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I like my Mossberg a lot more, now

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by MCgunner, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. MCgunner

    MCgunner Senior Elder

    Dec 3, 2005
    The end of the road between Sodom and Gomorrah Tex
    After reading on this site about shimming the stock for proper fit, I finally got around to doing that to my Mossberg which has forever suffered with too little drop. I would have to crawl the stock and when I did that, the thing kicks enough to beat the heck outta my cheek, would even CUT me and I'd be bleeding like a stuck hog. I'd look like I went three rounds with George Foreman. So, a few months ago, I cut some plastic from a pop bottle, loosened up the stock screw, and wound up putting 4 pieces of plastic in to drop the stock down to fit me like my well fitting Winchester 1400. I used the Winchester to judge the drop/feel.

    I haven't hunted with the gun since I did this. I've been shooting my new side by side 20 gauge during dove and teal season and on my first duck hunt this season. Yesterday morning, I decided to break out the Mossberg and run out to the marsh to take advantage of a front which blew in yesterday. I had a good shoot, managed to limit by 9 o'clock despite losing three birds in the heavy cover. I managed one bird for every 2 shots if you count the lost birds. So, I fired 16 rounds total of Winchester 3" Xpert hi vel 1550 fps number 3s. I fired on crossing shots, all the typical shots you'd have in the field. This ain't skeet, you can't necessarily face the target when your feet are stuck in the mud. My face is totally painless, not even a hint of swelling. that has never been the case in the past when I've fired that many rounds on a hunt. :D And, I made some great snap shots on teal coming in fast just over the grass. Im VERY impressed with the improvement in the gun! THANK YOU THR SHOTGUN GURUS AGAIN FOR EDUCATING ME!!!! I'm always learning things on this site! I know, now, that there are shim kits available, but the pop bottle was going in the trash, anyway. :D

    This was such a marked improvement in the old Mossberg, it's almost like a new gun, really! I very much enjoy shooting it, now. Oh, my shoulder is a twinge sore, but that don't bother me. Having my face beat up was a PITA and I'd even started duck hunting with my Winchester autoloader (which I hate to subject to salt marsh environment) to avoid that thing. Well, no need to risk the pretty bluing and wood finish on the Winchester, anymore. The Mossberg is back to the top of the waterfowling list. :D So, folks, if your pump or auto doesn't quite fit you, do yourself a favor and adjust it! I went 40 years in total ignorance of the fact that I could actually ADJUST stock fit on a repeater and improve it. This is quite a powerful thing to know, makes the difference in a shotgun you would rather not use or one that points effortlessly and painlessly. :D I know some of you are saying, "well DUH", but hey, some of us have been living in the dark for a while. Oh, I knew about proper fit, just didn't know I could do anything about it other than have a custom stock fitted.
  2. John917

    John917 New Member

    Oct 10, 2007
    The gurus sure are a helpful bunch, huh? Whenever I have a ?, they are quick to provide good, accurate information. Thanks, guys:)

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