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I found a P-7 that was affordable today...

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by MM, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. MM

    MM Well-Known Member

    I know it's not my usual 'murcan made purchase, but it does fit the "no longer made" criteria I try to pursue for my collection. It came with the box, tools and manual, but is has enough "character" to qualify for some range time, instead of being solely a safe queen. Maybe I'll get the opportunity to "squeeze" off a few next weekend.

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  2. redneckrepairs

    redneckrepairs Well-Known Member

    I am sure you will like it once you get used to the manual of arms . Took some adjustment but i now love mine .
  3. MM

    MM Well-Known Member

    The squeeze cocking does take "different" motor skills than I'm used to, but I'm looking forward to shooting a pistol so famous for that fixed barrel accuracy.
  4. rellascout

    rellascout member

    Is this a PSP or is it a M8?
  5. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    PSP. There is neither a heat shield on the frame nor any lever magazine releases.

    I wish someone had one (either model) that I could try out. (hint, hint)
  6. rellascout

    rellascout member

    Correct. I did not click on the pick to get a larger view.
  7. MM

    MM Well-Known Member

    C'mon down to Tennessee, LH. We'll shoot the P-7PSP, then, when the guns are all clean and put away, we'll spend some time with my faithful friend Jack (Daniels, that is)!
  8. aikidoka-mks

    aikidoka-mks Well-Known Member

  9. Dobe

    Dobe member

    One you get use to it, I doubt is will stay in the safe for very long. Congratulations on a great find.

  10. MaterDei

    MaterDei Well-Known Member

    I'm green with envy.
  11. MM

    MM Well-Known Member

    They still have a "1 of 500" example in the case for $1799.99 if you want to hie on down and scoop that baby up!
  12. redneckrepairs

    redneckrepairs Well-Known Member

    LOL which last of series is it ? First there was the jubes , then the 500 , each time hk stated they were " the last of the m8s" They are like that strip mall store that has the going out of business sale every year lol . Seriously good luck selling it but for myself ill pick up another police retiree psp style or two for a lot less and even be happier about the pistol(s) and still be able to afford a few more of the overpriced mags ( i only have 6 spares now ).
  13. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member


    You are about to discover you are a much better marksman than you thought you were..:D

    The HK P7 IS that inherently accurate...


  14. MM

    MM Well-Known Member

    I'm hip, my Bersa .380 also has a fixed barrel and it really makes me look good at the range. I'm anticipating similar performance from the P-7.
  15. MM

    MM Well-Known Member

    I think you're correct. HK as a corporate entity, presents a certain arrogance towards the civilian market and your strategy of buying retired police weapons seems sound.
  16. Atla

    Atla Well-Known Member

    Very nice gun, and extremely quick when it comes to reloads for competitions and such.

    Sadly, it being an H&K and no longer made - if it breaks.... good luck getting parts or it fixed.
  17. Spinnerblade

    Spinnerblade Well-Known Member

    I picked up a couple of the "German trade-ins" from CDNN.


    I have always wanted one since shooting one at a gunshop I worked at, part-time, around '85. We had some reloads for the range that would not feed in anything, even a Glock, the P7 was the only gun that would shoot these rounds, but the bullets were keyholing at 7 yards.

    Like everyone says very accurate.Patrick
  18. pdowg881

    pdowg881 Well-Known Member

    I tried one today and was pretty amazed at how accurately I could shoot it. i also liked the trigger a lot. I haven't really shot anything like it before.
  19. MM

    MM Well-Known Member

    As far as breakage, it seems robustly made. My fieldstrip-and-clean after getting it home seemed to indicate, as light as the slide is, the weapon is well made for longevity. I guess I'll find out. I know a coupla creative 'smiths who can figure out a repair should it be necessary, but like any collectable, no-longer made gun, it will see only limited range time and I have a multitude of more "replaceable" carry choices.
    Spinner, nice brace of H-K's.
  20. Spinnerblade

    Spinnerblade Well-Known Member

    The only thing I worry about, is that I have read of a few instances of the drop safety spring breaking, and one guy broke another part, I think it had something to do with the squeeze cocker. It seems parts are difficult to get and very expensive as well.Patrick

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