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how can i shoot my guns with no sleep?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by palerider1, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. palerider1

    palerider1 member

    Well since we have to make our (or should make) our posts about guns. right now im looking at my wife. it is 3 am in the morning and my 2 year old (precious girl) is taking up over half of my queen size bed. dont ask me how , but then my gorgeous, but queeen sized wife is taking up the other half. every night i go through this,,,,,,,,,grrrrufffff. i have no room to sleep unless you are 12 inches wide!!!!!!!!!!!! if you ever slept at the county jail you know what im talkin about. should i sleep on the couch? throw my wife out for a skinnier model? make her diet? try to get my space in the bed before anyone else gets there? put my foot down and piss everyone off and then get no sleep for sure? drink tons of beer until i dont care and sleep next to the fireplace that i started in a drunken stooper, or what????? either way i'm always tired the next day......any idea's??????????????

    hard to sleep at night now.................

  2. mbs357

    mbs357 Well-Known Member

    Lack of sleep puts your body into survival mode.
    Your instincts sharpen, and you become more aware.
    Unfortunatly for me, this is accompanied by hallucinations...I try to avoid staying up all night. =(
  3. palerider1

    palerider1 member

    you a Viet-nam vet???

  4. LadySmith

    LadySmith Well-Known Member

    I've slept at the county jail, so I know what you're talking about (narrow cot on stainless steel or concrete). Don't trade your wife in on a skinnier model or try to make her diet. That might get you hurt. Going to bed before anyone else will probably only get you crowded into the wall or off the bed later on that night. I suggest talking to your wife about creating a separate sleeping area for your daughter or sleeping on the couch. Otherwise just hang in there because you'll eventually crash & fall dead asleep whether you like it or not when your body decides it has had enough. In the meantime, you might start to hallucinate like MBS357 said. It's a common side effect of sleep deprivation.
  5. palerider1

    palerider1 member

    lady smith..........
    thanks for the info,,,,,,,,,so what is your real name....i am paul...........thanks so much for you guidance,,,,i laughed lots of times...........though very good advise...............TY......:)

    paul gilson

  6. xrmattaz

    xrmattaz member

    :scrutiny: I hear ya Paul. My problem lies not with a two year old daughter, but a one year old male Great Dane! My petite wife takes up 1/4 of the King bed, and he the rest.....all 140 lbs of him. He WILL NOT budge, and I cannot budge him.

    I usually give up around 3am. Can't you gently move your little girl over a bit without waking her?
  7. dmftoy1

    dmftoy1 Well-Known Member

    I used to have the same problem but it was two 85lb golden retrievers. It was funny because one night they started passing gas so bad that my wife decided that they could no longer sleep with us . . . . . . . at least she thought it was the dogs . .I can't quite remembe what the cause was. :)
  8. Janitor

    Janitor Senior Member

    NO!!! - for all the painfully obvious reasons. May sound good while you're flying high on sleep deprevation, but when you come to some day, you'll regret it. Much. (but you knew all that already :) )

    Ok. No sleep? Embrace it. A few years of getting between 3-4 hours a night will show you an entire new world of productivity. When you're crowded almost off the bed - go do something. Don't just toss and turn ... that will only make matters worse. Go build a bookshelf.

    Wanna sleep? Go lay on the couch and read yourself down - again - don't just go there and toss and turn fussing about the lack of sleep and why you're not in your bed. You're not in your bed because you love your (preggers) wife and your 2 year old daughter and all three (four?) of you need to get a little quality sack time. Good time to catch up on all the John Lott articles you've been meaning to read.

    Somebody suggested you move your daughter - sounds good to me, but I'm not fortunate enough to be a father so I've no idea if that's a viable solution.
  9. DunedinDragon

    DunedinDragon Well-Known Member

    2 year old? You have two options:

    1) It's time she learned to sleep alone

    2) Get a bigger bed

    In my case, I got the bigger bed....
  10. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, but this really isn't gun-related at all, so it's OT for THR. Try posting this sort of thing at our sister general-purpose forum, Armed Polite Society. You'll find many of us post there for that purpose.
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