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Hunting with an ATV, Helmet types?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by sbarkowski1, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. sbarkowski1

    sbarkowski1 Active Member

    Bought a new 4 wheeler to make hunting a little easier this year and I was wondering what type of helmets you guys are using. Here in Ontario Canada you must wear a helmet by law when on an atv on public land. But during open season for large game you must also wear hunter orange which must include a head covering. I have yet to find a helmet in hunter orange. Also, I currently use a motocross type helmet when I ride but it makes shouldering a firearm a bit of a problem. We don't shoot from our bikes but often when riding the trails back from the blind to the camp we'll do some bird hunting along the way and its not uncommon to see birds just off the trail and jump off the bikes to make a quick shot. I figure an open face type helmet would be better so I wouldnt have to take it off before I take off into the bush.
    Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. buck460XVR

    buck460XVR Well-Known Member

    They make a product call helmet skins.......you can get them in blaze orange. Here in Wisconsin, you must carry firearms unloaded and cased while on a ATV. By the time you get the gun outta the case and loaded, you already have your helmet off.

    Here's a link to the blaze orange helmet skins..........http://www.motovationracing.com/catalog_c295936.html
  3. sbarkowski1

    sbarkowski1 Active Member

    Thanks very much for the info. I'm pretty sure for us here firearms just have to be unloaded. I dont think they have to be in a case. But thats something I'm going to need to look into as well, thanks for bringing that up.
  4. moosehunt

    moosehunt Well-Known Member

    A helmet? Are you serious? I thought they were in magazine pictures only. Required? How socialist is it up there? I make my living off a 4-wheeler. I average 20 rough miles a day. Sometimes much more--sometimes quite a bit less due to rough terrain. To be required to wear a helmet is rediculous. Fact is, I simply could not do my work in one of those contraptions. I have to say, I've never seen anyone wearing a helmet outside of a magazine picture. You may have worse government problems than we do here in the states! Requiring a helmet is the most rediculous, socialist thing I've heard yet! When does the government requirement for a helmet while driving a pick-up start? I'm just blown away by your "required hemet" thing.
  5. MattTheHat

    MattTheHat Well-Known Member

    I don't wear a helmet on an ATV, either. However, one of my uncles was killed in a ATV accident earlier year, while hunting.

  6. sbarkowski1

    sbarkowski1 Active Member

    Moosehunt, thanks for your input and for being of no help whatsoever.. Wether it be our laws or not I would be wearing a helmet regardless when I ride the trails or the roads. The only time I dont is when doing yard work and plowing snow because they do get in the way, but speed is not an issue there. Its no different than having to wear a seatbelt. Consider yourself lucky you havnt had the need for one yet. You've probally heard what our gun laws are like, you really think these laws would be any less rediculous than that? lol.
  7. cisco11

    cisco11 member

    I don't wear a helmet on my motorcycles or wheelers. Let alone on a hunt!.,And I never will. May have to settle things in the woods.I no longer hunt or fish in Canada. Too many good places elsewhere.

    I have hunted in the Yukon, Sask. Ont, Alberta, .......But no more.

  8. CoastieShep

    CoastieShep Well-Known Member

    I had 2 helmets. For winter, cold weather stuff, wore the standard dirt bike type.
    Summer time I wore a half helmet.
    Hope that helps you out some.
  9. Justin Holder

    Justin Holder Well-Known Member

    No helmet for me, please.

    The only helmet I've ever seen was on a motocross rider, but them guys are half crazy to begin with. :neener:
  10. Thedub88

    Thedub88 Well-Known Member

    in the state I live, helmets are mandatory. Its the law. so are seat belts.

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