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I'd like to say 'hi'.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by gunbot, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. gunbot

    gunbot New Member

    I'm a new poster here. I've been lurking for quite awhile before deciding to take the plunge. I am conservative/libertarian in political outlook and like my firearms utterly reliable with a minimum of bells and whistles, Makarov's and 1911's over glocks, SKS's and AK's over AR's and Mini-14's. I hope I can find and keep a seat at the table. Thanks.
  2. Preacherman

    Preacherman New Member

    Welcome aboard! You'll find plenty who share your tastes - and plenty who'll argue with them... :D
  3. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    gunbot - welcome dude ..... well, you're at the table .. so take a seat and join in. :)

    Rarely a dull moment!:p
  4. El Tejon

    El Tejon New Member

    Welcome to THR, new friend.:)
  5. PATH

    PATH New Member


    Welcome to the finest firearms board on the web. Come on in and pull up a chair and chew the fat. You'll find this place to be full of wonderful informed people.
  6. Chipperman

    Chipperman Active Member

    Glad to have you here. :cool:
  7. MicroBalrog

    MicroBalrog member


    Welcome aboard!

    Have you ever considered an SVD?:D
  8. Eskimo Jim

    Eskimo Jim New Member

    Welcome Gunbot,
    This is a wonderful forum. Lots of good information and discussions.

  9. moa

    moa New Member

    Welcome, Gunbot.

    This forum is additive. Many interesting and insightful threads with the occasional squabble. More points of view than you would imagine.
  10. fjolnirsson

    fjolnirsson New Member

    Welcome! We often disagree on things, but I think you'll find that after a while, THR feels like family.
  11. Black Majik

    Black Majik New Member

    Welcome aboard.
  12. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Active Member

    Welcome pardner.
  13. gunbot

    gunbot New Member

    Thanks for the howdy, everyone.

    MicroBalrog...I did have an SVD once, but the doctor gave me a shot and that took care of it.:D
  14. cool45auto

    cool45auto New Member

    Welcome to THR!:D

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