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Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by i-SHOT, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. i-SHOT

    i-SHOT Well-Known Member

    Folks, thanks to bluecowdawg who suggested I do so, it's time for me to give away two i-SHOT range bags of your choice. That's right, I'm keeping the option open for the winner to decide on which bag she/he would prefer.

    This contest will run till midnight PST, January 31st. It is open to the following forums that has supported my biz since:

    The High Road (since TFL.....)

    Pick a number between 1 and 5000, then post your guess on this thread. The two numbers that come closest to the pre-determined number wins the bags.

    What are we playing for? Here are the 2 different types of bags available in your choice of black or green.

    Good luck :) More info on the bags can be found on www.arcamgroup.com/i-shot/

    Pro Shooter (large) Range Bag:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Mini Deluxe Range Bag:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus


    Somebody had to guess it! :D

    Great giveaway.
  3. Sisco

    Sisco Well-Known Member

  4. whitebear

    whitebear Well-Known Member

    1956 for me...
  5. AZFred

    AZFred Member

  6. Don45cal

    Don45cal Well-Known Member

    OK then, 3822

  7. ajacobs

    ajacobs Well-Known Member

  8. Mithirium

    Mithirium New Member

    How about 3452
  9. Mal H

    Mal H Administrator

    I'll go with 1010.
  10. Kobun

    Kobun Well-Known Member

    Why not?
  11. Pheonix

    Pheonix Well-Known Member

    4444.......So is it mine yet??:D
  12. Cal4D4

    Cal4D4 Well-Known Member

  13. Prodigalshooter

    Prodigalshooter Well-Known Member

  14. KMKeller

    KMKeller Well-Known Member

  15. Jeff White

    Jeff White Moderator Staff Member


  16. agony

    agony Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna play here too! (same number-- 2479 ).

    BTW, these are great lookin' bags.....am anxiously awaiting the one I ordered.
  17. Jake 98c/11b

    Jake 98c/11b Well-Known Member

    I shall take 3067 if no one else has.

    By the way I would like some of these in the shop when budget permits. Like I said I was distracted there for a while with several other issues.
  18. fatboyclone

    fatboyclone Well-Known Member

  19. 762x51

    762x51 Well-Known Member

  20. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams Moderator Emeritus

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