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I like this- Pro and anti map for Concealed carry

Discussion in 'Activism' started by bps3040, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. bps3040

    bps3040 Well-Known Member

  2. bps3040

    bps3040 Well-Known Member

  3. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    CCwhere doesn't have a provision to 'become a member' and post new CC bans. I've got a few in this town...
  4. oda226

    oda226 Well-Known Member

    Great Idea!
  5. kir_kenix

    kir_kenix Well-Known Member

    this is a great idea. i wont be able to contribute until im back home, but ill bookmark this and do it when i can.

    i think this could be a great way to support/not-support businesses based on their policies. if we could get this going nation wide it would allow people from all over their state to write businesses and get some policies changed.

    thanks bps for the idea.

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