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ID help on rifle action

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by bogie, May 5, 2003.

  1. bogie

    bogie New Member

    Okay. I don't have pics of proof marks, etc... Sorry. Serial number appears to have been engraving-pen etched on the bottom of the action. Action does appear to have been turned/trued/worked on to remove stuff.

    It's a bolt action, cocks on closing. The bolt release is a sort of spring about 1.5-2" long on the left side. You pull it out at the front, and the bolt will come out. The safety is a little dealie about .5" knurled on top, and rocks rear to front. When on safe, bolt won't open.

    Rifle is a .300 Winmag with box mag with a non-removable (without a screwdriver) floorplate.
  2. Jagermeister

    Jagermeister Moderator In Memoriam

    We are unable to identify with the information presented. What, if any, are the markings on the gun? Take the stock off if necessary to find proof marks or mfg name. I can only guess, that with the bolt release as described, it is possible a Mauser Action.

  3. bogie

    bogie New Member

    No real heavy markings. Did see a couple of little stampings that look sorta like "bombs with fire coming outta the top," but they're pretty small - maybe 12-14 pt size or even smaller.
  4. bogie

    bogie New Member

    Oh yeah - does the Mauser cock on closing? What about the Enfield? It looks like something may have been removed from the back top of the receiver. Bolt has a sort of "vent rib" on it too... May try to do pictures.
  5. bogie

    bogie New Member

    Oh, and the round bolt knob has a hole in it in the "bottom" - away from the handle itself.
  6. Jagermeister

    Jagermeister Moderator In Memoriam

    Yes, some Mausers cock on closing. The pictures would really help. The multitude of sins (bombs with flame out the top) as expressed indicates it may be a military conversion. I don't recall any military rifles having holes in the bolt knob, but that doesn't meanthere wasn't

  7. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Active Member

    It is most likely a heavily sporterized US Enfield, a P-17 originally in .30-06. Might have been a P-14 .303, they were often used for magnum conversions because the .303 bolt face didn't have to be opened up for the belted casehead diameter, but the little US ordnance bombs indicate it is probably a P-17. I know of no other with a cock on closing action and a fore-and-aft safety. Hole in the bolt knob is correct, too.

    The peep rear sight and its protective "ears" have apparently been removed and the action ground or buffed down enough to remove all markings except a couple of ordnance bombs. Since he doesn't mention the Enfield dog-leg bolt handle or stepped triggerguard they might have been remodeled, too.

    Represents a major sporterizing effort sometime after the .300 Win Mag came out around 1963. Unfortunately not worth much except as a shooter these days.
  8. bogie

    bogie New Member

    Sounds good then... The price was right anyway... I've got a buddy who wants me to go bear hunting with him, and I don't really think that a 68 grain 6PPC is gonna do too well in that application... Since I don't wanna have to shoot my bud in the legs if one of those critters starts chasing us (he normally can run faster than I can, but...), I went in search of a bigger gun.

    Can these things be modded to cock on opening?
  9. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Active Member

    Yes, Brownell's has the Dayton-Traister Speedlock kits that convert to cock on opening and give you some trigger adjustment. Installation requres "modifications to bolt" but they don't say what.

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