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I hope this doesn't turn out to be an "AW"

Discussion in 'Legal' started by cosmos7, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. cosmos7

    cosmos7 Well-Known Member

  2. 7.62FullMetalJacket

    7.62FullMetalJacket Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know the caliber of weapon being used? I have not been able to find out. Is it a secret? After 23 shots?

    I hope it is not a self-loading military replica rifle for our sake. I am hoping that the single shots are indicative of a bolt or single shot.

    But as my dad always says, wish in one hand and sh** in the other, and see which one gets full first. :eek:
  3. Sam Adams

    Sam Adams Well-Known Member

    Even if it isn't, when they eventually (I hope) catch or kill this guy, his rifle will be displayed. If it is a bolt-action rifle with a scope, look for proposed legislation on the federal level and in many states that either outlaws them or "merely" registers scopes and centerfire bolts of >.22 caliber. If it is a 10-22 with a scope, then even .22 rimfires will be on the chopping block. The fact that it isn't an "assault rifle" will be of cold comfort.
  4. Diggler

    Diggler Well-Known Member

    Or a handgun. I mean, Ohio just finally got its version of a crappy CCW law, but hey, at least it got SOMETHING so far... this would put a bad public image towards trying to improve the CCW law.
  5. bogie

    bogie Well-Known Member

    Now, have they released anything yet about the caliber used?
  6. grnzbra

    grnzbra Well-Known Member

    Actually, if we play it right, it will be to our benefit if it is some semi-auto. Consider how the anti's are trying to use the DC sniper as a reason to extend the AWB. We should be pointing out to the world how the antis will say anything and do anything to get what they want. That would be a good opportunity to destroy their credibility.

    Hey, if you're stuck with a lemon, make lemonade.
  7. N3rday

    N3rday Well-Known Member

    You're kidding!
  8. cracked butt

    cracked butt Well-Known Member

    I think the best thing it could possibly be is a scoped, bolt action .270.

    It will get the liberals all worked up in a lather about sniper rifles.

    Seeing this, it might get the lvast majority of hunters off their dead @sses and actually defend their rights for once.

    My belief is that if it is a scoped bolt action rifle that is being used, an 'assault rifle' will be handily be substituted in the camera shots if the shooter is caught.

    Sorry, ,I feel really cynical today.:banghead:
  9. Stand_Watie

    Stand_Watie Well-Known Member

    I could have sworn they said a handgun on CNN this evening.
  10. chrisher

    chrisher Well-Known Member

    That's correct. The "witness" stated it was a handgun.
  11. Daedalus

    Daedalus Well-Known Member

    So if you are driving along an overpass and you see someone pulled over to the shoulder and is pointing a handgun at the lanes below don't ask questions, just plow into the :cuss: and save us the court fees.
  12. Carlos Cabeza

    Carlos Cabeza Well-Known Member

    Yes, I would gladly RUN HIS @ZZ RIGHT OVER ! THUMP THUMP !!!! Then I would back up and make sure I finished the job !
  13. Moparmike

    Moparmike Well-Known Member

    I am hoping its not a handgun, and instead something ending in Nitro Express. That will most certainly get the anti's panties in a wad!
  14. Mark Tyson

    Mark Tyson Well-Known Member

    I think it's confirmed that it is a handgun.
  15. Diggler

    Diggler Well-Known Member

    Hopefully the chief of police isn't Charles Moose and he doesn't have the description of the vehicle and suspect switched around again. :scrutiny:

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