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How much for a Kel-Tec P3AT in your area ?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by MR.G, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. MR.G

    MR.G Well-Known Member

    How much are Kel-Tec .380 P3AT pistols going for in your area ? I paid $275.00 for one of mine, and $250.00 for another one. Have seen them for as high as $319.00 around here ! I have been told that they can be had for around $200.00 in other parts of the Country. Doesn't make sense. I am only a couple of hours drive from the factory, and people in other states can buy them for less.
  2. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    IIRC mine was $229 .. haven't checked the paperwork but that sounds about right. I know tho the price can vary quite a bit.
  3. alamo

    alamo Well-Known Member

    Distance to the factory unfortunately has no bearing on cost in your area. KT sells to distributors and some maybe get better deals than others depending on how many they buy and other factors. That determines the price your gunshop pays and of course they can mark it up to whatever they want depending on what the market will bear.
  4. Pheonix

    Pheonix Well-Known Member

    I thought that the guy at Gander mountain told me that they were about 180. They didn't have one in stock for me to look at.:mad:
  5. Ringer

    Ringer Well-Known Member

    Bought mine not too long ago. $239 at Gander Mountain, only place I could find one around here.
  6. SouthpawShootr

    SouthpawShootr Well-Known Member

    My favorite dealer has had them for the $250 range. I'm beginning to get interested in them, so I may be on the lookout. Seen them for $220 at recent gunshows NIB. Although I have a Guardian .380, I may have to give one of these a try for jogging/walking use.
  7. MaterDei

    MaterDei Well-Known Member

    Around here they are scarce.

    My 'regular' gun shop has them for $269 but they always sell out before I get one. I went to a gun show last weekend and NOBODY had them. One place had just sold their last one for $269.

    I stopped at a pawn shop today and they had a new one for $279. Tempted but after reading this thread I'm glad I hesitated.

  8. alamo

    alamo Well-Known Member

    I paid $239 last Sept., that was on the high side for good dealers around here (others were $249 - $279) but that was in September when they were pretty scarce. I could do better today and will in the next couple of months when I get my 2nd one.
  9. Denmark116

    Denmark116 Well-Known Member

    In the chicago burbs, 259.00 (289.00 OTD) for blued....

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    Go for 220 and tax in my area of Ky. They sell but not as fast as other guns normally in case 3 or 4 weeks. I belive around here most people perfer steel. They sold ouy of Autaugas,Bersa and p3at set in case.
  11. FunYet

    FunYet Well-Known Member

    Saw one for about $260 the other day. Seems a bit high.
  12. wardog

    wardog Well-Known Member

    I paid $218
  13. Dave R

    Dave R Well-Known Member

    I see 'em for $249 here.
  14. telewinz

    telewinz Well-Known Member

    $219 last weekend at gunshow but $300 at Ace Sporting, Washington PA
  15. RockyNH

    RockyNH Active Member

    I paid 219 for mine in January... New Hampshire

  16. repsychler

    repsychler Well-Known Member

    I paid $250 for mine in January. Man that thing is easy to carry. :D
  17. Whole Hog

    Whole Hog Well-Known Member

    I paid $300 for mine here in Las Cruces. I thought it was high, but the dealer shipped it back to the factory three times for me.

  18. cratz2

    cratz2 Well-Known Member

    Seems to me that the shops that sell them for $250 (around these parts anyway) have several setting on shelves and several others in the back. Shops that sell them for $220 might have one... or they might be sold out.

    It's been a while since I've seen one for over $250.
  19. azrael

    azrael Well-Known Member

    They are $259.00 around here...No I didnt pay that for mine:D
  20. CZ-100

    CZ-100 Well-Known Member

    I paid $249 for mine back in Sept

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