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I took my wife and daughter to the range. [PICS]

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Reacher, May 1, 2006.

  1. Reacher

    Reacher New Member

    I took my 47yr old wife and my 7yr old daughter to the range today. It was the first time that either of them ever fired a gun! I went over safety and gun mechanics with both of them and then had them shoot. My 7yr old was intimidated at first but after watching Mommy do it, she wanted to give it a try.

    I rented a Buckmark and we started with that. About 20 rounds into shooting, the firing pin on the buckmark broke and I exchanged it for a Mark II. I had them both shoot at about 5yrds. I let my wife shoot on her own and gently held my hand on her shooting wrist when she shot the larger calibur guns to make sure she didn't hit herself in the face due to recoil. (she never even came close. I was very proud of her)

    I let my daughter shoot the Mark II and my hands never left hers while she was holding it. I made very sure that she stayed pointing down-range and also made sure she didn't drop it when she first felt the recoil. We didn't concentrate on aiming as much as just pointing it in the right direction and pulling the trigger.

    I let my wife shoot both .22s and then let her shoot my Astra .357 with some .38 special wad cutters and some .38 +p ammo. Then I let her shoot my STI .40. She did great with all of them.

    Here are the pics!

    My Daughter

    Her groups (with me holding her hands while she shot)

    My wife's groups with the .22s (I am so proud, she only had 5 shots that weren't in the red and NEVER had a shot off the paper)

    My wife's groups with the .357 and the .40. (.357 top and .40 bottom)

    She really liked my STI .40 alot! I already told her that she can't have it. :p
    I may end up getting her a Trojan 9mm or something similar. She isn't really interested in carrying right now, but after some practice and confidence building, she might change her mind. ;)

    Overall, this was a GREAT first trip to the range!
  2. heypete

    heypete New Member


    Your daughter is very cute, and I applaud you teaching your daughter safe and responsible gunhandling and shooting at her age.

    As for your wife, why didn't you start her sooner? :evil:
  3. Reacher

    Reacher New Member

    Well I have known my wife for 8 years now and for many of those years, I didn't even own a gun. I bought a Weatherby .30-06 in 2003 and when my grandfather passed way during that same year, I came into possesion of my Astra .357. I only used the long gun for hunting and only rarely shot the Astra.

    Just this year, I bought my STI so I could shoot IPSC and USPSA. With my renewed passion for shooting, I thought I should get her involved and at the very least get her comfortable with shooting and knowledgable about safely and gun-handling since we now have guns in the house.

    I will be getting a small safe as soon as I can afford it. I have confidence and trust in my family, but if one of their friends is over and I'm not there, I would rather have the guns locked up. :uhoh:
  4. ILS27R

    ILS27R New Member

    Good for you!

    Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of being in the woods and learning to shoot with my father. It is a sport the whole family enjoyed together until he passed away recently. I think of him every time I pull the lever on my reloading press or sit down at a bench at the range. I'm sure your daughter will treasure her memories of that day for the rest of her life.

    My wife had never handled a firearm when I met her either. She was a bit apprehensive about shooting at first, but after a few shots from a .22 rifle she was hooked. I taught her on the same rifle I learned to shoot with, a single shot Springfield that has been handed down through my family for years.

    My wife learned quickly and is an excellent shot. She has moved on to different rifle calibers and now shoots handgun as well. She is even asking for a rifle of her own. She and my sister often accompany me to the range.

    I think it's great when I see families shooting together.
  5. AirForceShooter

    AirForceShooter Active Member

    you told her she can't have your STI.
    You poor delusional man.

  6. hoghunting

    hoghunting Active Member

    Great job, Reacher. Since your wife is starting to like shooting, hopefully you will have an easier time telling her you have a match every weekend!
  7. scooterthegreat

    scooterthegreat New Member

    Nice!!!! Thanks for posting that. Good to read something positive like this first thing in the morning.
  8. waterhouse

    waterhouse Active Member

    Now you've done it. Might as well start saving up for a new STI. :D
  9. murphy54

    murphy54 New Member

    it is such a nice family view...
  10. Shipwreck

    Shipwreck Active Member

    I got my wife to go to the range for the 1st time this past Sat too. My wife is from China, and she hates guns. I was so surprised that she agreed to go after I have asked her countless times.

    I don't have a 22 - I wish I did. I did let her try a SW99, a USP 9mm, and a compact USP 9mm. She liked the compact USP the best.

    Hopefully, I can get her to go again :)
  11. Reacher

    Reacher New Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Both my wife and daughter want to go again soon! Now I am going to work on my step-daughters. They are 21 and 17 and niether has ever fired a gun before. I want them to at least learn the basics.

    I am also going to see about us taking a class as a family so that we can learn more about shooting techniques and safety.

    I will probably just have to take it really slow with my 7yr old, but I was pleased with what she learned.
  12. HCfan

    HCfan New Member

    Nice groups for first time shooters.

    Congradulations on taking them out and teaching them. Shooting is great family fun that the anti's will NEVER understand (or wish to understand).
  13. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw New Member

    Hey what a gyp!!
    I thought you had pics of your wife too!:D

  14. Offwhite

    Offwhite member

    Thats awesome Reacher that you are teaching your daughter at a young agae. As long as you let kids know when they are young that guns are not toys & can seriously hurt them or someone else but can still be fun it seems they are less apt sneak around & do something stupid.

    My sister is 10 now but when she was 8 we took her to go shooting for the 1st time, my mom still hasn't & she's 54.

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