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I need help

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by SimplyChad, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. SimplyChad

    SimplyChad Well-Known Member

    I have a woodmaster 742 in 30-06 that was my fathers for years. Now im having trouble getting the action to reset the firing pin. People are telling me to dump it. I dont want to do that Ill use it as a single shot ot like a bolt before I would do that. Any ideas on why this would happen? Two gunsmiths were already stuck both charged me for 10 plus hours of work. Yet i still have what equates to a mag fed single shot rifle.:banghead:
  2. sappyg

    sappyg Well-Known Member

    i'm guessing that it need cleaning.
  3. SimplyChad

    SimplyChad Well-Known Member

    O no I keep all mine as clean as humanly possible. Both smiths also charged me for cleaning fees. God i hate this town.
  4. sappyg

    sappyg Well-Known Member

    i would replace the firing pin and springs. and find a new gunsmith.
  5. SimplyChad

    SimplyChad Well-Known Member

    Well i can only hope. The only one left in town has it now. All else fails ill send to home where i know there are good smiths.
  6. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno Well-Known Member

    Keep after it. If it was you dads, it's worth the effort. I don't dump family guns - especially if they have not been registered?

    Is he around? Can you asked if he ever had a similar issue?
  7. SimplyChad

    SimplyChad Well-Known Member

    Heres the deal in like 1980 it was stolen out of the back glass of my dads truck. Long before i was thought of. Fast forward to 2004 on the day before my birthday a Texas highway patrol that he knew and a deputy show up and lo and behold here it is. After a few hours arguing with my commie mom he slips it to me thrugh my window and tells me she can never see it. I know sounds like crap but true to the last word. So he would be strangly usless in this matter.
  8. GURU1911

    GURU1911 Well-Known Member

    Maybe i can help

    Chad---guru1911 here to maybe help you. When you said the firing pin would not "reset" were you referring to "would not cock" ??? If that is correct do the following:

    1. Remove the two pins which hold the trigger / hammer / sear group in place.
    2. Gently remove the trigger group from the bottom of the receiver & inspect it under strong direct light. If the mechanism is impacted with hardened grease, lube, & dirt, fill a plastic dishpan with about 1" of simple green diluted 50/50 with h2o. Put the trigger group into the dishpan. If you have a vibratory power tool such as an orbital sander, turn it on & touch it against the side of the pan---tada--you got a giant ultrasonic cleaner really cheap !!!! While the trigger group is in the tub, clean the innards of the receiver as best you can.
    3. After a few minutes in the pan, check to see if it is clean. If not, back in it goes. If it is, then rinse in hot water & blow dry with compressed air, then use a portable hair dryer for the remainder of any moisture.
    4. Lube all moving parts & install back into the receiver. Pull back on the bolt & let it fly forward. Take off the safety & pull the trigger---it should go click !!!!

    Let me know if this fixed your problem. Thanks !!!!!
  9. macadore

    macadore Well-Known Member

    Don't ever dump it and tell that story to your grandchildren. You might contact Remington.
  10. SimplyChad

    SimplyChad Well-Known Member

    Wow ill do that as soon as i get it back for the smiths if he doesnt fix it. And yes i mean it wont cock. The spent round ejects and fully sets the new round just doesnt cock. If i manually eject the round all is well. Just annoys me that i get 3 rounds out of a 5 round mag.

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