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hunting bow values

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by 7mmstalker, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. 7mmstalker

    7mmstalker Well-Known Member

    Once again I will be getting a hunting bow. The last 2 times (10 and 20 yrs ago) these weapons interested me, I was surprised, but not nearly so much as now.
    The prices / value of a full power hunting bow (compound) seem shocking!!
    On the retail end, there are prices of 600 - 1200 dollars. These same models sell for 60%-75% less when a year or more out of date.
    Is the tech. of bow development really progressing that quickly?
    Is the hunting bow market flush with buyers wanting the latest bells and whistles?
    The only other consumer item I'm familiar with that has so much depreciation would be a computer, though computers are really advancing rapidly in speed / power / size.
    Bowhunters, Archery competitors, please educate me.
  2. R H Clark

    R H Clark Well-Known Member

    Can't really say but I know I would buy used.On the other hand trad bows hold value fairly well and vintage often goes for more than it's original price.There are no more garage sale $25 recurves.
  3. mgmorden

    mgmorden Well-Known Member

    I'd second buying used - particularly after the season is over. If you don't want the latest and greatest you can save a lot too. My bow is a Bear Buckmaster 2000 that's about 10-ish years old but it works absolutely fine and I bought it fully outfitted used for $80.
  4. Springfield0612

    Springfield0612 Well-Known Member

    I've been shooting archery for the last 20 years and have watched the progression of the compound bow tech expand. Good news is it seems in the last 5 years it is reaching or has reached it's peak. So if you buy a good used bow from the last 5 years you should be fine to be on the newer end of the tech. Any bow that is over 2 years old will be very affordable, DO NOT BUY NEW! The reason that the bows are so expensive new is they try to eeck out every FPS of the bow because Whitetail hunters want the fastest and quietest bow they can buy. If you can get a bow that shoots over 300 FPS you'll be fine. I have an 8 year old PSE Brute I paid $180 new but was last years model on sale I got the full setup minus arrows and hard case (306 FPS with light arrows that I do not use), Fiber Optic sights, and a wiscker biscuit arrow rest, and use a caliper wrist release and my dad shoots his 23 year old Browning bow with the old school painted pin sights, rubber flipper arrow rest, and leather shooting glove. His eyes are getting bad but he schools me every time! Technology cannot out perform proper technique, practice, and confidence with your shooting abilities. Technology only makes bad shooters better and masks bad form and shooting issues.
  5. Zeke/PA

    Zeke/PA Well-Known Member

    I agree, the compound bow technology expands every year.
    Your BEST bet is to find a DEDICATED archery shop in you area.
    By this I mean an "archery only" shop.
    In a shop of this nature, several bows AND price ranges are available and someone will be more than glad to help you with your choice.
  6. 7mmstalker

    7mmstalker Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, pretty convincing facts to help make an informed buy.
    Do the limbs on a bow 2-5 yrs old loose tension? (power)-from normal use-
    The constant warning against "dry firing" has me feeling unsure about paying any price for a used bow and later discovering limb(s) would need replaced.
    Pretty sure I'll be getting something other than a 2013 model. The steep discounts on 2010-2012 models -still new- seem like a bargain.
    On a side note, my draw length is in the 30" range, many of the newer models will fit me well, not so much to choose from on older units.
  7. jbkebert

    jbkebert Well-Known Member

    A bow that is a few years old will not loose any tension in their limbs.

    If a compound bow that has been dry fired will have broken limbs almost a certainty. If you go to draw a bow and hear a clicking sound. Stop drawing the bow as its about to get real real exciting. Also when a bow is dry fired the string is trashed. They are real easy spot.

    Go to a pro-shop and look around. I have purchased used bows from pro-shops and have felt real good about the purchase. Also bows do not have to cost 1200 to be effective. Mission Archery, PSE, Diamond, and others offer darn nice bows in the $350-$400 range. Check out Mission Riot great bow for $300 ish
  8. ChopMeat

    ChopMeat Active Member

    I'm new to archery in general, I just bought my first bow, it's a recurve pse stalker. I'm going to play with it and learn from it. Then I'll spend the big bucks and get a more challenging one. With ammo prices so high and qty so limited, I'm liking the reusable ammo for the bow. Got to have a decent hobby right? Especially one you can afford to partake in.
  9. Karbon

    Karbon Well-Known Member

    Email or pm me.

    I'm an avid archery working for a shop and yet I can do almost all archery related work at home as well. I have been a 5-10 new bows a year kind of guy. We currently carry Bowtech, PSE, Strother and G5 Prime bows.

    Let me know any question you have or what you are looking for and I can help point you in the right direction. I also have access to several new/used bows and many can be found to match a budget.

    There is always some new "wow" and some just nice to have that gets released each year.

    Speed wise bows are topping around 350-360fps
    Noise wise, some of the latest are damn quiet
    Vibration is down to almost nothing and there is tons of customization out there.

    Good luck!
  10. 7mmstalker

    7mmstalker Well-Known Member

    Pulled this thread out of retirement for an update. After a lot of searching, and a couple of unsuccessful attempts to purchase, a new -to me!- Darton AS300 has been added to my group of hunting tools.
    Have to say, WOW, this thing practically shoots itself!
    Compared to the last one I had, this is lighter, faster, and much smoother.
    Looks like it was made/sold 2007-08 then renamed/updated to AS3000.
    Has limbs rated at 50-60lbs and they are set at a measured 54lbs.
    Today was my first time to stretch out the range a bit (my back yard is small). Went to an outdoor range to set my 40 and 60yd sight pins. The performance at 60 was impressive; putting 4 of 5 shots into a ~6 inch group.
    Have to give credit to the gear, I haven't been flingin' any arrows for years!
    It's easy to understand how hunters can plunk down a pile of cash on equipment this good. For me though, I let somebody else enjoy it for a while first!
    Ready to shoot at less than $300. That is actually more than my target budget but no regrets at all!!

    Thanks to all for the good advice.

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