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How the heck do you guys do it?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by LkWinnipesaukee, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. LkWinnipesaukee

    LkWinnipesaukee Well-Known Member

    You guys who CCW, how the heck do you do it? I hear about people carrying flashlishts, pepper spray, cell phone, gun, spare mags, knife(knives) on them daily.

    Daily, I have trouble carrying a flashlight, OC, cell phone, and sometimes a small shethed knife (outside of school) on my belt...And even then everything 'prints'

    What do you guys carry, and how do you guys do it without looking like a goof?
  2. cassandrasdaddy

    cassandrasdaddy Well-Known Member


    i got fat enough to spread gear out and hide it better:uhoh:
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2006
  3. FTF

    FTF member

    I carry my .45 OWB and a small folding knife. No extra mags. I'm debating OC since it's legal in most places I can't carry my piece.

    Big shirts in the summer I guess. Big jackets in the winter.

    Some people 'do' carry a lot in my opinion. Better safe than sorry, I know but I agree that it seems some people do push the comfort envelope lol.
  4. SigfanUSAF

    SigfanUSAF Well-Known Member

    Outstanding choice! when I carry my 220 (I weigh 175lbs), I generally wear loose clothing, dark shirts, jackets where applicable, etc. By loose clothing I mean 1990s era, not 2000s with the crotch of the jeans between the knees. I buy shirts that are a little loose and somewhat long. For prolonged carry (can't carry at work) I have a 2 mag pouch on my left side. I refuse to buy a cell phone, don't carry pepperspray, flashlight, or a knife. Night carry warrents the 220 rail with my M3.
  5. steveracer

    steveracer Well-Known Member

    It isn't that bad.

    I have asked this question before, and got answers that would require me to gain 40 pounds and make my belt long enough to hold everything. I also refuse to get a cell phone, and I don't see the need for OC. if the fight gets above and beyond what I can do with my hands, I need a gun NOW, not after I play trial-and-error with pepper spray.
    Here's what I carry:
    Pistol or revolver strong side behind the hip, holster or not, depending on clothes, but always the same place. IWB if my shirt isn't ver long, or owb if it is long enough to cover the gun.
    Right back pocket: Wallet. I try very hard to carry my gun in such a way that getting to my wallett isn't hard. This is a pain sometimes with OWB carry, as the holster covers the entrance to the pocket on some pants. I have found holsters that don't do this, and the others sit in a box.
    Left back pocket: Knife. This is where a good folder is handy.
    Left front pocket: Magazine or speed strips. Two speed strips, or one magazine for the pistol. I got a DeSantis Magpacker for this. It's the cat's meow, I promise you. All it really does is keep the mag in the same place in your pocket. This has proven invaluable many times.
    Right front pocket: Keys.

    See? Not hard. I have only one item on my belt, and I can pretty much dress how I want. I carry a smaller gun when the clothes dictate it, but really it isn't bad. I can get away with a Commander with only a pair of shorts and a polo shirt. I'm 5'11" and 190 pounds. I have a 29" waist, so real estate on my belt is at a premium.
    I used to carry two mags, and it never worked out. Something always poked me. Ever heard of "dehorned" magazines? me neither.
    I do add a flashlight to my belt on the left side behind my hip when I walk at night. This isn't so bad now that I found the right light and holder.
    Tadgear makes the best flashlight carrier I have ever seen, and it is specifically for the Innova X5, which is my carry light. (I can always just stick it in my pocket, too, but then I have the horrible racket of my keys hitting the light.)
    Your size may be different, but this is the way I have found after 15 years to carry my stuff without printing, and without jabbing myself when I move around, which I do A LOT.
  6. Geronimo45

    Geronimo45 Well-Known Member

    Wear a coat whenever weather's below 90 (looks like that may be November). A cheap leather jacket can carry all sorts of things easily. Glasses, pens, keys, phone... ad infinitum.
    I look however I please. If I decide to get a red shirt, epaulets, black pants and cavalry boots, I may go through the town dressed like a 19th century British cavalryman, saber and all. I may prefer jeans and t-shirt.
    I dress however I please. If people think I look like a goof... they may have a point. I think they look like braindead zombies.

    My parents won't admit it, but I'll bet that my first words were "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."
  7. neoncowboy

    neoncowboy Well-Known Member

    Carharrt pants are simply wonderful.

    1911 in IWB holster
    2 mags on weak side belt (or, in left front and left rear pockets when tucked in)
    Strong side front pocket: Bechmade or CRKT folder clipped in, Swiss army knife, jeys
    Strong side back pocket: Wallet and copy of US Constitution/Declaration of Independence
    Weak side front pocket: OC spray if no spare mags...if spare mags are in pockets, they're the only thing in that pocket
    Weak side rear pocket: Surefire E2D
    Strong side thigh (or shirt pocket): cellphone

    It all carries pretty well...not a big deal moving around with it. Then again, when I get undressed at night, it does look like a LOT of stuff to be carrying around.

    Heh, I leave it all in my pants when I take them off/on at the gym...my pants weigh about 15 pounds.
  8. Atticus

    Atticus Well-Known Member

    P3AT in front pocket.
  9. MechAg94

    MechAg94 Well-Known Member

    A belly strap ain't real good for a quick draw but it does allow you to carry with just a T-shirt and shorts, as long as I don't tuck in the T-shirt.
  10. Bruce333

    Bruce333 Well-Known Member

    I haven't changed the clothes I wear at all. I never have liked tight pants or tight shirts, so my wardrobe works well for me now that I carry (where I can).

    Aker 1.25" belt
    Cargo pants or cargo shorts (the ones with a built in cell phone pocket in the leg pockets)
    flashlight in the left cell phone pocket
    extra mag in the left front pocket
    cell phone on belt on left side, in front of leatherman
    pocket clip folding knife in right front pocket or in the right cell phone pocket
    sidearm IWB right side
    keys on caribiner on right front belt loop
    wallet left rear pocket
  11. Biker

    Biker Well-Known Member

    I got a gun on my left ankle and once in a while, another one in my hip pocket, and a Gerber Mark II on my hip. No cell, no pager, no reloads. It oughta do. Always has. When it don't, well, I won't be able to let y'all know.

  12. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    One of the advantages of carrying openly is that one doesn't still need to take appearances seriously. That saidâ„¢, I'll admit I carry a very thin pocket knife, six spare rounds of ammunition, no flash light, no back up gun, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
  13. Hogfan1911

    Hogfan1911 Well-Known Member

    I'm 6', 165. Kahr P40, usually IWB just behind point of R hip, 1 spare mag in OWB holder behind L hip, folding knife clipped in L front pocket (visible, no prob w/that in Ark). Cell in front of mag pouch. Comfortable for 2-3 hrs or so. This is under a loose-fitting untucked t-shirt or unbuttoned, untucked button-up shirt. If I know I'm going to leave a jacket on (rare here), my full-size Kimber .45 OWB in a Fobus paddle rig, mag pouch, same location for both. If I'm in my typical work attire of scrubs, P40 on L ankle w/no spare mag. Hope to change that to a Galco Classic Lite shoulder rig soon.
  14. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    for 3 of 4 seasons i'm in shorts and a t-shirt all day long. a 1911 compact iwb is all i carry, plus a wallet and car keys. i occasionally carry a cheap surefire G2, but never knives or reloads or spray or other assorted crap. i wear my phone on a cord around my neck.
  15. Euclidean

    Euclidean Well-Known Member

    Good holster. Careful clothes shopping. Confidence. Consistency.
  16. DerringerUser

    DerringerUser Well-Known Member

    Hehe, i made a thread about this awhile ago.

    IWB or OWB works well.
  17. browningguy

    browningguy Well-Known Member

    Browning Hi Power in .40. Sometimes put the spare mag in a pocket if I'm downtown, but not often. Other than that I only carry important stuff, keys, wallet, snacks, I don't have any need for all the other stuff on me. And I do carry a Treo phone, great when I'm traveling, works anywhere in the world, gets email etc.

    I almost always have my Land Rover nearby with a good tool kit, 2,000,000 candle power rechargeable light, BHP spare mags (2), BUG+ spare mag, multitool, 200 MPH tape (Duct Brand-also can be used as handcuffs).
  18. Eyesac

    Eyesac Well-Known Member

    I carry a Glock27 in a Galco IWB and I don't wear "big shirts or big coats" and you can't tell at all (and I'm a skinny guy 5'9" 150lbs). OC and a phone in the left pocket, knife clipped to the right pocket. Not so bad really!

    Just pick a gun, and go to any well stocked gun shop and start buying holsters, you can probably get nylon holsters for $15 a pop (don't buy leather until you find a style that works well, then buy leather, or else you could spend more money than your gun).
  19. BullfrogKen

    BullfrogKen Moderator Emeritus

    I concur. Its a complete system.

    Good belt, good pouches, and good clothes shopping. And, I have to admit, the vests I produce do help quite a bit.

    I carry a Commander in a discontinued Spark Road Runner (closest current design might be the 60TK). I have a spare mag and 6P in Sparks pouches, and a 4" fixed blade.

    You can see a picture of that when I was working outside this year and had no cover garments here:

  20. EatBugs

    EatBugs Well-Known Member

    I too often wondered how one is able to CCW. I sometimes look to see if I can spot a person who CCW:scrutiny:

    I never seem to find anyone who does. Even the few people I know for a fact CCW, I can never tell.

    But I'm always looking for the belt or pocket or on the back carries. I get some curiouse looks back when I'm caught scoping those places out :eek:
    Only thing I ever find are folding knives.

    But my secret to where I keep my wallet, phone, mace, knife, keys, and stuff ....... In my purse!!:neener: Although I do keep a folding knife in my front pocket when wearing pants, which is most of the time.

    But I guess my secret doesn't count since I'm not a guy :rolleyes: Oh well.

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