum Member

    I loved how well the SST's shoot in my '06 so I started hunting with them several years ago for both deer and elk. They are more explosive than a standard soft point, especially at higher velocities / close range - but if you put the bullet where it counts they work very well. As jmr40 said, you probably wouldn't want to hit a meaty area or take a shoulder shot - but a clean shot in the boiler room usually puts them down very quickly.

    Basically it's an Interlock with a polymer tip. On the bullets I have recovered, the rear section held together as good as the average Partition.
  19. 788Ham

    788Ham New Member

    In your '06, using the Hornady 165 BTSP, you can't get much better than that, remember, your after deer, not a 7 foot tall moose! A .250 Savage using 87 grain bullet will knock a deer flat, you've got a bigger bullet in the '06, use it !

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