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I got my new May 1st Gun

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by BIGDADDYLONGSTROKE, Apr 29, 2006.



    I did I finally got the permission from the misses to buy the XD 45 acp just got it. One more to add to my arsenal. Still got the XD 9mm though guess ill give that to my wife. Cant wait to shoot it.
  2. Hazwaste

    Hazwaste Well-Known Member


    Does she also make use of something called a "lock box"? :neener:

    Edited to add: By the way, I'm hooked on the XD-45 too. Hope I can get "permission" too! :)


    Yeah I know permission, no lock box just a gun safe;)
  4. Don't Tread On Me

    Don't Tread On Me Well-Known Member

    I recently bought an XD9 Tactical in 9mm. It has been flawless.

    My May 1st gun is my lightweight Colt 6520 w/ Aimpoint loaded with 75gr TAP. Far more effective than a pistol, easier to aim, and more range. There's also an AK-47 (family member's) with 75rd drum in the safe. That will work too.

    The XD is clearly the price performance king. It is every bit as good as any other pistol out there today, but at a much lower cost.
  5. Mizzle187

    Mizzle187 Well-Known Member

    I cant say enough about the XD45. I love this pistol. It is my nightstand gun with attached Streamlight M6 loaded with Cor-Bon +P's . This is my frst XD. Hell I hadnt even shot an XD before I bought this but now Im thinking about getting the subcompact XD9 to take place of my P99c as my carry gun and I really like it also! I was suprised at how accurate the XD45 was. Enjoy!
  6. Slaytera666

    Slaytera666 Well-Known Member

    After I bought my XD45 my wife wanted an XD9 so I didn't argue.

  7. neil minor

    neil minor Well-Known Member

    Mizzle187: If you decide to buy the XD subcompact, I'd be glad to take the PPc off your hands.

    I came very close to purchasing an XD. It is a very nice pistol, good price point, much improved durability since SFArmory decided to start using the mellonite (sp?) finish on the slide. What eventually changed my mind on the XD was the bore axis felt too high. I prefer a handgun with a lower axis. But, "to each his own." Learn to shoot it and then enjoy.


    Well between my XD45 my wifes XD9mm the AR-15 and many other assorted goodies I will hopefully be prepard for protesters comming on my property. Hopefully wont need them though. But its still comforting knowing there all there.:evil:

    This is my first 45 though Im pretty sure I will like it. Nothin but good things to say about my XD9mm.:)

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