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I am looking for a good coach gun

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Rival, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Rival

    Rival Well-Known Member

    I saw this gun in American Rifleman magazine:


    I like this 12-gauge double-barreled coach gun with external hammers. I like the gun, but I don't want those golden engravings all over the gun with John Wayne stuff. I want a plain gun just like that without all the decorations.

    Where do I find something like that?
  2. Nosferatu

    Nosferatu Well-Known Member

  3. CyberGOP

    CyberGOP Active Member

    Stoeger makes a Coach gun in 12 gauge , it doesn't have engravings or that other junk , it can be had in either blue or nickel finish . I strongly recommend you fire it before you buy it , I don't know if they are any good or not .
  4. Okiecruffler

    Okiecruffler Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine bought a Stoeger coach gun last year and he really likes it. Uses it as a rabbit gun in the thick brush. Not the prettiest gun I've ever played with, but seems to be built stout enough.
  5. 50 Shooter

    50 Shooter member

    Rossi made a SxS with exposed hammers but they are out of production. You might be able to find one on Guns America or Gun Broker. I have the only 4bbl Rossi 12ga SxS ever made, of course it was custom made by my dad.

    Check out the pic.

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  6. Gabby Hayes

    Gabby Hayes Well-Known Member

    The John Wayne gun is just a fancied up "Bounty Hunter II" from Baikal in Russia, imported by the EAA Corp. mentioned above. The original Bounty Hunter has external "hammers" that are really just cocking levers for the internal mechanism. Baikal supposedly has a new model out where the mule ears actually function as hammers. The Baikal, Stoeger and Rossi coach guns show up on Gunbroker from time to time. Saw a NIB Rossi at a gun show in Ohio last month, so they're out there, though the CAS crowd has driven prices way up in recent years.

    Here's a short review from two years back: http://www.galleryofguns.com/Shootingtimes/Articles/DisplayArticles.asp?ID=37

    50Shooter, how many triggers does that beast have? And have you ever yanked all of them at the same time? :D
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2002
  7. 50 Shooter

    50 Shooter member

    It has two triggers on it and kind of works like an O/U, if you pull one trigger it will fire the two barrels on one side. Likewise if you pull the other trigger, so you get two barrels firing by pulling one trigger. If you pull both triggers (I have) at the same time it will fire ALL four barrels at the same time.

    Keep in mind that I only shoot low base and have no desire to try a full power load on all four. Recoil doesn't scare me but mankind has got to know it's limitations.:neener:

    BTW, my dads nickname for it is BUSTER.:D

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  8. Gabby Hayes

    Gabby Hayes Well-Known Member

    In spite of the short barrel length, "Buster" would probably make a good duck gun. Hide in the bushes, wait for them to fly over, jump out and aim up into the air, then watch as the ducks look down, faint, and fall to the ground in a daze! :eek: I don't know about letting loose with all four barrels though. It would depend on how long it took me to get back up and brush off the seat of my pants.
  9. TooTaxed

    TooTaxed Well-Known Member

    Check out the Baikel Coach Gun...there's a good posting for it above "Coach Gun...After Hunt Report" or something like that.
  10. mordecai

    mordecai Active Member

    Buster looks like a MG (two shots, one pull) ;)
  11. Texfire

    Texfire Well-Known Member

    The name of the company escapes me, but I saw a chinese import coach gun with external hammers at my local shop in 12 and 20. They were going for about $250. The story I was told is it's the same factory that Norinco used, but it is run by a private company to get around the import ban.

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