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I feel bad about Mr. Lethal Weapon Danny Glover.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by George Hill, May 12, 2003.

  1. George Hill

    George Hill Well-Known Member

    I feel bad about Mr. Lethal Weapon Danny Glover. You know, freedom of speech is wonderful thing… but because of his criticism of President Bush he may lose his lucrative gig as MCI spokesman. This is just, just, just not fair! I mean, he can call the President of the United States a Racist if he wants to! He can support Castro if he wants to! Sure he can!
    And MCI, can get all the calls and letters and emails from customers saying that they are dumping MCI because Danny Glover is an idiot.
    Hmmm… “We chose Danny Glover because he is popular.†Granted.
    “We might dump Danny Glover because he is pissing our customers off.†Expected.
    Poor Danny.
    No one wants to be in his neighborhood.
    What is it with these celebrities that support a Dictator like Castro? These idiots like Redford, Glover, and Nicholson… comparing Bush to Hitler and then supporting Castro and Saddam… these guys are is so stupid. They have no idea what a real Dictator is like. They have no clue what living under oppression is like.
    Maybe, just maybe… these rich morons in Hollywood have too much freedom. Paid for by guys who support the President and go abroad to enforce our interests and policy… and fight for Bush. *sigh* And fight for Danny Glover’s right to slander the President.
    I hope MCI dumps him. I bet they could make a good deal on that Dell Dude. That kid is needing a new job. “MAN! Your Making A CALL!†Hmmm… doesn’t work.

    I predict that the next Liberal ploy will be "There is no such thing as Free Speech" in America anymore.
    I know that sounds stupid, because of obviously they are saying it and getting away with saying it... but the Liberal Sheeple are so very stupid.
    They will cry about Danny Glover.
    They will cry about the Dixie Chicks...
    You watch... Free Speech is the next issue since the economy is starting to improve much to the horror of the Liberal Left.
    "People who speak out against the President and Conservative Values are facing repercussions!" or "People who didn't support the war are being discriminated against!" We will of course also hear from the left many interesting variations of this. The Liberal Left, being the Weapons of Mass Disruption that they are, will say all these things and more against the Republicans and President Bush... including supporting Castro... and NOT ONE of them will be imprisoned for it.
    You just watch... I predict Clover and the Dixie Chicks will not see one day in a jail cell for anything they have said. Yet Free Speech is abolished.
    Do you know who is REALLY against Free Speech? The Liberals. They HATE free speech when that speech is contrary to the Liberal point of view.
    The Conservatives tolerate it, but the Left does everything it can to crush it. This isn't just on a National level but the core of the ideology.
    I remember very clearly my college philosophy class that got me in hot water with my Dad when I dropped it.
    You see, I dropped it because I was censured in that class.
    Understand, the first thing said to the class by the Prof was that ALL OPINIONS are VALID, and that ALL OPINIONS would be considered.
    After only 2 weeks, I was no longer allowed to express any dissenting arguments.
    You see, it started out bad, because I would attend the class in my Battle Dress Uniform and sometimes even smelled of burn gunpowder. This was a bad thing because I was in a class full of and taught by liberal hippies. I was the only Conservative there, and not just that, but an actual member of the *aghast* military and I ate meat!
    When I expressed dissenting opinion to the teacher's point that fathers only love sons out of some latent homosexual feelings, I was not just shunned, but ordered silent. In protest I would silently snack on beef jerky, just to ruffle the feathers of all the vegetarians there.
    I could not stay in the class much longer after that... so I dropped it.
    My point of this goes back to the Professor's first remarks... all opinions will be considered. All opinions except any right wing, conservative opinion.
    I wonder ...how does the 70 artists and writers locked up in Cuban dungeons feel about Danny Glover's free speech?
  2. WilderBill

    WilderBill Well-Known Member

    Well George, they are partially right. Some of us DO shun the liberal left and will continue to do so.

    I do still respect their right to state their opinions, no matter how weird they may be, however.
  3. MeekandMild

    MeekandMild Well-Known Member

    Now settle down there George. You're going to get an ulcer if you keep thinking about it. These things have a way of working htemselves out but you have to be patient. In a couple of years the spirochetes in your professor's brain will stop holding hands and that will be the end of his career. And in that same couple of years all his little droogies will be busing tables at Captain Dees, unable to compete in the real world.

    As for Danny, remember that free speech preceeds free action and free action has logical consequences...shades of Rosie and K-Mart. :D
  4. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    Nice mild rant, George! Never have forgotten your expressed opinion of Al Gore a couple of years ago... :D
  5. rock jock

    rock jock Well-Known Member

    Anybody who supports a tyrant like Castro is deserving of nothing but contempt.
  6. CZ-75

    CZ-75 member

    Ooh, and Oliver Stone is going to re-edit his new film on Castro, Comandante because he didn't know the Leader actually arbitrarily imprisoned and executed folks until around a month ago, gathering what I did from the FoxNews article. :rolleyes:

    I also like the Spielberg quote that the time he spent with castro was "the most important eight hours of my life." I'd like to think all his leftist illusions were dissipated, but that's too much wishful thinking. He probably identifies with Castro, since both think guns are okay...when owned by the RIGHT (okay, Left) people.
  7. Beorn

    Beorn Well-Known Member

    To support Castro is tantamount to supporting all of the bad things that happen with Communism. Not the "gee-this-looks-good-on-paper" Communism, but the "they-took-all-my-stuff-and-I-still-have-to-pay-taxes-on-it" Communism.

    Nice thing about Florida.

    Always looks to me like the US is pissing on Cuba.:D
  8. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    As an employer, MCI should have the right to right to hire & fire anyone they please...especially a spokesman who no longer represents the views of the company...
  9. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

    George, Glover is a moron because he stuck with that .38 in Lethal Weapon and never got that armor piercing uber Pizza Pistol!
  10. Sir Galahad

    Sir Galahad member

    In the movie "Switchback", Danny Glover killed people with a knife and not a gun. See how progressive that is? All future movies with serial killers will need to make sure there are only knives used so no one is offended by seeing a gun.:rolleyes: I heard that the movie "The Patriot" is offensive to some because everyone has a gun. So they're going to computer edit all the guns out and the Colonials will have restraining orders and the British will have non-lethal crowd dispersal devices. "Braveheart" is borderline because there are bows and thse are projectile weapons that might make someone think of a gun and therefore get offended.

    Can anyone post the lyrics to Brad Paisley's new song "Celebrity" here? :D
  11. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

    I heard that song on the way home...man the guitar rocks!!!
  12. Don Rac

    Don Rac Member

    Glover has always been on my **** list ever sonce he said America was responsible for bringing about 9/11, not only that, but deserving of it also.:fire:

    But if I shunned movies that had no liberal nuts in them, I'd be stuck watching Eastwood, Bronson, and Willis over and over and over..... ;)
  13. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    Danny Glover needs to go and live in East Africa and help his people out. Then maybe he will appreciate what he had here.
  14. grampster

    grampster Well-Known Member

    The grampster sits expectantly with the tv clicker clutched in his sweaty, formerly nicotine stained, hand. Suddenly the sitcom fades out and Danny Glover fades in......he starts to open his mouth and.......click.....he is gone. BBBBWWWAAAAAAHHHAAAAAA!!!! The phantom clicker strikes again. :D :D

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