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I Got a C Series BHP!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Wildalaska, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. Wildalaska

    Wildalaska member

    One of the greast things about being in the gun business are those rare instances where a gem just falls right in your lap..

    Now I have always been a BHP fan...I have a Custom one built off an Israeli FN, which I will always keep because it is a late 80s FN without the Mark III stuff...

    My favs have always been C series HPs however...I know that many of the cognoscenti favour the T Series...for me the best were always the Cs...and yes I have my reasons...

    Regardless I have had a few HPs run through the shop....last year a T series in decent shape ran through fast at $399. I've got a C series right now in OK shape(some blue freckling) for $499...nothing really smoked my gun so to speak..

    Until 3 days ago...one of my buddies walked in and said he needed some money..he had a rifle and a pistol...I know how and where he got them, and if he had $300 into them it was a lot..

    The rifle was in perfect condition...and the pistol....

    Well he walked away with a check for $500...the rifle is in the rack now for $399....

    That means...the Pistol..in order to make a fair profit on the investment...means I pay back the shop between $200-$250..

    O yes...its a 99 % C series Hi Power...almost flawless...and it cost me the same as my Israeli FN

    Now...what to do...customize or leave original...btw it has a superb trigger even with the mag safety...
  2. firestar

    firestar member

    Leave it original. I want to buy a older BHP in original condition someday so I think many other feel the same. Think of all the ruined Colt 1911s out there from WWI.

    I feel certain guns lose something when you add to them, BHPs, 1911s, almost all revolvers, anything historic. It is better to have it as a nice example of a original older BHP than tart it up with fancy doo-dads. Get a new one or a Argentina made one to customize, they are cheap and you can't harm the value.
  3. Kahr carrier

    Kahr carrier Well-Known Member

    Ditto keep it stock.:)
  4. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    According to the fnhipower site the C series were produced between 1969 and 1976. Are these the Mk II's people refer too?
  5. Gunner45

    Gunner45 Well-Known Member

    The Hi-Power that Mrs Gunner45 gave me for christmas is a C series with adjustable sights. Being new to the whole Hi-Power sceen I neve even thought to check the production date. Turns out mine was made in 1971. Very cool, the guns as old as I am :)

  6. stevec

    stevec Well-Known Member

    If you plan to shoot it a lot, I'd only make reversible changes. Like swapping the safety lever and grips, maybe removing the mag safety. Some tape on the front strap, new springs and it'll be a great shooter, and you can always return it to it's original state.
    The older guns were supposed to have a pretty decent triggers out of the box. So maybe trigger work isn't necessary - or else you can shoot it as is as "character building" for your trigger finger :D

    Of course, if you get bit by the hammer, then you'll have to do more.

  7. Coltdriver

    Coltdriver Well-Known Member

    I got HP fever just a year and half or so ago.

    Did all kinds of homework. Knew exactly what I wanted.

    Came across an unfired 1968 T series. Bought it for under $500.

    But it was so pretty I had to go out and buy another HP to shoot.

    Got a 1989 MKIII that goes to the range and out hunting. Did all my modifications to that one. It is a great gun.

    I just break out the T and admire it from time to time. Its my only safe queen and its gonna stay that way.
  8. true believer

    true believer Active Member

    i have a browning hipower, made in belgium...with fixed sites, it is a c model..made in 1974-c...one of the sexiest guns i own...if i could shoot as good as it can..;) ;)
    it is in about 95 percent cond..anybody know what it would be worth??
  9. true believer

    true believer Active Member

    oops, forgot to add, i was looking all over the place for wood grips, i wanted to get an extra set so i would not ding up the wood one on the bhp..anyway i found a set, the guy wanted 85 bucks for them..did not have the money at the time so i passed..about 2 weeks later i was shooying at my range, they have a junk box so i was rummaging through it and lo an behold, a brand new set of wood grips, just like the originals..all for 5 bucks..so when ever i go shooting i check the junk box...:D
  10. makarov

    makarov Well-Known Member

    How rare is a BHP made in Belgium with tangent sights? I don't know if this is a custom gun with one of the Inglis slides that has been reblued. Anyway, a local shop has a HP with the nicest bluing I have ever seen. Made in Belgium, with tangent sights. Pretty unique looking gun. Too rich for my blood at $750 though.

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