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I Got a Cool Little 22 Pistol Today

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by weblance, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. weblance

    weblance Member

    When I was young, I had a Jennings J22. I never could get it to shoot more than 3 rounds at a time, before it was jammed. I had a Stainless Mark II Target at the time also, so I sold the Jennings and never looked back. I have thought about that little pistol, from time to time, thinking how great a reliable 22 pistol of that size would be. I decided I would like to have another 22 micro pistol, so the search was on. I found the Beretta 21a, and the Taurus PT-22. I know there are others, but decided that one of the two mentioned pistols would be what I would end up with, since they are both from major manufacturers, and because I was intrigued by the "Tip Up" barrel design. I read reviews of each, and was disappointed that neither had a stellar reputation as far as reliable functioning. Then I stumbled onto the Taurus PLY-22. It is a redesign of the PT-22 with a polymer frame. It has an 8 shot magazine, a manual safety, a magazine disconnect, and second strike capability. I decided from the positive reviews, that I would order one, since none of my local shops had any in stock. I got the Stainless version, and there is a blued model also. I hadnt heard from the gun shop I ordered it from for a few days, so this morning, I decided to go in and see what was happening. When I walked in, it was sitting on the counter, waiting for me. I did the paperwork and went straight to the range. When I got there, I ran a soaked patch, and then a dry patch down the barrel, and loaded up the magazine with Mini Mags. An hour later, I was very pleased. I had shot 200 rounds thru the little Taurus, and it functioned PERFECTLY. I had some other 22 ammo in the bag, so I decided to try it. I shot Remington Golden, and CCI Blazer Bulk. All shot without any failures of any kind. Total round count was 380 and no troubles at all. This little pistol is a joy... no slide to manipulate, easy to see if its loaded, very accurate at 7 yards, smooth DAO trigger, and its a looker also. I had 2 shooters come ask what I had, and to shoot it. They both were impressed, and both said they would like to own one of these little Taurus pistols. I field stripped it when I got home, and I see no signs of any wear. Sure is easy to clean the barrel. I held it all afternoon, looking at it from different angles, and enjoying the way it feels, and operates. It wont be a carry gun, simply a toy. I would never carry a 22 for Self Defense, but I guess it would make a good BUG. My wife will like it, because she wont have to rack the slide to charge it. Thats the beauty of a "Tip Up". Im getting up early tomorrow, and going back to the range, to burn some more ammo thru my new little friend.

    A couple quick pictures, cause I know... No Pictures, Didnt Happen...


  2. Fishslayer

    Fishslayer New Member

    My wife got all gooshy over a Beretta tip up in .32 ACP for exactly that reason, plus the tiny size.

    I told her if she got it she'd also need a razor for her shoe. :D
  3. vba

    vba New Member

    Weblance, interesting but hard to read. Please use paragraphs:what:
  4. jackblack86

    jackblack86 New Member

    read ok for me nice gun
  5. MCgunner

    MCgunner Active Member

    I had a Beretta tip up that was a POS jammamatic. I bought it used, thought I could make it work, but it wasn't the magazine. It also had light hit misfires with most ammo. Gave up and got rid of it. I've thought about this little Taurus as Academy has 'em cheap, 200 bucks. BUT, I don't like the design, lack of an extractor. Even if the gun does work, they tend to be ammo picky. My ruger SR22 feeds ANYthing, is 2" at 25 yards accurate, just 17 ounces, and while it's bigger, it still fits my pockets. So, I never bit on those Academy sales. The Ruger is a hiking and fishing companion for me, that's it primary purpose, well, and plinking, of course. :D

    But, if you like yours, is a good shooter, GREAT! They are a handy size and if reliable, would make for decent back up. I'd prefer one in .25ACP for that, though. Mainly, if I got one, it'd just be a fun gun toy, wouldn't have much of another purpose for me. Can never have too many rimfires, though. :D
  6. bannockburn

    bannockburn Active Member


    Nice report. I have been considering getting one but was always put off by things I have read saying that the small Taurus .22 autos were unreliable and rather problematic to get them to run properly. Please keep us posted on how the gun performs for you.
  7. MedWheeler

    MedWheeler Active Member

    Glad you like it. Nice to see some Taurus love, especially for one of their little rimfires. I recently got one that is older, having been made in 1998, (didn't know its exact age at time of purchase) and really enjoy it. The thread below is one I started with my own review of the gun.


    Also, something I added to that thread for the benefit of anyone considering one of these...

    By the way, I bought a Jennings J22 back in 1987. Still have it. Unlike yours, though, I never had any failures with it, other than a "self-field-strip" it did during a session with Stingers, before I learned that you're not supposed to be shooting such hot ammo in them. It was fun in its day, but I haven't spent any real time with it in maybe two decades.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2012
  8. weblance

    weblance Member

    I shot it some more today, and I learned something. First, its excellent as far as feed and eject. It has fed and ejected every single round I have loaded into it. This has been CCI Stingers, Velocitors, Mini Mags, Blazer bulk, Remington Golden, Remington Yellow Jackets and Vipers. The total round count is now 620 and it has been perfect. I had some fail to fire problems, but a second strike would always fire the cartridge. I realized that I was the cause of the misfires. I was staging the trigger, trying to get the best accuracy out of this little pistol. I think staging it, causes the hammer to not get as much energy going, to fire the round. If I pulled the trigger briskly, I never had a misfire. The gun is Double Action Only, so there is no real way to extract Single Action accuracy from it, and it wasnt designed for this. Keeping this in mind, its a great little pistol. I am very pleased with its performance.
  9. pockets

    pockets Active Member

    I like the lines of your poly version.
    I have the basic PT22 non-poly. Mine has run very well on CCI Mini-Mags.
    I also own some Beretta tip-ups; 21A, 950b, and 3032....all run great.
    Never had the lack of extractor be any issue in thousands of rounds through these guns. The same force that pushes the slide back also pushes the cartridge out....these are simple blow-back actions. Keep them clean and make sure the chamber isn't burred.

    And the J-22 ? I currently have 3 of them. All run very well. One had been dry-fired a whole lot by it's previous owner, peened the chamber in slightly. A little dressing-up of the breech end, some chamber polishing, and all was well. 20 minute job at the most.
  10. aarondhgraham

    aarondhgraham Active Member

    I really like mine,,,

    I've been shooting the heck out of this gun for over a year now,,,
    Mine has been 100% reliable with CCI Mini Mags and Federal Bulk Pack.

    The 22-PLY and 25-PLY are newer versions of the old PT-22 and PT-25,,,
    People aren't reporting the problems that the PT pistols had.

    Perhaps Taurus finally got it right with these little mouse guns.


  11. weblance

    weblance Member

    I now have 900 rounds thru the PLY-22 and Im really happy with it. Its a great little pistol. It isnt ammo sensitive at all, feeds and ejects anything I have fed it. It feels great in the hand, and points naturally. The Tip Up feature makes it very pleasant to load, and to check the barrel. I have always wanted a "Tip Up" and it really is a nice feature. I will probably pick up the Beretta 21a, and I also would like a Beretta 86, a tip up .380

    Aarond... I figured you might comment about yours. I read your posts about the one you own. I agree with what you have said, and I think the new PLY 22 is as good as it gets. Its made in America, and is a very good value.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2012
  12. Kiln

    Kiln Active Member

    Yeah I noticed that too. I was looking at the PT22 and lots of posts online complaining that the plastic buffer broke frequently and locked up the gun as well as other seemingly annoying problems that kept me from buying one.

    The PLY22 has apparently fixed this issue and has pretty positive reviews so far. I'll probably pick one up around tax time. I really like tiny .22lr pistols and this one looks like a lot of fun.
  13. gtd

    gtd New Member

    I just traded for a 2009 model (not polymer). Shot 100+ rounds last weekend.

    Remington Golden Bullet 36 grain, 1280 fps rounds caused lots of FTFs. (I had 100s of rounds on hand.) I noticed that when shooting those rounds the slide seemed to hesitate. There just wasn't enough power to move it back, it moved slowly, and it jammed a lot because sometimes it just wouldn't move quickly enough or far enough.

    CCI Mini Mags, 40 grain, 1235 fps made a huge difference. The slide action was crisp. No misfires or FTFs. The CCI has a round nose, the Remington a hollow point -- that might have affected feeding somewhat, also.

    The manual says to use 40 grain high velocity (1280 fps) ammo, not more. Apparently, less can be problematic, too.

    I also learned that in case of an FTF, if you tip up the barrel and try to eject the magazine the slide will pop off. That won't happen once you know how it assembles and disassembles and know to watch out for that problem.

    I also learned that the magazine is really easy to load if you pinch the pivot between a thumb and forefinger and just push it down to ease the spring pressure. The rounds just pop right in.

    By the way, my eyesight isn't so good, but I was hitting 9 out of 9 bulls-eyes at 10', and nice little groups at longer distances.

    Bottom line: with good ammo the gun -- my gun -- is flawless and 100% accurate. You might have a different experience, of course.

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