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I Can't Believe EBay...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ninjalawyer, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. ninjalawyer

    ninjalawyer New Member

    I Can't Frickin' Believe EBay...

    Man do they suck. After a few weeks of patient lurking I finally found a good deal on a WWII US-issue M1923 cartridge belt-- a canvas belt with ten small pockets, each sized to hold a Garand en-bloc clip or a pair of stripper clips. I placed my bid on it and kept an eye on it as the end of the auction approached. Predictably, someone bid me up at the last minute, so I click to up my bid... AND GET BLOCKED!

    An Ebay error screen pops up informing me that "my country's laws prohibit my ownership of this item"


    The United States prohibits me from owning a belt? I guess that makes me a criminal five or six times over! This is absurd. Even if the damn thing is considered a "weapon accessory" the M-1 Garand and the M1903 aren't assault rifles even by Kommiefornia's definition! Looks like an over reach of ebay's own policy and a complete misstatement of "my country's law." Clearly they allowed the auction to happen to get the seller's fee, but why did they allow me to bid the first time and not the second? Do they have PC enforers scanning through the auctions banning stuff now? I still can't even believe this. At this rate you won't be able to get scissors or nail clippers on ebay pretty soon.:cuss:
  2. rick_reno

    rick_reno member

    Folks selling guns - and gun related items - would be better off moving to one of the firearm friendly auction sites and leaving Ebay. Ebay used to be a great place to buy/sell things - today it's been transformed into something that is so politically correct that it's a pain in the butt. I've stopped going there.
  3. Southern Raider

    Southern Raider New Member

    Are you sure that when they said "your country", they weren't referring to Massachusetts? :D

    Seriously though, this sounds more like a technical glitch. I'll bet that auction closed just fine. Unfortunately, you weren't able to be the buyer. :(
  4. hksw

    hksw New Member

    You mean like this?


    How much was it on ebay? Sportsman's Guide is $35 ($31.50 Club). Or you can get a more modern version:


    for $12 ($11 Club).
  5. R.H. Lee

    R.H. Lee New Member

    That's hilarious coming from Massachussets. :p
  6. ninjalawyer

    ninjalawyer New Member

    hksw- the one I was bidding on was authentic and it ended up going for $12.50... probably because most people were blocked from bidding on it. I like the two you posted though. I'll probably end up going with one of those.

    RileyMc- Actually, Mass isn't too bad for rifles. You need permits for long guns and CCW to get "high capacity" mags, and we just got our own state AWB... but it's nowhere near as bad as Cali. For pistols it's probably worse, though...
  7. Diggler

    Diggler New Member

    Change your location to PA or some other gun-friendy state.

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