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How to bed a barrel

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by oldfart, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. oldfart

    oldfart Well-Known Member

    I've got a '93 Mauser that-- until recently-- shot pretty well. It's no where near being stock, I shortened the barrel, bedded the action and free-floated the barrel. It has a Williams peep sight on the rear and a Lyman Globe sight with crosshairs on the front.
    Now, it is an old rifle, but I'm damned near as old as it is and I have to consider the possibility that my eyes are going to_pot faster than I think they are. So, I'm considering a scope on it. But before I go to that trouble, I want to try something else. I've heard that dampening the vibration of the barrel by bedding it at the front of the stock sometimes helps accuracy. It would be fairly easy for me to put something in the barrel-channel to do that,_but I don't know whether I should drop in a 'blob' of epoxy or just slip a piece of cardboard in. Should I just support the bottom of the barrel or perhaps put something under the end of the handguard too?
  2. Ledbetter

    Ledbetter Well-Known Member

    Tuning a barrel

    try to use something that won't absorb moisture and hold it next to the barrel.

    I experiment with different thicknesses of pieces of rubber at different locations near the end of the barrel. Trial and error. You can also use layers of felt or cardboard.
  3. Dogsoldier

    Dogsoldier Well-Known Member

    I would try the cardboard trick before anything else. But ya' wanna know something? Your in the same boat as many of use...the 'ol eyeballs just ain't what they use to be. There is a product out there called Mojo sights. These are peep sights that replace the front and rear sights on Mausers, SKS, AK's and a few other rifles. I have not personally tried these yet, but some of my friends have and just rave about how much better they have done. They only run about $40 per set. Sorry I do not have the URL, but a fast google search will get you there.
  4. Traveler

    Traveler Well-Known Member

    If you used an RTV black silicon it would take the heat, stay in place, not make a change depending on the weather, and be easy to peel out if you don't want it. Just an idea.

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