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I want a laser sight. Need advise.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Lightsped, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Lightsped

    Lightsped Well-Known Member

    I'd like to get a laser sight. Not sure which to get. Should I get one that goes in place of the guide rod, or should I get a rail mounted unit?

    I am thinking this would be used on my Glock 26 CCW. I'd like something affordable. What are my options?
  2. geronimo509

    geronimo509 Well-Known Member

  3. tydephan

    tydephan Well-Known Member

    For the Glock 26, I would go with either the Lasermax, or the Crimson Trace (unless you're a lefty).

    Both are good solid units. Neither will reduce your choice of holster.
  4. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member

    I've toyed with various makers on various pistols, but find myself looking at Crimson Trace for my future needs for a forthcoming J-frame, and possibly for some others I've got.

    Lasermax looks very good as well, but I don't have experience with them.
  5. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    I would look carefully at the Crimson Trace Glock laser grip adapter, or the similar one from Laser-max, the Saber series.

    Both will allow one-hand operation of the laser.

    The guide-rod models switch on & off using a replacement take-down latch and take both hands to operate.

    That is not tactically sound when opening doors, holding a flashlight, already shot in the arm, etc.

    Most of the rail mount lasers can be operated by the shooting hand, but none are as instinctive to operate as the Crimson Trace or LM Saber.

    Both are expensive, but they are the best, and will work when the chips are down.
    How much is your life support equipment worth to you?

  6. TheProf

    TheProf Well-Known Member

    Which ever you choose, pick the one with a master on/off switch. There will be times (example: when practicing drawing from concealment) when you may not want to use up your battery and want the thing turned off.
  7. m2steven

    m2steven Well-Known Member

    One thing about the green laser, I have one and in broad Alabama daylight, I can see the green dot on a black or white background at 25 yards. I could almost not believe it. Nearly as clear as day so to speak.
    My red laser was a no go at high noon.

    Frankly, the only reason I needed to see the laser was to sight it in. And I agree that you should try to get one with a master on/off switch. The sight on my LCP will light each and every time I shoot the pistol, or if I've just got it gripped tightly. The laser sight on my S&W 642 has such a switch and it is really a nice touch.
  8. hounddog

    hounddog Well-Known Member

    With a lasermax, it can be turned on with one hand, either right or left. Generally speaking, you need your weak hand to turn it off. But can be turned on with one hand shooting right or left. Most of the lasermax are not adjustable, but I have found their poi to be excellent right out of the box. If it is off, you can send it to them and they will adjust it. I have a crimson trace on a J frame, and love it. (added bonus it extended the grip on a s+w642). I have lasermax in several glocks. Both are good. Never tried a crimson on a glock, but should be good.

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