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I Can't Wait To Hear The Comments On This One...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Sulaco, May 13, 2006.

  1. Sulaco

    Sulaco Well-Known Member

    I have a 30-30 I do most of my hunting with and I took the scope off of it to hunt some really thick stuff this coming season. Well, I also have a Weatherby Vanguard in .270 with a set of medium Leupold rings and base. Hmmm, I said, I wonder how that Weaver V-3 (1-3x20mm) scope would work on the bolt gun? Well, it seems to work fine albeit looking like some sort of twisted spawn from a beanfield rifle and a safari gun! But I like it!

    To be honest, I hardly ever use anything over about 3 or 4 power on ANY scope so I really don't see why this won't work (I have 20/20 vision). When I got it I was worried that the small 20mm diameter wouldn't let in much light, but it does. In fact, it lets in plenty of light. And the super small size makes this long and heavy bolt gun much more managable. I might just leave it!

    Anyone else using a compact scope on a full-size bolt gun?
  2. BruceB

    BruceB Well-Known Member

    Sulaco, amigo;

    If YOU like it, and it works for YOUR purposes, the rest of the world can go jump off a cliff. The low-powered telescopic sight is one of the Great Truths of rifledom which has become mostly lost in a sea of 4-12X and 6.5-20X instruments, but YOU have cut through all the crap to the core of the matter.

    Most big-game animals do NOT need much magnification for proper aiming, and the low-power glass might just be the fastest close-range sight going, if the rifle fits the shooters body proportions.

    For over thirty years, I've had a Weaver fixed-power K1.5X scope on my Cogswell and Harrison .404 Jeffery. In the course of considerable hunting, I never found the set-up to be lacking in any way, including shots at bison and moose out to 200 yards. Even when I hunt with a variable scope, it's usually set on the lowest power...and it's NOT 6.5X!!!

    If you like it, it is your opinion that matters, and no one else's. For myself, I can only applaud from over here in the corner, and say, "You GO, laddy!"
  3. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    I stuck a V3 on my 700Ti; no trouble staying inside of one MOA from the bench...

    :), Art
  4. Sulaco

    Sulaco Well-Known Member

    BruceB, thanks for the info. I like the older Weavers myself but they are getting hard to find in these parts. I have been eyeballing one at a local shop but the owner hasn't decided to part it out from the rifle it's attached to. If and when he does, it's mine. ;)

    Art, I didn't know you were using the V3 on your Ti. I thought you would have had something with more magnification for that canyon cutter. I bet that is one nice and light setup you've got there. Have you also noticed how the V3 seems to let in a LOT of light for such a small scope? Or is it just me and I got a good one? :)

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