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I bought a CZ 75 Compact Semi Automatic Handgun 9mm today

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by dondavis3, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. dondavis3

    dondavis3 Well-Known Member

    I've never owned a CZ fire arm before.

    I finally got a chance to take a picture of my new CZ 75 Compact 9mm in Satin nickel.

    I got it yesterday.


    I can't wait to get to shoot it - this weekend I hope. :D

  2. junkman_01

    junkman_01 member

    Do you REALLY think this belongs in the Black Powder Shooting section?
  3. kwhi43@kc.rr.com

    kwhi43@kc.rr.com Well-Known Member

    Do you shoot it with real Black Powder loads or do use 777?
  4. rdstrain49

    rdstrain49 Well-Known Member

    Don't be too critical, some of you guys have stainless guns too:)
  5. junkman_01

    junkman_01 member

    Yeah, but mine is an 1860 Colt Army!
  6. Fingers McGee

    Fingers McGee Well-Known Member

    I've got some loading data for T7, Pinnacle and fffg Goex if ya want.

    No, seriously..................................

    I've got a couple SS 1860 Armies and a couple 1851 Navies as well.

  7. dondavis3

    dondavis3 Well-Known Member

    No it doesn't belong here.:eek:

    I must have "fat finger" the keys when I went to enter it.:banghead:

    Moderator please move it where it should be.

    My apology's:what:

  8. GeoffC

    GeoffC Well-Known Member

    Load up a mag of BP 9mm...

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