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How to set it up?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by danxt, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. danxt

    danxt Member


    I recently acquired a Rem 742 in .243 ca. 1977. The stock and everything else are in 99.9% mint. This rifle has probably not seen 50 rounds through it in it's 31 years of life.
    I had it checked out, and everything is good mechanically.

    The one comment that my semi-gunsmith buddy had to say was that he would do something different with the scope.

    Right now, the scope is on weaver view-thru rings (like the one pictured above), and therefore sits kind of high. It is difficult to get a good cheek weld and see through the scope.
    The iron sites on this rifle are very nice, and rock solid.

    One suggestion was to use a comb raising kit... which I went to BassPro and tried one on... it worked for the scope, but basically disabled the iron sites.

    I fully understand the importance of a good cheek weld, and I also understand the physics that go along with putting the scope as low to the barrel as possible.

    This is a deer hunting rifle, for the northwoods of missouri. right now, the property we hunt is pretty heavily wooded, and a shot beyond 100 yds is unlikely.

    I can definitely see the advantages of lowering the scope, but I can also see the advantages of having open sites available for my current hunting situation.

    What would you do? (btw... money IS an issue... any solutions over $50 will not fly)
  2. JonB

    JonB Well-Known Member

    If it were me I'd loose the see-thru rings and get a lower set. Use a 3-9x scope and set it on 3 for the woods.

    Nice looking rifle
  3. danxt

    danxt Member

    Thanks for the compliment... I think so too.
    The one in the picture is not actually mine, I stole that picture off of auctionarms.com... mine is in a little better shape than the one pictured :D

    What rings would you recommend?
    I was doing a little looking around, and didn't exactly find any (other than the weavers) that specifically mentioned the Rem 742 as a compatible gun.

    BTW... I am VERY new to this kind of thing.
  4. Plank Road Farm

    Plank Road Farm Well-Known Member

    Leave it as is.
    Use the scope to identify your target.
    And use the iron sights to line up your shot.

    KINGMAX Well-Known Member

    I use the see through mounts on my REMI 700 ADL in .270. I have had no issue w/ them thus far.
  6. MD_Willington

    MD_Willington Well-Known Member

    Nice. Pretty common setup for deer where I'm from if not using a bolt gun. The deer back home aren't terribly big.
  7. Water-Man

    Water-Man Well-Known Member

    Why not make your optics detachable?
  8. danxt

    danxt Member


    Ok, Let me ask a follow-up question...
    Here's a picture of my actual setup... crappy pic, I know.

    Notice how the angle on the mounts leans forward?

    I have noticed that it feels like I have to really stretch my neck forward to get the full view through the scope. A rough check showed me that if I could move the scope back about 1 to 1.5" it would be comfortable.

    Can I take the rings off and turn them around so they lean backwards (one or both) so that I can move the scope back a little? or are the rings designed to have that forward lean for a reason?
  9. tribbles

    tribbles Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't be a problem. I have the same rings on my Remington 700, the rear ring has a forward cant and the front ring has a backwards cant (as if one switched positions of the rings on the original pic, while keeping their orientation). Any other way and one or both scope bells would have interfered with the mounts.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2008

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