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How much to pay for a MKIII Ruger

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by greenscape, May 27, 2008.

  1. greenscape

    greenscape Active Member

    Looking for a used Ruger for plinking. Local shop today had a pristine MKIII with the 6 1/2 fluted barrel in stainless(or nickel). Wooden handles. Like I said, very nice. Wants $329 for it. Seemed fair actually but your opinion ?
  2. Baneblade

    Baneblade Well-Known Member

    My shop sells the blued equivilant for the same price. I think that is a good price for the stainless and would take it.
  3. 3KillerBs

    3KillerBs Well-Known Member

    I just paid $350 for an almost unfired one with everything that originally came in the box.
  4. Quoheleth

    Quoheleth Well-Known Member

    That's a good price. I've only seen blued ones around here for that price, with the stainless going $110 or so more.

    It may be a price screw up. Jump on it with BOTH feet. FAST.

    Or tell me where it is so I can do it :p


    Seriously...where did you find that deal???
  5. greenscape

    greenscape Active Member

    Well, I was originally willing

    to take a Blued or a Stainless one. But, after seeing this one I really want the stainless. Honestly, to the hand it really is a very substantial and very nicely crafted Handgun. Even if it is only a 22. I like firing my 9mm but I am looking forward to having something to be more precise with. Would eventually like a scope for it..
  6. DaleCooper51

    DaleCooper51 Well-Known Member

    I recently picked up a used but like new Mk III hunter with a 6 7/8 barrel for $329.
  7. Floppy_D

    Floppy_D Member In Memoriam

    Great price, I'd jump on it.

    I tried putting a Red Dot on mine, and took it off. Then I tried a scope, and took that off. The sights are nice and sharp, and make for easy shooting. I've looked at adding the Firesights, but I'm afraid I'll go back to stock.
  8. Farnorthdan

    Farnorthdan Well-Known Member

    Love mine

    I have the stainless target with the bull barrel and absolutely love it. I also had a red dot on mine for a while but took it off. The factory sites are great and just as accurate as the red dot I had on plus it looks way better without optics in my opinion.
  9. kamagong

    kamagong Well-Known Member

    I'd take that deal.
  10. rellascout

    rellascout member

    That price is more than fair.

    You might find it a bit cheaper ordering on line but not worth it IMHO vs the one you can look at in the shop before buying.
  11. Confederate

    Confederate Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I wouldn't let the grass grow under my feet on that one. The price is reasonable and they're so hard to find.
  12. CoinMan

    CoinMan Well-Known Member

    If you don't object to the 22/45 variety, you can save nearly $100. The 22/45 w/ bull barrel is going for $250 NIB, and its an excellent plinker. I couldn't imagine myself shooting any 22LR more accurately. It's a real PITA to reassemble after field stripping, however.
  13. 3 gun

    3 gun Well-Known Member

    Not a penny more than $150 for a used Ruger 22. Might have to look a bit but it can be done at every gun show I've ever been to here in OH. If you plan on buying make sure it's one that has been updated. The first Mk III's could fire if you bumped the "loaded chamber" flag.

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