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i think its official

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by MJRW, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. MJRW

    MJRW Well-Known Member

    I'm hooked on .357 revolvers. Now that I have very similar .357s (GP-100 and 686 4" barrel), and have been looking for a light weight snub S&W .357 and waiting for a used SP-101 in .357, I think it is safe to announce.

    I imagine it will be just a few years before I say the words "this is my gun safe, and this larger one over here is my .357 safe."
  2. Kahr carrier

    Kahr carrier Well-Known Member

    Yep sounds like you are HOOKED ON THE 357 MAGNUM but hell you only live once so go for it.:neener:
  3. Odessa

    Odessa Well-Known Member

    Great caliber, been hooked on it myself for years. Don't forget to add a Ruger Blackhawk to the stable, especially the Old Model with the mid-weight frame - you will LOVE it! Odessa
  4. Gila Jorge

    Gila Jorge Well-Known Member

    A few years ago I used to shoot with the Border Patrol (La Migra) and they had Ruger 357s and I shot Smiths. I would loan them my Smith and they would shoot into about a 1.5" hole whereas they would shoot their own Ruger and barely keep them inside 3.5". I prefer the 44 Spcl. La Migra has gone on to Glocks. So much for weaponry.
  5. Johnny Guest

    Johnny Guest Moderator Emeritus

    Good choice, MJRW - - -

    A man won't go wrong with a good .357, for many purposes. And there are so MANY good examples out there!

    Just an observation - - - The .357 Magnum made its reputation as a sort of super-over pressure .38 Special, using lots of slower-burning powder behind medium weight bullets, in longer barrels. it is still very good in a four-inch. While gathering up additional .357 revolvers, keep an eye out for for a five-inch, such as the fine old S&W M27, or any of the quality six-inch guns. This is a whole new world compared to the shorter tubes! Discernible gains in velocity with the extra length. Great sport in plinking at long range rocks, clods, and other targets of opportunity.

    The REAL rep builders for the .357 back in the 1930s, of course, were the 8-3/8 barrelled S&Ws and the 7-1/2 inch Colts. I was never able to become fond of such long tubes, myself.

    If you roll your own ammo, there's always some activity over in Handloading & Reloading area concerning various formulae. Main trick is to second source suggested loads, and to work up slowly!

    I sure hope you enjoy your association with this excellent cartridge as much as I have my own.

  6. Johnny Guest

    Johnny Guest Moderator Emeritus

    Just out of curiosity - - -

    Odessa - - -
    Care to comment on your screen name? Being a Texan myownself, I wonder if you have some connection with the oil patch metropolis in Ector County. Or, might it pertain to a locality a few thousand miles to the east? :p

  7. Odessa

    Odessa Well-Known Member

    Johnny, it pertains to the Ector County Odessa in west Texas - never been to the Russian city of the same name! I lived there in the #1 oil producing county in the world (1965-66) when I was a boy. Odessa
  8. Neal Bloom

    Neal Bloom Well-Known Member

    Yup I can attest to that addiction. Got 5 revolvers in that caliber and still looking for more. I prefer the 4" tubes.
  9. Arub

    Arub Well-Known Member

    One more addict here. Like you, I have a GP and 686 in 4" barrels. Also have a Rossi 462 and a Smith model 60 (.357). Looking to an a BlackHawk, thinking of the convertible model.
  10. hawk0484

    hawk0484 Well-Known Member

    just one

    I got my 1st .357 for Christmas this year. It is a LadySmith (model 60). the 1st time I took it to the range, I had 3 different guys come down to ask me what the h#&& I was shooting! I really like shooting it, despite the muzzle flash. She's so gorgeous! <sigh>

    It will be my concealed carry weapon when my permit comes----Friday will be day 90 of the 90 days SLED (SC) is supposed to return permits by.

    BTW, I am a 50 yr. old (almost) mother of 3 teen sons. They gave me ammo for Christmas...cool kids or what!
  11. aug e. dog

    aug e. dog Well-Known Member

    I have S&W models 28 and 19 w/ 4" barrels and a Colt Python w/ a 6" barrell. I just purchased a model 65, also with a 4" barrell. I would like to add a 686 or 586 w/ 6" barrell sometime this year. I guess you could say I was fond of this calibur.
  12. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    The 357 is a very versatile calibre. The only one residing with me right now is a short barrel "Sheriff's Model" Vaquero, but then I always had a soft spot for good SA revos. My first was a 6 1/2" 357 Blackhawk, bought in 1976 or so. Cried like a baby for 2 weeks when it was stolen. :(
  13. JMLV

    JMLV Well-Known Member

    i LIKE 357'S MYSELF

    Having a goodly number of them including a custom vaquero and blackhawk as well as a factory uberti Saa clone in 357. I even have one of the uglest 357 revolvers I have ever seen its a Herters single six made in germany by JP Saurer and Sons.
    The DA revolvers are represented by the extremely versitile Dan Wesson model 15 Pistol Pac. I also have a model 28 a real heavy duty DA 357.
    I even have a couple of rifles in this caliber both a Marlin 1894 and a Winchester 94 Trapper.
    I would'nt want to be without a gun in this amazingly accutare efficent round. oh yeah I shoot a lot of 38's in my 357 guns as well! great fun.
  14. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    I own firearms in other calibers, but as far as I'm concerned, the .357 magnum is king of the hill. I can load it light as light can be for target shooting, medium for self-defense practice, and buy factory rounds for carry. The .44 magnum can be loaded light, medium, and heavy, too, but I've never seen the caliber in a revolver the size of a Smith & Wesson J frame.
  15. Rob96

    Rob96 Well-Known Member

    I also like the 357 magnum round. Currently own two, a Ruger KGP-141 and Ruger SP-101.
  16. KMKeller

    KMKeller Well-Known Member

  17. Baron Holbach

    Baron Holbach Well-Known Member

    I have a 4 3/4 inch Vaquero and 4-inch GP100, both in .357 magnum. Outstanding guns.
  18. Johnny Guest

    Johnny Guest Moderator Emeritus

    Interestingly enough - - -

    - - -Within the past hour, a friend came by with another .357 for me to evaluate. He found it used from an individual. Ruger Security-Six stainless, 2-3/4" barrel, with extra rubber stocks and a Safariland holster. Minor ding on ejector rod, otherwise VG to Excellent. $185 was asking price. I told him it was a good-to-decent buy.

    Sure is HEAVY for a short revolver, but he wants it mostly for a car gun.

    Odessa - - - Yes, 65--66 was during one of the periodic booms, if I recall correctly. Not nearly as much going on there now, but still a good sized place, to be out in the center of not-very-much. What was it the old ranch foreman used to say? "Yep, we're about as far as you can get from anywhere, without getting closer to someplace else."

    I was through there a little over a week ago.

  19. coonan357

    coonan357 Well-Known Member

    ahh .357 what a great caliber !! All except for 3 of my toys are 357's it was the first caliber I shot and I liked it so muchI decided on it for most of my firearms .

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