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How to pay Cuomo back

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by Babe's Ghost, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Babe's Ghost

    Babe's Ghost New Member

    1. I believe this is relevant to RKBA because extracting a political price is important to deterring other politicians.

    2. Cuomo's cynical exploitation of the Sandy Hook tragedy means the gloves come off. As of this point no *legal* *political* act of retribution is out of bounds. That said, the impeachment drive is a waste of time. Although the database it generates might help with organizing for 2014, actual removal from office requires a majority in the assembly (which will never happen) and will only burnish his credentials without really wounding him. I want blood.

    3. I believe this is a rational, strategic move on his part to secure his liberal bonafides for the 2016 primary race. This was a political act to secure his future. So I want to damage his political future, but I can't do it alone. We can post comments and write letters to the editor in your local newspaper, in early primary state newspapers and swing state newspapers. The tone should be reasonable, not histrionic, you don't necessarily want to focus on the second amendment because the key in this effort is to drive Cuomo's negatives higher. You don't have to hit each issue. It works better if there's a steady drumbeat of comments.

    4. I have heard rumors about brushes with the law for drunk driving in his 20s that were white washed by friendly Albany cops. He was at SUNY Albany Law in 79 to 82.
    *This needs more research, perhaps someone here knows some LEOs who could ask around.*

    5. Vague mafia rumors dogged his father Mario Cuomo, this needs to be resurrected. First, this should be reinforced by rhetoric in public forums. The easiest issue to start with is the anti-democratic way the legislation was passed. Instead of saying Cuomo 'rammed the legislation through' use phrases like 'he engaged in mafia style arm twisting behind closed doors' 'worked out the details in a mafia style sit-down with the other Albany players.' Describe him as acting like the 'god father' of New York State with Bloomberg as 'consiglieri'. That he 'gave the senators an offer they couldn't refuse, vote on legislation they didn't even have time to read, or be labeled as on the side of the baby killers. Emphasize him as being out of touch, a city guy from Queens. A lawyer who spent his whole life in government.

    6. He did this to secure his left flank, which suggests he realizes this is a vulnerability. Democrats on this board (and ex-Democrats) should attack him from the left, e.g., he's grandstanding on gun control to cover up for cutting a deal with the oil companies to poison our water with fracking.'
    *This needs more research to tie him fracking companies and to provide talking points to people who aren't up on this topic*

    7. An attack that works for both D's and R's is to tie him to the housing crisis and the recession. As chair of HUD he pushed Fannie and Freddie to make loans to subprime borrowers. He also hired built up an 800 strong internal mafia of "Community Builders" who were paid up to 100k a year to spread his message. (see his wikipedia entry for more) How many of his ex HUD employees got nice pay days after their 'service'?
    *This needs more research* Here is a link to start:

    8. We should also look at his campaign contributions. He definitely has gotten some Finance Insurance Real Estate love (plays into the subprime angle), I imagine he's also gotten money from insurance companies (why he isn't calling for an investigation into the possible role of psychotropic drugs in these killings) Has he gotten money from the gas companies?
    Here's his page on the NYS elections commission site if someone has time to analyze it.

    9. Transform ban from an 'act of courage' to 'brilliant political calculation'. Emphasize that he is a politician first and foremost. We should emphasize the cynical political nature of his act, while lauding him for tactical brilliance in how he capitalized on Sandy Hook to achieve his agenda. If you have media contacts, prod them without being negative, "How does this factor into his presidential ambitions?" Bring up how Obama cleared the path for Cuomo by asking David Patterson to step aside.

    10. He is divorced from a Kennedy. Did he marry into the clan for political gain? Why couldn't he keep his promises to his ex-wife? Does he get communion any more? How is he treating his ex-wife, Kerry Kennedy? She was recently arrested for DUI after hitting a tractor trailer and fleeing the scene. She is claiming it was Ambien's fault. Has an FOI to seek contacts between her and the Governor been filed? Has his staff or anyone on his detail contacted the arresting officers or the DA? Maybe we need a special prosecutor to look into that.

    Remember, this is an exercise in strategy, the goal is to damage him politicially, particularly with potential liberal primary voters. Self control of tone and rhetoric are just as critical as breath control and focus on the range. Calling him a Nazi won't hurt him nearly as much and will only discredit you in our target audience.

    If you like any of these ideas, please help work up talking points. If you have other ideas, post them too. If you think I'm despicable, that's fine, on a better day I might agree. But think of how he's exploiting those children who died and their parents anguish for his political career then step to the plate.
  2. sota

    sota Well-Known Member

    you think evil.

    I approve.

    especially the ex-wife angle. that would be a good attack point to start with. the mafia angle won't work unless you have SOME proof.
  3. MrTwigg

    MrTwigg Well-Known Member

    Pick up a copy of Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.

    It should be subtitled "The Offical Dem-0-Rat playbook".

    Use their own tactics against them.
  4. xXxplosive

    xXxplosive Well-Known Member

    Call in a rough Proctologist and give him a good goin' over.........investigation....IMO.
  5. Spats McGee

    Spats McGee Moderator

    I'm not familiar with NY law, but most (if not all) states that have a Freedom of Information Act that will allow a citizen to obtain court records, police reports, etc. You'll just have to know what you're looking for.
  6. Spats McGee

    Spats McGee Moderator

    Whether or not it's a waste of time will depend on exactly what is redacted.

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