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How to hunt public lands for Success

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by T.R., Nov 17, 2013.

  1. T.R.

    T.R. Well-Known Member

    This is my little tip for all of you: I use a canoe to access remote areas of public reservoirs. The whole idea is to get away from the "pumpkin army". Deer are far less spooked and this technique is productive, too.

    Good used canoes typically sell for $200. to $350.

    Good hunting to you all.
  2. swampcrawler

    swampcrawler Well-Known Member

    I try to do essentially the same thing sans the canoe. Get there way to early, walk as far into the heart of the area as possible and thus away from the weekend warriors. All great in theory till you make a kill way up in there lol
  3. jack44

    jack44 Well-Known Member

    Walk far away and find a spot I don't like other hunters around me so I go the extra mile.
  4. courtgreene

    courtgreene Well-Known Member

    I'll add to the OP's advice. I wanted to do this, so I built a canoe. The GOOD thing, is that I tested this before I tried hunting... the BAD thing, is that the canoe works but when you load it too much or the wind blows too hard it'll flip. My advice: get a really good and really sturdy one or watch thousands of dollars in hunting equipment sink, as the proverbial boating accident we hear so much about on forums like this one becomes a sad reality. This didn't happen to me because I tested the boat before hand, but I want to make sure it doesn't happen to y'all! Otherwise, GREAT SUGGESTION OP!
  5. Patocazador

    Patocazador Well-Known Member

    A Gheenoe-type boat is about the same size as a canoe and is much more stable. You can use a small motor and go almost everywhere a canoe can.

  6. buck460XVR

    buck460XVR Well-Known Member

    While gettin' away from the crowd is a good idea for success, one does not always have to go to the farthest corner. Sometimes small areas close to the road that are ignored by the crowds holds as much game as any. Game that survives on public land patterns humans quickly and will hold tight even in small areas where many folks walk by, but never go in. Being able to see thru the spot, don't mean it's empty. One don't need to go for miles on public land, they just need to go where others don't.
  7. 3212

    3212 Well-Known Member

    Or stay by the vehicles as the orange army disappears into the woods and the deer come out to escape them.I had to wait until the deer passed between 2 pickup trucks and crossed the road before I could shoot.Also,I have gone so far back in I came out the other side and had to hitch a ride back to the truck. LOL
  8. matrem

    matrem Well-Known Member

    That sure worked for two guys in my neck o the woods a few years ago.
    According to the farmer I've groundhog hunted for years; an orange "army" got out and headed south on Kokosing wildlife area, two guys showed up a bit too late to join the pack, and both killed decent bucks out of the same thicket right off the road. This thicket doesn't qualify for measuring in acres, it's more like the size of your closest Taco Bell.

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