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How this forum works (emphasis on WORK). READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Correia, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    This forum is dedicated to activism to promote the RKBA.

    It is the place to share with others the actions you have taken on behalf of RKBA or to propose practical and workable actions on behalf of RKBA. It is NOT the "Complaints Department".

    actions taken or proposed on behalf of RKBA means that your post must describe an action taken or propose a clear concise plan of action or present real tools on behalf of RKBA or it will be deleted.

    It is the place to share with others the tools, actions you have taken on behalf of RKBA, or to propose plans on behalf of RKBA.*

    Activism is not a politics forum.

    There's no place on THR for discussing how much you hate or love any particular politician or party or group. Endless hand wringing, howling or complaining about politicians and politics sap the power of the internet for change. Those threads will be removed as a violation of the terms of this forum and may earn the OP an infraction from temporary suspension to permanent suspension for knowing ignoring this prohibition.

    It is not for blind "FYI" posts, or musings/rants, or negative comments, or absurd hair shirt posturing.

    Activism is about what you've actually done or what you propose we all practically do to affect change on behalf of RKBA so that others can follow your lead.

    Note: "I signed 100 pro-RKBA people up to vote and you can too, here's how!", "I contacted this RKBA org and got 100 yard signs that I handed out, here's how so you can too." or "I designed a pro-RKBA bumper sticker and got 100 printed out and distributed. Here it is so you can too.", "I wrote a brief, clear letter in support of RKBA and here's the addresses of the politicians/businesses/new media that I sent it to and where you can find more addresses like it." is in the spirit of Activism while, "I signed up for the NRA/GOA/etc.", "Vote", "I put a sign in my yard", "O Noze, call your Congresscritter!", or "I put a bumper sticker on my car" doesn't cross the threshold for Activism.

    While every single voice is important, Activism is about amplifying our voice so that more people hear and follow and noise helps no one.

    On rare occasion a thread may be closed instead of deleted.
    Closed usually means that a moderator thought that your mistake might serve as an example to others in Activism so that they would see not to post whines, posturing, "Didja see...", grossly unrelated material, rants against ..., etc. It is something to ashamed of.

    This is not the place to debate ideas, politics, or politicians. This the place to outline action to be taken.

    This is not the place to use RKBA as the excuse to promote a broader social or political agenda. STAY FOCUSED!

    This is where we present practical effective actions we actually have carried out or action we want to carry out to make change happen.

    There will be absolutely no arguments or comments about whether a given course of action is a good one. Such arguments always occur, about every single idea, and then no course of action is taken. This is the place to co-ordinate, not to talk somebody else out of doing anything.

    If you cop a defeatist attitude in this forum, we’ll boot you. We don’t have time for crying.

    Any extraneous posts not directly related to the activity get deleted. You pet peeve isn't important enough to anyone other than you to jump into the middle of someone else's thread and try to ride your topic over theirs. If it is that important, START YOUR OWN THREAD!

    There will be no preferences given to any political party. If you have an activity to organize Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians, it doesn’t matter. Any bashing on any party is not allowed (yes, even the Democrats, Greens, etc.). This is not the place to muddy the waters with partisan politics because there are Antis of every political persuasion and there are potential converts of every political persuasion. Again, STAY FOCUSED.

    Please use this forum to coordinate and work together. This is the place to organize to get things done. Use this forum for campaigns, legal gatherings, letter writing, talking points to push on the media, and things of this nature.

    In other words, this forum is not where little gets accomplished because of the endless bickering, and we’re not going to let it turn into that. This is a forum for those of you that actually want to get things done instead of talked to death.
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  2. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    For example, remember what happened to Zumbo?

    All of the moral discussion of Zumbo, and the cursing of his name, or the arguments to defend him would go in L&P.

    The letter writing/e-mail campaign, and list of his corporate sponsors would be here.

    In other words, this is a place to work, with out getting bogged down.
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