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I am really ticked!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by sm, May 9, 2004.

  1. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    I am really ticked!

    As Polite as I can be without getting Art’s Grammaw to wash my mouth out with soap.
    Trust me, a little bit ago, I was “firmâ€, and didn’t mince “wordsâ€.

    Refresher for those that don’t know, but even though there are folks with the same last name as myself, In reality the only “family†I have is my Mom, whom I keep tabs on, do things for, and do the right thing as far as what a eldest son , such as myself , is to do.

    Let’s just say the “other†folks, sibs and whatnot, made a decision, which does not include me or Mom. That is their right, their choice.

    Involves “the gummit is gonna take care of usâ€, “guns are badâ€, “we need more regulations and lawsâ€â€¦.etc. I bet you can guess which thinking Mom and I subscribe to and which the other bunch is on. Hint: Mom is trying to figure what happened to my 3 younger sibs. Because those that are ‘posing’ as being them – ain’t.

    Mom knows that I CCW, she respects this, and honestly appreciates this. After all she did “raise me rightâ€. She knows and therefore does NOT go places, or put herself in situations where, as a 74 y/o woman could be a victim. She does pretty well in this respect. She will wait, and ask me to run an errand for her, or wait when I can take her.

    She does not like to be in an uncomfortable or unsafe place.
    Repeat - She does not like to be in an uncomfortable or unsafe place

    Our plan was for her and me to do our Mother’s Day Thing. Go out to eat, and all this “stuff†we wanted to do this afternoon. Not have the Sunday crowd, but quiet just her and I. NONE of her other kids have called, sent a card, made arrangements for Mother’s Day.

    Mom still works 40 hrs a week, The weekend is her time do kick back, do domestic stuff, run errands, get her hair fixed. Sunday is Church, take a nap and get up on Monday and do the workweek.

    The daughter (or what poses to be) comes in unannounced. This person has really caused problems and hurt mom. With a new hubby she eloped with 3wks ago. [That went over well]. Seeing the grandkids was good. I restrained myself, visited with my niece who had some really good questions about school and all.

    So far so good; though I am breathing through clenched teeth a lot. “We want to see the old house and neighborhood we grew up in†– the niece and nephews mom says.

    I replied “No you don’t and no you won’t. That neighbor is unsafe, downright dangerous.†Mom reiterated and agreed- no! Mom stated facts about drugs, gangs, shootings, and other crime.

    I needed to leave. I was assured they would go show the kids and their mom /stepfella some areas being developed. Nicer safer areas. Hit a new ice cream place. Okay sounded safe and fun to me. The new hubby, I ain’t comfortable with. My gut instinct I listen to and my gut told me to be real leery of this fella.

    Folks – Trust your gut. Always.

    So I’m studying for finals. I am reviewing on-line reading, notes and labs. Well my connection is dropped and my phone rings. Uh oh. It is Mom on her cell-phone. She NEVER uses the thing unless there is an emergency. Well my heart sank when I saw the number on Caller ID. She is on her way over to my place.

    Against my warning and that of Mom; and being dark…they went to the old neighborhood. Got scared with what happened , put all in danger, kids and my mom not to mention the “idjits†that made this brilliant decision.

    Mom – in the backseat of van with the 3 grandkids, had the good sense to call 911 and tell the “idjit†driver to back up and run-over how ever many it took…just get out of here now!

    “Take me to Steve’s NOW!†She calmed the kids, told the two “idjits†to go to her house, get their stuff together, and be ready to leave when She, the grandkids and I arrive.

    I borrow a neighbor’s car since I have a truck. I get the kids calmed down, get mom calmed down. She keeps them in the car when they arrive and two “idjits†heard a “come to Jesus “meeting they will never ever forget.

    There is a real world out there. Bad things happen to good folks. It is wise to avoid trouble, and one of the best ways is “not go thereâ€. One does not endanger kids and moms – or involve them in their stupidity.

    No one for sure that has a last name like mine really knows if I CCW; except Mom.
    She wanted a hug…I noticed she “felt for the gunâ€, when they arrived. “Kids- Steve will see that we make it back to grandmas safe".

    I sent my last Eddie Eagle VCR tape, “Innocents Betrayed†CD, and Tom Given’s “Fighting Smarter†back with my 13 y/o niece. She is sharp and will learn from it. She understands there is a real world out there and has been taking some kind of self defense class at school her lady basketball coach teaches. “Really stresses us girls know how to defend ourselves and we use color codesâ€. [Boy that was great to hear].

    “Uncle Steve, my mom and new step dad are flat stupid and put us in dangerâ€. Well at least one set of brains in the van for the 4 hr trip home, even if she is only 13 y/o. Her younger brothers are not of age yet…supposed to be provided for and protected.

    Mom had one interesting comment. “Well Steve, you were the firstborn, later I birthed 2 boys and 1 girl. I’m sorry you have no family except me- stuck with me it seems- your old mom. As a Mom I have grandkids…and one eldest son it seems. Sorry it worked out that way, but you have a responsibility to yourself, I taught you that.

    I helped teach you to shoot and supported your shooting. Funny how the one kid that drove me nuts getting him to ranges, drove my brother (my uncle) crazy with guns, ammo and hunting turned out right. The one kid we gave a gun to at birth...Heck you toted that thing as kid, to keep me and the sibs safe...

    The one kid that had bushel baskets of shotgun hulls, shot in all weather, competed, taught folks to shoot and helped others with CCW...etc.

    The rest of them sibs…yeah, you have a right to be busy if they wake up dead . Besides I know how you hate to dress up."

    Granted she was not happy...I know when she is sincere. She meant it!

    Thank for letting me vent.

    Trust your gut - Always!

    Best way to avoid trouble - don't be there!
    Last edited: May 9, 2004
  2. Josey

    Josey member

    Feb 11, 2003
    Catfish Co, KY
    My mom is 79. Tough as nails. A genuine WWII Rosie the riveter. She flat refuses to be bullied. There is a bad neighbourhood here. She drives right through it with her windows down. I have seen her break up a fight or three. Her weapon of choice is a hammer. She has taken on burglars, prowlers and sexual predators of children. She still drives 90 and does what she wants, when she wants and will hammer anybody that gets in her way. I really wish I could meet a woman with that kind of good sense and guts. I have looked. They stopped making that model. Shame.
  3. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    Mine is tough.
    Arthritis negates a revolver. She uses a shotgun at home.
    She has her "stuff " in her vehicle...never did get that rolling pin out of the car.:) Pepper spray and all.

    Cataract makes night driving difficult. I know what my mom can do with a baseball bat. Not many years ago she nailed a guy giving a neighbor a problem. Another neighbor came over to help. They had matters in hand when the squad car "finally" showed up. Heard she took care of crazy dog with a hoe, chasing the neighbor grandkids. Walked over and cold cocked him.

    She has the spirit, and the attitude. Physically she cant' do what she used to. Hurts to see her limited like that.
  4. crewchief

    crewchief Member

    Mar 1, 2004
    Outside of Toledo
    Um, I am sorry SM but through your ramblings I have not the faintest idea of what went down with your mom and relatives in that neighborhood. Could you please elaborate in coherent sentences that we can understand.
  5. buy guns

    buy guns Active Member

    Apr 16, 2004
    yeah what happened?
  6. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    The neighborhood is near a housing project, which used to house Veterns, and many other Military and Gov't type workers, or widow/widowers of such.

    Not any more.

    In order to make things "safer" , between the neighborhoods and the housing project...crime in general area... Some streets are no longer "thru streets".

    Some streets only go part way. Some have been closed. Some have gates. Alleys are gated at each end...not that one would venture down them anyway. Trash is now picked up on front streets.

    "You cannot get there from here".

    I did not ask last night for details - not a priority. I concerned myself with "solution" ( getting folks settled , calmed, and safe). The problem, I did need to know the details, "problem" being in the "past" was "past".

    All I knew and needed to know was : they had went to old neighborhood at night against warnings, had gotten into a bad situation, became scared and put themselves in jeopardy. All I needed to know, mom's tone of voice told me more than the words she spoke. I acted.

    The van pulled down a street where a bunch of youths and vehicles were. They did not appreciate the instrusion. So a "few folks" approached the van, well in the attempt to get away, a side road was taken.

    Bad move, this road no longer goes thru. So essentially what they did was enter a dead end street - with a group of folks behind the van. Another cross street is partially closed as well and the house that used to be on the corner is gone.

    Mom had the good sense to suggest they back up and cut accross where the house used to sit...now a overgrown lot... and gain access to portion of the street that is open. This worked.

    Lucky there was a "out", no hidden surprises in the overgrowth - like a cable denying access or exit, small ditch, whatever.

    Oh 911 , mom gave the operator location , situation, color of van...heck they were outta there before anyone arrived. Mom said they had exited the area and the operator said good.
  7. Hemicuda

    Hemicuda member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Middle of the Mitten!, Michigan
    My mommy just gave me (her oldest son) a "mothers day" present... her fathers "bench" gun...

    bench in this case means the gun he carried when he was a sitting district court judge... and kept behind the "bench" - how cool is that?

    she gave it to me knowing FULL WELL that the old Colt Cobra Snubbie will be carried and used by me as a CCW piece...

    fortunately for me, my only sibling is NOT a blissninnie... she currently owns 3 guns, and 2 are stored at my place... but she respects my right to carry, and accepts it well... (mom and sis are both pretty staunch democRATS, but both seem to understand my need for self-preservation...

    though I do not have to suffer your problem, SM, I DO commiserate, cause BOTH mom and sis are defense attorneys, and don't carry, even though dealing W/ not the besty kinda people...

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