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I think the folks at Cabelas are Zombies

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Redlg155, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Redlg155

    Redlg155 Well-Known Member

    With a title like that, who wouldn't open this thread. BUT in reality, I'm starting to wonder.

    It all started with odering the dreaded Hornady Zombie Max ammo. Great communication and good customer service. I have it at my house in what I consider to be record time. As I open the box I of course ignore the packing materials and go after the shiny stuff. I'm looking at this ammo like " my precious" from Lord of Rings.
    I break out of my spell and look at the stuff packed in with my ammo
    ...Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!!...why do I have a sample size box of Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal, with just a hint of brown Sugar! What...am I on a diet now? I don't remember entering my weight or referring to myself as "El Gordo" when ordering. Also included. A flyer for ordering checks, sure I needed that when I use my debit card for ordering. Sun Setter awning advertisement. Geico Insurance. Grow box tomatoes. Operation USO. Sleep number bed, and finally, a Cabelas flyer.

    I think Zombies ate the folks at Cabelas. Mass marketing Zombies.
  2. Robert

    Robert Moderator

    Was the ammo there?
  3. GCMkc

    GCMkc Well-Known Member

    :D:D:D LULZ. Definitely glad I opened this thread to read this gem of a line. Lol @ the food as well. Definitely something weird going on in the marketing department. I would take all that junk mail and use it as targets. Good luck down there when Z-day hits.
  4. jcwit

    jcwit Well-Known Member

    Did you get the ammo? If so, whats the problem, I never get worked up over packaging materials whether they are peanuts or advertisement literature. No more than I get worked up over the latest flier from my local hardware store. Don't want it? Toss it. Simple solution.

    At the worse, read it, you might get a good deal, who knows.
  5. SharkHat

    SharkHat Well-Known Member

    I don't think the OP was worked up. The post seemed very tongue in cheek to me.
  6. Redlg155

    Redlg155 Well-Known Member

    not worked up...but strange feeling in that they sent a box of breakfast cereal with my ammo. I don't know If I should eat it or stare at the flakes until I find one that looks like Jesus so I can sell it on Ebay.

    When ordering from Midway I always get a good flyer. Brownells will sometimes throw in a catalog that looks like a phone book. You don't expect strange items when ordering gun stuff. How about a banana the next time you order a charging handle?
  7. TurtlePhish

    TurtlePhish Well-Known Member

    ...maybe they're sending you food to stock up for the zombie apocalypse? :neener:
  8. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Try ordering from Sportsman's Guide. You could wallpaper a room with all the junk flyers they send out. And they'd sell sample boxes as "Bug-Out Cereal".
  9. Ranger30-06

    Ranger30-06 Well-Known Member

    I don't order from them BECAUSE of that!

    And the fact that 250 rounds of "in stock" 7.62x39 took six months so ship, while in the meantime they continued to send me no less than 3 emails and a flier every week...

    OARNGESI Well-Known Member

    so you got free cereal with your bullets sounds like a great policy to mee
  11. SilentStalker

    SilentStalker Well-Known Member

    Don't eat that cereal or you will turn into a zombie! ;) Buahahaha!
  12. dev_null

    dev_null Well-Known Member

    I think Turtle hit the nail. Er, primer.
  13. ahil925

    ahil925 Well-Known Member

    Cereal makes perfect sense to me. You gotta look at it from their POV:
    "Gee, this fellow seems to be worried about the possibility of the undead rising and chasing after him. But... look at how few boxes of ammo he ordered, there's no way that'll be enough! I can't add in any boxes for free or my supervisor will nail me...."

    "...I know! If he can't (re)kill them all, he should be able to run away from them! But, I can't give him any free running shorts or shoes...

    "Eureka! Cardiovascular health! That's the ticket! I can help this guy out AND get rid of some of that stuff taking up real-estate in the employees' pantry! While I'm at it, I can collect some junkmail laying about the breakroom and save on packing peanuts, genius!"

    NOLAEMT Well-Known Member

    I like quaker breakfast squares. Maybe I need to hit up Cabelas for some ammo.
  15. crazy-mp

    crazy-mp Well-Known Member

    Their shipping would be cheaper if you were not paying for the 3 pounds of advertisements with your order :rolleyes:
  16. Chris-bob

    Chris-bob Well-Known Member

    Maybe they are trying to fatten you up for when they come for your brains...
  17. Husker1911

    Husker1911 Well-Known Member

  18. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    Must be "Goo-gall" was monitoring your computer, and Cabelas purchased the info. After all, even computers have "cookies" Ba-ha!

  19. chicharrones

    chicharrones Well-Known Member

    Cabelas packed the same type of cereal with a Pietta 1860 cap & ball gun I got from them last fall. It tasted fine. The milk was a little hard on the blued steel though.
  20. gearhead

    gearhead Well-Known Member

    They obviously misunderstood.

    Zombies eat BRAINS, not GRAINS!
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