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Houston gun show Reliant Center

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Flash!, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Flash!

    Flash! Well-Known Member

    Well, I usually am bothered when I see posts about how lousy the gun shows are, because the shows around here are usually very good with some excellent deals to be had.... but today I was very disappointed in the gun show at Reliant Center..... first off, it was not nearly as large as they usually are..... but what was worse, is that I was actually seeing prices higher than the local gun stores...... after I left the show, I went to a local gun store (Tomball Pawn) and bought the revolver I wanted at a lower price than any of the dealers at the show.

    If you are in the Houston area, don't bother going to this gun show.... unless you want some beef jerky.... I always have to stop by The Rust Place table for some of their goodies......
  2. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    Its bad as most of the table dealers wanted to be millionaires in an instant. I dont blame them as they have to put up the hassle in setting their wares and rent per table. They only have two days to get some money back. Its part of business.
    For me i go to gunbroker online and pick the one i like at a good price and avoid the gunshow hassle.
  3. slamfirev10

    slamfirev10 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the update,

    did you check out the ammo prices?
  4. Flash!

    Flash! Well-Known Member

    slamfire...... ammo prices varied from table to table... but I did not do any serious ammo shopping, so I can not say what some of the low prices were..... but I did get some good laughs when I saw things like a 250 round box of Remington 9mm FMJ going for $250..... and that is not a typo.... thats $1 per round for 9mm fmj..... I just laughed to myself and walked on by.....
  5. Flash!

    Flash! Well-Known Member

    oh yeah.... Bachman Pawn had C Products 30 round AR15 mags with the orange follower for $15.... not quite back to pre panic pricing but getting there.....
  6. MaterDei

    MaterDei Well-Known Member

    For me gun shows are more about the experience (as of late more a spectacle than experience) and the camaraderie, and the jerky, of course.

    I do often find good deals too but those generally are by chance and not design.

  7. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    Gunshows are a subculture of its own. Know what you are looking and have your money in hand to make the deal. Be quick and know your limits. Either way you will spend money just from parking to entrance fees, then to drinks and jerky or what not. The shows are designed to be like that. Dont forget the gas money you spent just to get there and back.
  8. Grassman

    Grassman Well-Known Member

    Last gun show I went too even the beef jerky prices were outrageous. And that just ain't right!
  9. Magnuumpwr

    Magnuumpwr Well-Known Member

    Flash, I read your first post and found it disheartening that the best deals found at gun shows are the beef jerky. I attend almost every gun show at the Port Arthur civic center, with the knowledge that I will at the least buy some good smoked meats and cheeses.
  10. KTXdm9

    KTXdm9 Well-Known Member

    I'm a big fan of Tomball Pawn. What's their long gun selection looking like these days? I'm looking for an AK-47.
  11. Flash!

    Flash! Well-Known Member

    they still have a good selection..... I wasn't looking for ak 47's but they do have AR 15's....
  12. slamfirev10

    slamfirev10 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the reply,

    i too have heard good things about tomball pawn, looks like a mini road trip up there is in order

  13. Hilljun

    Hilljun Active Member

    Gun Shows

    I am from Ar currently living in Fl and can say neither place has affordable guns at their shows. Generally speaking. Nor do they have smoked meat, cheese, or jerky. Sounds to me like I need to travel to Texas next time I want to spend $10 to shop. Luckily our next assignment will be in Dallas.

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