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I want to get a .270

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by camoman33935, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. camoman33935

    camoman33935 Well-Known Member

    Well...I've decided that i want to get a .270 but the problem is I cant decide what brand to buy.

    The things that im lookin for in the gun are:

    1) Magazine
    2) Accurate
    3) Wood stock
    4) Iron Sights

    I already have a Savage Model 10 .243 and it's a good rifle but i want somethin with a little more knockdown power.

    If anybody has a reccommendation towards a brand and model, i would appreciate it

    KINGMAX Well-Known Member

    REMI 700 ADL w/ laminated wooden stock
  3. Shawnee

    Shawnee member

    +1 for what KingMax said.

  4. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Well-Known Member

    Buy a 7mm/08 barrel and replace the barrel on the 243. Same everything. That's the beauty of the Savage. It will save you a lot of cash. You can always switch it back because the headspace gauge is the same for both. You'll need a barrel wrench too. It's easy to do yourself. 7mm/08 is pretty near the 270 in ballistics.

  5. camoman33935

    camoman33935 Well-Known Member

    the only problem i see with switchin the barrels is that i would have to sight in my scope every time i switch. And just to be honest, i want to get another gun.

    thanks for the reccommendation on the Remington 700 ADL. I was already lookin at the 700 BDL, 7600, and 750/7400
  6. Shawnee

    Shawnee member

  7. oregonhunter

    oregonhunter Well-Known Member

    ^ You can. Win model 70
  8. Shawnee

    Shawnee member

    "^ You can. Win model 70"

    Might be possible. :scrutiny: Would have to see it to believe it.

    Only model 70 I've ever shot was a .25/06 that was ruined by the owner.
    He bought it then was assigned overseas with the Military for 2.5 years. So, wanting to make sure it stayed pristine while he was away, he saturated it (and the scope!) with WD-40 - then put it in a cheap, foam-lined case - the lining of which he also saturated with WD-40 - and 2.5 years later he had a rifle and scope that wouldn't keep its' shots in a bushel basket at 100yds.
    Changed the scope and the "groups" still looked like a shotgun pattern.

  9. oregonhunter

    oregonhunter Well-Known Member

    Seems like he really new how to take care of a rifle.... My model 70 featherweight 30-06 that my grandfather originaly bought in 1967 and killed tons and tons of meat with still looks brand new and shoots 1" groups at 100 all day. Same story with my buddies 7mm.

    Nothing wrong with a 700 though, I also like rugers model 77's esp with the old tang safety. I have one in 300 win and one in 243, Both great rifles.
  10. bang_bang

    bang_bang Well-Known Member

    I own a Remington Model 700 in .270. It's an excellent rifle, shorter barrel compared to my 7mm Mag and 300 Mag, and a nice pretty wood stock. I prefer synthetic stocks over wood, mainly because I abuse my rifles while in the field. I personally, cannot shoot the gun as consistent as my other rifles (Win Model 70 and Steven's 200) but my girlfriend can drive tacks with it! So, I kinda gave it to her to use during deer season, and I'll shoot it once to make sure it's still "shootable."
  11. japaneezy

    japaneezy Member

    i have a .270 winchester 70... here ill show ya in a minute when i get the pics uploaded
  12. japaneezy

    japaneezy Member

    pre 64 model. not sure of the exact year and im too cheap and impatient to do a factory serial check...
  13. He said "magazine" (which I presume means detachable magazine, which makes little sense to me, but....) and he said "iron sights" - I don't think you can get that combo any more, can you? My guess is Savage - I know Savage has some detachable mags and some iron-sighted guns, but not sure if they put the combination together (with a wood stock):

  14. woof

    woof Well-Known Member

    Cz 550
  15. camoman33935

    camoman33935 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I did mean a detachable mag

    There are a couple of guns that I do know of that fit my requirements such as the Remington 7600 and Remington 7400/750. I was just trying to find out if anybody else knew of any other brands and models that do fit my requirements.
  16. Cypress

    Cypress Well-Known Member

    Check out the Savage 14's.
  17. camoman33935

    camoman33935 Well-Known Member

    well guys, i think that i've decided on a Savage Model 111G and I'll probably top it off with a BSA target/varmint 8-32x40 scope with some see through mounts so i can still use the iron sight for close up hogs

    thanks for all yalls replies

  18. Good, good, choice! Great, in fact!

    Not, not, not good choice. At all. Please, no, don't torture yourself like that. I guarantee you that you will throw that scope in the trash after about a month, if not sooner. Please buy some quality glass. Anything with that high of magnification must be quality and large objective or you won't see anything. You'd have to spend a bare minimum of $350-$400 on glass where you could actually make out the target on anything at 20 power, so you're throwing away your money on the BSA. Trust me; many of us have been there; done that.

    What all are you going to do with this, besides hunt hogs? You should probably get a 3-9x40 or 4-12x40, and spend at least $175-$200 on the scope. Maybe a 6-18x50 if you're gonna use those see-throughs (which is also not a good idea, in my opinion).
  19. Shawnee

    Shawnee member

    Definitely do NOT use "see-through" mounts !

    They ruin your cheek-to-stock contact and that ruins your shooting.

  20. camoman33935

    camoman33935 Well-Known Member

    well....its not neccessarily true that inexpensive scopes are garbage. Ive had a Tasco in 8-32x40 for over 3years of hard hunting and shootin on my Savage .243 and its clear even at long ranges

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