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Hunting with a Handgun in Tennessee

Discussion in 'Legal' started by grace2u, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. grace2u

    grace2u Well-Known Member

    My question is about carrying a handgun on private property owned by another individual for the purpose of hunting. All I can find is that Tennessee is not a traditional open carry state and that it is covered under CCP. I however, have not bit the bullet and gotten my CCP. So my question is, can I carry open on another person's private property while hunting with said handgun?

  2. rm23

    rm23 Well-Known Member

    As long as you have permission by the owner, yes.
  3. grace2u

    grace2u Well-Known Member

    I thought that was the case, but I wanted other "interpretations" just to make sure I'm always above reproach.
  4. wishin

    wishin Well-Known Member

    I'm not familiar with TN law, but in many states you can open carry while legally hunting without a carry permit. That presumes that it's legal to hunt with a pistol.
  5. grace2u

    grace2u Well-Known Member

    In Tennessee it's legal with a 4" barrel and any centerfire pistol round. That said, I know this probably seems like a stupid question, but I had a deputy (who runs a gun shop and does permit training) try to scare me into his class because he was concerned my pistol would get confiscated...I thought it was a crock, and definately wouldn't take his class, but I've had a paranoia about it sense. I always travel with it in its case, unloaded, in the trunk with ammo seperate in the cab, but he tried to tell me they could still confiscate if they wanted too.
  6. wishin

    wishin Well-Known Member

    I agree with you that your precautions should make it lawful to carry the handgun in your car, but wonder if the case needs be locked to satisfy an LEO's interpretation of "secured", and avoid a potential hassle.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2010
  7. grace2u

    grace2u Well-Known Member

    I don't know. Knowing him, I thought he was just trying to pressure me into giving him some money.
  8. razorback2003

    razorback2003 Well-Known Member

    You do not need a handgun carry permit to carry a handgun that is legal hunting equipment....like a 22 handgun for squirrel hunting....a centerfire 4inch for deer, hog, bear season. Check your TWRA book and the area you are hunting. Coyote is year round...and I am trying to remember if turkey season has ended yet. If turkey has ended, you can shoot the coyotes with whatever you want...rimfire, centerfire, shotguns....handguns...rifles. Please get rid of the coyotes. Now if you go on WMA land...you can only shoot coyotes with rimfire, unless it is big game season....but private land you are good to shoot them with your choice of a rimfire or 4 inch centerfire handgun...squirrel season is coming up next month...22 handgun is legal for those....you can open or conceal carry either way without a permit...just have your hunting license...good luck and if you see a coyote while out please get rid of it!

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