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Identity and Date of Manufacture of S&W Revolvers

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Brian Williams, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Radagast

    Radagast Well-Known Member

    Your 625-2 Model of 1989 .45 Stainless probably shipped in August 1989.
  2. pittspilot

    pittspilot Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I love when the date matches the date on the gun.:)
  3. 788Ham

    788Ham Well-Known Member

    I picked up a 15-4 at a GS yesterday . Not a master piece is it?

    4" barrel
    sq. butt
    Ser. # 34K14**
    Adj. sights

    Thanks in advance!
  4. Radagast

    Radagast Well-Known Member

    Your Model 15-4 Combat Masterpiece was manufactured in 1978.
  5. slimpickens

    slimpickens Well-Known Member

    s&w 625-8 Info

    Birthdate: S&W 625-8
    .45 cal, four inch barrel, matte stainless,
    rubber S&W grips, adjustable rear sights
    partridge front Serial #CFN5003

    Last edited: Dec 3, 2012
  6. Radagast

    Radagast Well-Known Member

    Your 625-8 Model of 1989 .45 ACP Stainless was manufactured in 2002. The -8 refers to the introduction of the internal lock on the .45 ACP version.
  7. slimpickens

    slimpickens Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Radagast
  8. Low Budget Shooter

    Low Budget Shooter Well-Known Member

    M&P Airweight?

    Dear THR Revolver Guys,

    Please help me date an M&P Airweight:

    a) .38 spl
    b) 2 inch
    c) round butt
    d) six shots
    e) fixed sights
    f) 3067xxx from butt


  9. Radagast

    Radagast Well-Known Member

    Low Budget Shooter:
    Please check that serial number again, S&W did not run as high as 3 million in any serial range. There should be a C prefix or a D somewhere in the serial number.
    In addition, is the gun marked with a model number under the cylinder yoke? If so, what does it say?
  10. Low Budget Shooter

    Low Budget Shooter Well-Known Member


    Thanks for your help. I'm working from this picture. I guess I made out a letter as a number.

  11. Radagast

    Radagast Well-Known Member

    low budget shooter:
    I read that as 3D67xxx which makes it a 1978 manufactured Model 12-3 .38 Military & Police Airweight. These were manufactured with an slightly thinner aluminum alloy KA frame instead of the standard steel K frame, so aftermarket grips may not fit.
  12. cyclopsshooter

    cyclopsshooter Well-Known Member

    Came by a couple of Ks

    a) 357
    b) 4 inch
    c) square butt
    d) six shots
    e) 19-3
    f) 7K658XX

    a) .22
    b) 4 inch
    c) square butt
    d) six shots
    e) 18-2
    f) k4994XX

    Thanks much!
  13. Radagast

    Radagast Well-Known Member

    Your Model 19-3 Combat Magnum was manufactured in 1977.

    Your Model 18-2 K22 Combat Masterpiece was manufactured in 1962.
  14. dwstone1227

    dwstone1227 Well-Known Member

    I am a rookie at this so please be a little kind. My father gave me a Smith & Wesson revolver with the following specs:

    a) 38 - caliber
    b) 5 inches - bbl length (from cylinder to muzzle)
    c) Square - grips
    d) 6 - number of shots/cylinder bores
    e) Nonadjustable, permanent front sight, rear sight is not elevated
    f) Bottom of grip number: 953021
    g) The cylinder axle has two numbers.
    The number on the frame: M 97190,
    The number on the ( crane?) cylinder : 97190
    Number on the back of the cylinder is: 953021

  15. Radagast

    Radagast Well-Known Member

    You have a .38 Military & Police Model of 1905 4th Change manufactured around 1939/40.
    4th change refers to the 4th design change to the Model of 1905, in this case a non positive internal hammer block. This block can fail if the gun is dropped, a fatality with a dropped gun in 1944 lead to the development of the current positive internal hammer block. I recommend you leave the chamber under the hammer empty.
    9530xx is the serial number, it is probably duplicated with a B prefix on the underside of the barrel. M & 97190 are assembly numbers, used to track parts in the factory. They have no meaning after the gun is shipped.
    The gun is built on the square butt K frame, modern after market grips should fit, including grips designated for the Model 10. in 1957 the .38 Military & Police was designated the Model 10, in effect you have the ancestor to a current Model 10.
  16. nbrown2500

    nbrown2500 New Member

    First time posting.

    Have 27-2 .357mag
    SN = n492XXX

    Any help on DOB would be of help, thanks
  17. Radagast

    Radagast Well-Known Member

    The N4xxxxx range was used in 1977-1978. 1978 seems likely as your gun is close to the end of the range.
  18. mikeasb

    mikeasb Well-Known Member

    3 S&W's


    a) caliber: .38 Spec
    b) bbl length: 2"
    c) grips shape: round
    d) number of shots/cylinder bores: 5
    e) type of sights: fixed
    f) serial number: J8927xx
    g) Model number: 36

    a) caliber: .357 Mag
    b) bbl length: 4"
    c) grips shape: square
    d) number of shots/cylinder bores: 6
    e) type of sights: Adj
    f) serial number: 48K04XX
    g) Model number: 19-4

    a) caliber: .44 Mag
    b) bbl length: 6”
    c) grips shape: square
    d) number of shots/cylinder bores: 6
    e) type of sights: adj.
    f) serial number: AFR52xx
    g) Model number: 29-3

    Another first post.

    Thank you very much.

  19. Radagast

    Radagast Well-Known Member

    Your Model 36 Chiefs Special was manufactured in 1981.
    Your Model 19-4 Combat Magnum was manufactured in in 1978 or 1979, with 1979 being probable.
    Your Model 29-3 The .44 Magnum was manufactured late 1984, it may have shipped in 1985.
  20. Geezer Glide

    Geezer Glide Well-Known Member

    Smith & Wesson
    6 shot
    .38 Special
    2 inch barrel
    Nickel finish
    Serial 609XXX (no prefix letter)


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