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I am not stout enough...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Afy, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Afy

    Afy Well-Known Member

    Shot the 338 Lapua Magnum without a muzzle brake or a suppressor half a box of ammo was enough.

    Have decided against the caliber for me, will stick to 300 WM and get serious about my search for a 6.5x47 :(
  2. mokin

    mokin Well-Known Member

    It is important to know your limits. 6.5 mm rifles a very cool, fun to shoot, and, I feel, often overlooked or disregarded by many Americans.
  3. NG VI

    NG VI Well-Known Member

    now did that half box of ammo cost you $60? I wish we could bring down ammo prices somehow.
  4. Afy

    Afy Well-Known Member

    I wish it were just $60 was closer to 95 Euros:scrutiny::eek:
  5. Bazooka Joe71

    Bazooka Joe71 Well-Known Member

    I'm not man enough to pay that much for ammo!:eek:
  6. NG VI

    NG VI Well-Known Member

    You have floored me! I can't even believe that, does the bullet have an emerald core with a platinum jacket?

    If not, I hope you were kissed first!
  7. dmickey

    dmickey Well-Known Member

    I am not very fond of stiff recoiling rifles either! That's why the heaviest recoiling rifle that I own is a Remington 40XB in .25-06! :what:
  8. slzy

    slzy Well-Known Member

    hopefully that lapua brass will stand a lot of reloading.
  9. Dumpster Baby

    Dumpster Baby Well-Known Member

    "A man has to know his limitations."


  10. dagger dog

    dagger dog Well-Known Member

    Does being recoil shy come with age?
    Being constantly slapped in the jaw and nose by your own thumb knuckle gets to be one of my least favorite ways to spend a few hours on a pleasant Saturday afternoon.

    Maybe if I asked my urologist to give me some testosterone booster shots my willingness to shoot a 600 caliber Magnum Elephant Sniper rifle would come back!
  11. goon

    goon Well-Known Member

    Recoil seems to have a lot to do with the fit of the gun.
    I notice it more in handguns - I've shot several snubby .357's and a few .44 magnums. They didn't seem that unpleasant to me but a Kel-Tec P3AT is the most painful gun to shoot I've ever had the misfortune to wrap my fingers around.

    I don't blame you for going with a smaller rifle. It's probably cheaper to reload and shoot anyhow.
  12. kennedy

    kennedy Well-Known Member

    A co worker just bought a rem 700 in 338 ultra mag, bullets were $77 for a box of 20, he has had a muzzle break added, he is going to shoot it for the first time this week end, he is a little worried about the recoil of that first shot.
  13. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    maybe i'm not understanding the issue here.

    if you're paying in euros, suppressors are most likely available, no?

    why give up on the whole caliber? seems like the path of least resistance would be to put a brake or suppressor on it. obviously, you already know those would help or you wouldn't have mentioned them.

    what aren't you telling us?

    also, if you're european, the price of lapua brass and bullets is probably a heckuva lot cheaper for you than it is for us.
  14. Vicious-Peanut

    Vicious-Peanut Well-Known Member

    The .338 ultra recoils 43 ft/lbs from the chuckshawks table. Good muzzle breaks can cut felt recoil in half. I wouldn't really worry about it to be honest. If he is, than doesnt someone make power level loads for it? Go with level one of two since it will be 30-06 level or .300 magnum, not super .338 ultra magnum.
  15. Sunray

    Sunray Well-Known Member

    "...Does being recoil shy come with age?..." Nope. One's size doesn't matter either. The load used, the stock design and a muzzle brake will aid in reducing felt recoil. Personally, I've never seen the need for a large calibre rifle.
    "...my search for a 6.5x47..." Lapua and a custom built rifle seem to be your only options. Brass runs $99US per 100. $891US per 1,000.
  16. Afy

    Afy Well-Known Member

    Taliv yes suppressors are available, as are muzzle brakes. However the rifle I tried out didnt have them, and I wasnt about to go out buy these for a rifle I had only borrowed. I did have an AI rifle on order, which I have cancelled and lost money on.
    Ammunition costs a heck of a lot more in the EU than in the US. Taxes are a part of the issue, also they seem to think if ammo is really expensive people would be less liable to shoot each other.

    The other issue I had with the caliber is that it induced a huge flinch which would take some work and ammo to get over.

    And finally since 90% of the ranges only go out to about 400 meters, it would be a huge overkill. Hence 6.5x47 seems like a better choice.

    I have had my mind set on the .338 Lapua for a couple of years, and frankly it has been a bit of a dissapointment now.
  17. redneck2

    redneck2 Well-Known Member

    Everybody can real macho and talk about .338 Lapua and .50 BMG's all they want while typing at the computer. Actually going out the range and shooting is a different thing.

    I worked at a gun shop. The gun shop commando types would come in and buy a .500 S&W revolver or .458 Win Mag and brag about it. A year or two later they would traded in unfired, or only a round or two gone from the box.

    I had a friend that owned two .50's. Sold both of them back to the shop unfired. Ammo was something like $4 a pop, and we could only find one place that was safe to shoot even in rural Indiana. Totally unpractical and unuseable.

    I'm 57 and have learned over my life that pain hurts. I've gotten past the point of trying to impress anyone else at my own expense. I've shot about everything up to and including a .458 Win Mag and I use a 10 gauge for turkeys and geese. There's no way I'd touch off a .338 without a brake, and they're too noisy with one.
  18. dagger dog

    dagger dog Well-Known Member

    I shoot a .308 Win off the rest with moderate loaded 155gr handloads free recoil, also have shot 6mm PPC free recoil, thats letting the rifle slide on the baby powdered leather with no attempt to influence the rile by touching anything but the trigger and trigger guard. It takes about 20 rounds before the recoil starts affecting control and the groups start to open up.
    Both of the rifles I stated have dead straight stocks no drop so they recoil back and not up.

    Even with these mild recoiling rounds
    After 1 session as described it would be hard pressed for any one not to
    "FEEL" the recoil.

    On the big boomer ,were it mine it would be on the "LEAD SLED" when sighting in.
    Maybe taking that one hunting shot at T-REX I wouldn't feel it so bad as the blood would be "flowing" although I might have to see the chriopractor to have my shoulder reset!
  19. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    but Afy, the recoil is quite manageable with the suppressor. you should at least try it with one. you might be completely comfortable with it.
  20. Afy

    Afy Well-Known Member

    Considering i still have ten rounds left....I just might. The issue is finding a suppressor that I can use.

    I am sure even with a muzzle brake the recoil would become manageable though the noise might remain an issue.

    The hiigh ammunition prices could be offset somewhat with reloading, but the basic question remains. Should I stick with the caliber for shooting at 400m or less 95% of the time? The 6.5x47 Lapua offers comparable accuracy at a much lower price point and would be more fun to shoot.

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