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I know someone has the answer. H&K

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Guns and more, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Guns and more

    Guns and more member

    I came across an H&K model 4 I'm trying to return to usable condition. It's a 1971 commemorative edition made for Harrison & Richardson's 100th anniversary.
    Now I know the weak point of the model 4 is the buffer. I have the exploded diagram, and on the one I have, the buffer is gone. So I have ordered and received several replacement buffers. So far, so good.
    Here's the problem. If you look at the exploded diagram. It looks like it is supposed to cushion the slide from it's collision with the frame. In front of the buffer is the "buffer plate". I have that too. There is a groove in the frame that appears to accept these. But they don't fit. If I try to stuff the buffer plate and buffer in the groove, it's too thick. Won't go. I found a picture (from the H&K manual online) that shows the slide removed and I don't see a buffer plate.
    To make it more confusing, I don't know what holds the buffer (and plate) in.
    It looks like they just sit under the recoil spring. Should they be attached some way? It appears the buffer would simply fall out as the spring is compressed during firing.

    Help me out, please.

    I'm not giving up, but this is frustrating.
  2. benderx4

    benderx4 Well-Known Member

    Wish I could help, but the HK4 is one of the few HKs I don't own. Copy and paste your question on HKPro.com and you'll have a slew of HK experts explaining the buffer replacement procedure. Good luck!
  3. Guns and more

    Guns and more member

    Good Idea. With the thousands of gun experts, I didn't think I could "stump the stars."
  4. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    - "H&K"

    - "H&K Model 4"

    - "1971 commemorative edition made for Harrison & Richardson's 100th anniversary"

    Are you talking about a Harrington and Richardson gun or an HK? I'm not familiar with the name Harrison & Richardson.

  5. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    HK hasn't been around 100 years, so that leaves them out I guess. JT

    "For over half a century, Heckler & Koch has been a leading designer and manufacturer of small arms and light weapons for law enforcement and military forces worldwide. HK is also the maker of premier brand firearms for the sporting and commercial markets. Its reputation for quality, innovation, and safety make Heckler & Koch a recognized leader in the development of technologically advanced products. And the long-term durability of all HK products make them especially cost-effective when subjected to total life cycle cost analysis."
  6. benderx4

    benderx4 Well-Known Member

    It was H & Rs 100th Anniversary, not HK.
  7. Guns and more

    Guns and more member

    For whatever reason, Harrison and Richardson commisioned H&K to make their commemorative edition. The side of the slide has a gold plate saying "Harrison and Richardson, 1871-1971." The grip has the HK logo and "model 4". I guess originally, it came in a presentation box with three barrels. A .32, a .22, and a "9K". I have only the 9K.
    I learned the 9K meant 9mm Kurtz or "short" which is .380.
    If you look up the H&K model 4 it is exactly what I have.
    It's been a lot of fun to understand this gun. The takedown release is inside the trigger guard, and the mag release is euro style. There is no slide release, inserting a new magazine releases the slide.
    But the buffer has me buffaloed. I won't give up though.
  8. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    H&R was the importer of HK's in the 70's. Many early US market HK's are marked H&R.

    Simple enough?
  9. benderx4

    benderx4 Well-Known Member

    Make sure you don't lose that buffer plate as it is almost impossible to find a new one. Looks like Numrich is one of the only ones left to sell buffers and plates.
  10. Landpimp

    Landpimp Well-Known Member

    the early Hk4's used a different size buffer, I know my 67 does(forget if small or bigger), cant recall on my HR 100th set(and its burried or I;d look), but the switch was prolly around 72...but just a guess

    you can always make one...somehow

    ok, found pic of my unfired 100th

    and the 166th HK4 ever made

    great little gun, blast in 22, great in 32, 380 use sparingly, never tried the 25cal, but got a bunch of the little buggers....I just dig em
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2009
  11. Guns and more

    Guns and more member

    Mine looks exactly like yours, except the buffer and the buffer plate won't fit in the groove.
    Maybe I can file down one of the buffers.
    Thanks for the pictures. Do they just sit there under the barrel and recoil spring, or is there some adhesive?
  12. P7M13

    P7M13 New Member


    QUOTE: "and the 166th HK4 ever made"

    That is a correct statement, but let me add that it is also the 166th HK production pistol made as well since the HK4 was their first entry into pistols :)
  13. P7M13

    P7M13 New Member

    Guns and more,

    In case you haven't seen this before, these are from the 1971 H&R Catalog.

  14. benderx4

    benderx4 Well-Known Member

    Wow, not a bad job at their first attempt at a handgun - beautiful pics!

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