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I shot my drying fan today!

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by PCRCCW, Oct 1, 2003.


    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    Well, I can say I'm an official dumba$$ as of this morning. I was in my holster shop, molding and talking on the phone with my insurance agent.
    My PCR was holstered and sitting in its usual spot. Loaded as usual.

    I dropped the mag and was gonna clear the chambered round when my other line rang. I am getting another stitcher and the phone call got me excited...a week and a half...its mine!
    I was checking the fit of a PCR holster I molded last night...almost a daily thing now days. I took the gun out of the holster..and cocked the hammer and decocked it a couple of times.

    I was setting the gun down on my bench, hammer cocked and the muzzle bumped one of my molding tools..which came down with the gun. The tool is shaped like an L"..and the hook part of it hit the trigger as I was just setting the gun down. "BOOM!" :what:

    I didnt know what had happened. It was at least 3-5 seconds before I realized my PCR had gone off. A nice hole through my drying fan for dye work. "OH MY GOD!"

    I retraced my steps and didnt remember clearing the chamber "DUMBA$$ of the highest caliber"...I checked myself to make sure I didnt get fragmented or what have you.

    The chain of events that occured making this actually happen, was a one in a million shot and I doubt I could duplicate them if I tried :rolleyes: But never the less IM A TOTAL DUMBA$$!

    Thank god I at least followed the basic "finger off of trigger, muzzle pointed down range (or at my fan!)" Basic rules or not...did I mention that Im a DUMBA$$....who may have been a very very dead DUMBA$$!

    Please take care and be careful. I have been safe for over 30 years..it just goes to show you if you get sidetracked...you too may be a dumba$$ if youre not careful.

    Shoot well......

    BTW....Im a Dumba$$ :D
  2. larryw

    larryw Well-Known Member

    Glad everything's OK, fans can be replaced, good people can't.

    You're only a dumba$$ if you don't learn from doing silly-a$$ things; thanks for sharing so we can all be reminded of this. :D
  3. Frohickey

    Frohickey Well-Known Member

    When is the memorial service for the drying fan? :D

    Glad that you are okay. Learn from this lesson, grasshopper.
  4. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    Hmm, it sounds like your business is taking off. Do you have a duplicate of the fan?

    Anyway, glad no one got hurt. Yup, a reminder that we must always treat every gun as if it is loaded. Even if you remember unloading it, if you take your attention off it for even a moment, re-clear it before assuming it is unloaded. You just got one of those little reminders that life gives us sometimes. Not a dumb... we all make mistakes, luckily no one was hurt, and if you use it as a learning experience then you aren't a dumb.... If you forget too soon and do something similar (ND or not) any sooner than the next 10-15 years then, and only then, are you a dumb...
  5. Quartus

    Quartus Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting an embarrasing incident. More reminders are A Good Thing.

    Glad nobody got hurt!

    BTW, what did you say you were? :D

    (Don't ask about MY ND. Trust me - it made yours look like the result of great wisdom.) :what:
  6. BHPshooter

    BHPshooter Well-Known Member

    PCRCCW, I'm glad you're okay. And I'm really glad that you had the guts to tell us. "It can happen to you too!!!" is a good thing to hear, as often as possible.

    May your fan RIP. :D

  7. TallPine

    TallPine Well-Known Member

    So is this yet another one of those "Shot Hits The Fan" threads ....?
  8. bountyhunter

    bountyhunter member

    Make sure you have your story straight before the cops get there:

    The fan was coming toward you with a knife held over his head.... and refused all commands to stop.

    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    Well....I guess I should be embarrassed by it...but Im not really...at first SCARED! :what: The relieved...Im ok...my fan isnt. BTW, It was coming at me very aggresively and was not stopping! :D :rolleyes:

    Now Im just pissed at my stupitidy....my sister, whom Ive taken shooting a couple of times..after my hour long function/safety/technique lectors...had ALOT to say to me....:cuss:

    Thanks for the comments and it really just goes to show you that regardless of how safe you "usually are"...and I am (uh huh, sure :rolleyes: ) All it takes is getting sidetracked and then having dumb luck to boot.......BOOM! :what:

    Shoot well and thanks for the kindness. I dont deserve it :fire:
  10. Kruzr

    Kruzr Well-Known Member

    You need a Series 2 Kimber. :D
  11. spacemanspiff

    spacemanspiff Senior Member

    OH MY GOD! that fans coming right for us! shoot it jim!

    how long did it take for your ears to stop ringing?
  12. Feanaro

    Feanaro Well-Known Member

    At least you didn't shoot anyone. Just remember to make sure it's unloaded next time, eh?
  13. DontShootMe

    DontShootMe Well-Known Member

    "Shot Hits The Fan"


  14. Quartus

    Quartus Well-Known Member

    Say, isn't it only the Hollyweird types who have to worry about aggressive fans?

    I think it was a good shoot, though. I don't suppose a restraining odor would have done any good in this case.
  15. C.R.Sam

    C.R.Sam Moderator Emeritus

    The older I get...
    The more careful I get.
    Because I have to.

    If I am distracted by anything...
    I recheck the piece I am working on or with.

    Some guns I "show clear" more than I shoot.

    So glad it came out so well.

  16. CZF

    CZF Well-Known Member

    Some of us have ADs or NDs early on. Mine was at 18. I no longer dry-fire guns.

    Glad that you are OK. Someone once told me that the longer that you
    are exposed to firearms, the better the chance for mis-haps.

    Hope the FAN INCIDENT was your last.
  17. Tierhog

    Tierhog Well-Known Member

    Thank God you weren't hurt, or worse, someone else. Everything we do is a lesson to be learned from, good or bad.

    Took guts to post it.
  18. PCRCCW

    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    Ok.....er, hmmmmm. Ive had a series 2 kimber...I shot it with my CZ :D
    It was aggresive too! :scrutiny:

    spaceman...."Shes breaking up"...the fan did! LOL

    Quartus....what the hell can I add to that? :evil:

    CR...wise...very wise. I thought I was..........

    CZF....man. What a day! wanna trade?

    Tierhog....guts ....nah! Im human and its worthy of food for thought.
    Honest....ya......thats about it.

    shoot well and thanks for the replies
  19. Gerald McDonald

    Gerald McDonald Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt label you a dumbass by any means. If you handle firearms long enough, its gonna happen. Good thing when it did no one was hurt. It will be less likely to happen again.
  20. sanchezero

    sanchezero Well-Known Member

    Actually, you're only a 9mm dumba$$.

    Good to know you don't have any extra holes.

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